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  • Cathryn
    And also concerning Revelation 13 If the Lord will we shall live, I so much do chooze Phyiscal death wen that tyme comez because just lyke Shadrach , Meshach , and Abednego, they too refused to bow down and worship Nebuchadnezzar'z golden Image and I feel the same way too az my true and real ancestorz felt , for me? i chooze to die for my faith in the gosphel of Christ.
  • Marjorie Hodges
    Thank you for reminding me of them that they didn't bow down I see they stood up for Christ
  • Marjorie Hodges
    I'm a member of the Church of Christ I love to study and ask bible questions and get bible answers again thank you to good night
  • Cathryn
    you are very much welcome my sister, love u much.
  • Cathryn
    well for me personally I will continue to let of course : but will continue to want the blessed Holy Spirit of the Living God the God of Israel to do all the Interpreting from hiz Word and to keep living by my faith in Yeshua. John Chapter 17 KJB becuz I trust Yeshua. and I love Listening to the Book of Revelation alot. chapter by chapter and verse by verse.
  • Hazel Carty
    This is a very powerful book but I refer to psalms 130 be .let than a watchmen for redemption is near
  • Alex
    Rev 13 . is talking about America being the lamb like beast and speaking as a dragon. and to give power to the the first beast before him Papal Rome . Rome lost its power when Napoleon's General Berthier captured the pope 1798.Deadly wound was healed when Mussolini signed a treaty with Rome in 1929 and restored its power. And all the world wondered after the beast. Be not deceived worship God .
  • Frankzdrrik
    verses 16-18 identifies the beast as satan who compulsively gave mark of 666 to all sort of humankind that nobody could buy or sell except for those who have that mark in heart and this world,what are the systems that people has no choice but to accept it? it is religion and politics that imposes traditions,customs and occassions for the benefits of commerce, thats the "666"
  • Artie vanlandingham
    You must remember that those who took the mark developed a sore, so the mark is a chemical or element mixture with reflective qualities that can be read by Walmart guns. If you don't have arms then it will be invisible on your head. God is Holy, Holy, Holy. 7,7,7. complete, yet perfect using sacrifice first in the son. Gods 1 law is that Gods heart rules everything and power is not without grace.
  • Saturday is not the Sabbath
    The true sabbath of Yahuwah is his mark. And his mark is his sabbath which is regulated by the moon. The mark of the beast is a counterfeit mark which is received by not worshipping Yahuwah on his true restored sabbath.
  • Adam
    This is only speculating not supported by scripture , but I've already heard politicians talking about implanting markers, like bar codes in people's bodies so they can be scanned and tracked and discriminated against like Hitler did to Jews . I believe this kind of evil of people being herded and numbered is related to 666 the number of the beast.
  • Artie vanlandingham
    If your heart is pure in Gods will even thou you don't understand his way The heart is complete and therefore the mind, body and spirit is 777, not 666. Starvation causes the mark of rationing because of the 1260 days with two prophets. It is the same time the Holy Spirit is fed unto all who hear. Rev 12vs 6 and Rev 11vs 3.
  • Frankzdrrik
    yes somebody pointed out the bar codes.., but that is not compulsive and people has a choice not to accept it unlike the religions,politics,and commerce that all sort of people has no choice but to accept it by means of traditions,customs and occassions that religions,politics and commerce imposed worldwide and that's the "666"
  • 76 word
    What I'm saying about the end time events is be prepared because there is a 5 month period written Rev 9:5 and half that time 2 and a half months you may find yourself in a problem if you realize and hear and see in the News that a man in Jerusalem who has supernatural powers and is claiming he is God returned takes over in a one world system, It's Satan. He is acting like Christ! Wait for Christ!
  • Artie vanlandingham
    To force out the son of perdition the 2 prophets will call out all people who are under law without grace, this means Islam which states: Show us proof if ye be truthful will come without mixture on all the earth. Crops, animals, even the wind will not blow. The head of Satan will be bruised continually until his son orders their death. This is the fire from his mouth.
  • 76 word
    The beast or whore that rises up from the sea which we learn is water which is people Revelation 17 the waters are the people so you have a beast, a one world system rise up from the people because you have a supernatural angel who looks just like Jesus claiming he has returned but Tell you this when the end comes, when Christ comes hail stones mixed with fire hit first those followers of Satan.
  • Adriaan van Ginkel
    It's really so easy now to comprehend these versicles. The beast from [across] the sea [or ocean], are the United Nations. A hotchboched body of scores of nations, symbolized by the disparity in body parts. Pushing globalization, the world government, abortion, chipping (mark of the beast, Revelation 17), and sowing discord and misery all around for the benefit of the few...satanic.
  • Nick
    When those who have eyes to see, see this come to pass I'm curious what it will be that they see. Maybe I'll ask Siri or Alexa what they think it means. As for the mark of the beast the apple logos... Sorry, "logo "speaks for itself but take the google logo's. Gmail has a Masonic apron, Chrome 666, and as for the google play logo... It's literally the mark of the beast. Look up sigil of satan. AI
  • Artie vanlandingham
    Maybe we should consider 666 park avenue? The owner being Jewish helped make Jerusalem the capitol. Now the kings of the east yesterday bombed the Sunni Arabs which have roots in Ishmael. Neither the Jews which are only one tribe of Israel's 12 tribes, or the seed of Ishmael accept the given Ram unto Abraham as Christ, but Jesus waited until he was a fully grown lamb. RAM
  • 76 Word
    You already have the mark of the beast if you don't understand that a powerful supernatural fallen angel by the name of Satan is going to stand up in Jerusalem claiming he is God returned and with his supernatural powers the whole world will believe him except those who stand against him and are delivered up to death which is Satan who we know is the antichrist, in Greek, instead of Christ.
  • Greg Thomas
    13:18 humans have many beasts inside themselves, and they won’t come out until you can see the ones that are inside you.
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale
    The beast is this whole world, lying in wickedness, loving death and hating GOD. As antichrists, ye say, Christ is coming! But ye know that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. If it were not for my Holy Father, ye would deceive even the very elect with fabrications. Your only power is to lie for deceit, attempting to destroy the faith of some. But we shall live, for our names are written in heaven.
  • Bill Atwood
    Rev 13 perfectly describes the coming cashless society where everybody will be required to have a real id (Biometric) mark of the beast with their own individual bank number which will be of the 666 computer code but the bank number will NOT be 666 it will be different for everybody except all of the people who take it are identified as the 666 family by the hidden computer code in each microchip
  • Eugene
    13:18 ... for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Let’s say you are a guard standing watch at the gate of your town. And you see a large group of people approach and stop at your gate you ask the leader How many are you? And the man replies six hundred sixty and six of my name. Ezra 2:13 read and follow the bread crumbs.
  • Student of the word.
    The 42 months in prophesy = 1260 days a prophetical day = 1 prophetical year. Papal Rome tortured and killed God's true 7th day Sabbath 10 Commandment keeping people for 1260 years in the Inquisitions of the Dark Ages of earth's history. The Papacy forced 7th day sabbath keeping Christian's to worship on Sunday,the day the pagans worshipped their false sungod "Sunday is The " Mark of The Beast."
  • Student of the word
    The dragon we know represents sata and paganism. A woman in scripture represents a church.A pure woman represents Christ's true church.A woman such as Jezebel the wicked Queen and wife of wicked King Ahab, represents Satan's false church. The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than baptized paganism. She is Satan's counterfeit church. Called "The Whore", harlot church, and "The Mother of Harlot
  • Rebecca Johnson
    Ben I love your view on the mark of the beast I feel you are correct when I looked over this I seen it clear as day thank you soooo much for your insights on this matter God bless you all in search of the truth of the word of God in Jesus name Amen
  • Word
    You'll notice in Rev 17 the waters are the people and at the beginning of this chapter the sea the beast rises from is a sea of people.
  • Louis harms
    Scary but true.It is comming to fulfillment right in front of our eyes
  • Gilio
    buying and selling is nothing new. It is how the world operates apart from a world subject to the Word of God which world has yet to exist. Don't flatter yourself into thinking your not a part of it. If you recieve a paycheck you are included with the same that wage war for oil or turn their backs on the sufferings of their fellow man for self interest. If you are not practicing the true worship

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