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  • Maria on Revelation 10:7
    Are we to be washed in the word (new testament) since Jesus died for our sins and we are saved by our faith and Gods' works, not by the works of water baptism? I have been told we no longer need to be water baptized, only faith and doing ministry.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 10:7
    Ephesians 5:25-27, "as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish."

    What the Apostle Paul was speaking of in this passage has a dual application. He speaks about Jesus loving His Bride (the Church) by giving Himself for her. So we have not only had our hearts cleansed by His death & being forgiven by the Father, but He has sanctified us (i.e. set us apart as a Holy people) & cleansed us by washing us by the Word. Just as water baptism (a once only act) gives the believer a visible, practical testimony to himself & others of God's Work in Him, so to, the washing by the Word of God continues to be applied to that new regenerated heart, continually washing away the dross from one's life (the doubts, fears, sins, lies from the Devil, etc.). For those who seldom attend to God's Word, are usually those who seldom find full victory over these things in their lives. All this did Christ do for us & continues to do so by His Spirit, to the end that He might present us to the Father, a holy, glorious Church.

    I know of this teaching: that water baptism is no longer valid. It is an old teaching that assumes that both water baptism & the Lord's Supper were instituted for the sake of & the establishing of the Church (& if taken further, that all spiritual gifts have also ceased). Once the Church formed, established & strengthened by the apostles, the 2nd Century Church onwards, then moved forward in faith alone, attending only to the study of the Word, prayer, fellowship, & sharing the Gospel. I can understand that point of view, but don't find any authority from the Bible to do so, as both water baptism & breaking of bread are very special events in the life of a believer, if observed properly & done sincerely.
  • JJ Thomas on Revelation 10
    Please read me Revelation Chapter 8
  • Elijah Wiaka on Revelation 10
    Who is John?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 10
    Not John the Babtish but John an apostle of Jesus. He wrote the book of John.
  • William Cochran on Revelation 10:11
    Revelation 10:11? What are the specific details that John is prophesying?
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 10:11
    Further to Jesse's comment: we don't have specifics on Apostle John's further ministry (v11). We understand from tradition (& not confirmed), that after he was sentenced to the mines on the Isle of Patmos, at which time he received these prophecies described in the Book of Revelation, he was then freed & left there to serve as Bishop of Edessa, in what is today Turkey. He then died an old man - the only apostle to die peacefully. So we don't have details of his ministry, post Patmos, though according to the angel's directive, John's ministry must have been extensive as he may have built upon Apostle Paul's earlier ministry there.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Revelation 10:11
    Revelation 10:8-11 is where John was given instruction concerning this little book. We see this same book in Ezekiel Chapters 2 and 3. This book is the title deed to the earth. But it is also the word of God. He's told to take it and eat it. The word of God is sweet to the taste. But the judgments are hard on the heart, and bitter to the belly.

    It was always God's intention that God's people eat His word, that the word of God becomes our spiritual food, and that the word of God becomes part of us, and that we speak not just from out of the book, but out of our heart.

    We're told to devour it first, not just memorize it or learn it with our mind, but to receive it spiritually, and devour it as the word of God. That's always the way it was intended to be.

    So he said prophesy again, and he said you will do so in front of many people. To prophesy means to speak forth the written word of God that He has given to us, nothing added, nothing taken away. In other words, no new prophecy!
  • Richard on Revelation 10
    well it would appear we have an answer as to who one of the two witnesses will be, John must prophesy again before many!
  • Renea Barnaby - in Reply on Revelation 10
    Amen!! That is what I understand too, that John would be one of the two prophets.
  • T'Ann - in Reply on Revelation 10
    I agree with your thought, as it was too placed upon my heart in understanding and was shown also to look at the last chapter of the book of John who is the same person. Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you.
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 10
    He has prophesied before many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings. The Word of God is not for a long ago time and place. It has lived and spoken to us down through the ages.
  • Bob on Revelation 10
    Revelation chapter 10,verse 11. How can John prophesy in this verse if he is in prison?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 10
    How can John prophesy in this verse if he is in prison? Why not. He can still prophesy while in prison.
  • Marvin Mobley on Revelation 10
    I thank God for every day whether I thank it is good or bad , think Revelation shouid bring a person closer To God. I try to understand that every one have to know God in their hearts for their self to know God is to love God.

  • Juda on Revelation 10
    I hate to burst your bubble, but The Most High does not love everyone! Read Romans 9:13
  • A disciple on Revelation 10
    Ronald; I hope you don't mind me jumping in here. I agree with you! A few examples: The fourth and final kingdom would be hard and cruel as iron, but mixed with the miry clay; that's the world right now! Jesus told the Jews, "I came in my Father's name and you receive me not; another shall come in his own name and him you will receive." even him whom they WILL NOT GIVE THE HONOR OF THE KINGDOM!
  • Donna - in Reply on Revelation 10
    You just look at Trump and you can see clearly the line "another will come in his own name and him you will receive"
  • A disciple on Revelation 10
    "..and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings." As we abide in Jesus and learn to overcome and prove true through our persecutions, trials and temptations, humiliations and chastisements; we increase in wisdom and knowledge, so God can send us to preach His Word, and to Prophesy.
  • Ronald Taylor on Revelation 10
    Bruce, you are absolutely right, we are living in the great tribulation is upon us now,and people don't see it, always expecting it in the future. The reason they cant see it, is because their spiritual understanding of God word has not been opened, therefore they don't understand what they are reading. GOD BLESS.
  • Sarah on Revelation 10
    Sabbathkeeperandwife, so happy to hear of your wife's healing. My mother has been diagnosed with cancer also, and is also paralyzed in her lower limbs. We are praying that God will do likewise for my mother. All prayers are greatly appreciated.
  • Mark Hardy on Revelation 10
    St.Luke 34~36 pray to escape all these things
  • Ann on Revelation 10
    Matthew 24:22, Mark 13:20, And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. This is why people will be here during the tribulation period, before the Day of Christ comes back. People need to REPENT of their sins, and believe with a true heart our Lord Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. Amen.
  • A disciple on Revelation 10
    Barbara; there isn't any Scriptural support for the idea of a Rapture before the Lord's coming. And as far as all these things happening that no one regards or takes warning; this is where we must be patient and persevere. All these things are being sent by God; but the world won't acknowledge that, and call it natural or man made. The reason for the tribulation is that men would repent.
  • Bruce on Revelation 10
    Barbara: No. That's what is happening now. It will get worse. Narrow is The Way, few there be that find it. Most churches have fallen away, they have grown cold,they're not preaching all Truth.We are in The Tribulation. The Great Tribulation is bitting are Our Heels.
  • Barbara on Revelation 10
    The book of Revelation, are these things to happen after the rapture? I don't understand how sinners can be told what Satan has for them for eternity-Hell-and still they follow Satan.
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for loving us like HE does!!
  • Ann on Revelation 10
    Bless you Lord Jesus Christ for healing this person. I love you my LORD and Savior. Thank you for all that you do for us. Amen.
  • Dewey J on Revelation 10
    Ron, I believe you are right. However, concerning the name of the book The Revelation of Jesus Christ given to St. John to write gives all of us human being the whole story of God's divine plan from chapter 1 through 22. This book of Revelation gives us more than enough knowledge to get to paradise. What a blessing glory be to God in the highest. Amen!
  • A disciple on Revelation 10
    God went through great pains, and many, many holy men sacrificed everything, to bring us the whole Bible as we have it today: it must mean that He has A LOT to say to us, when we are able to bear it. I don't think that God wants any of us to not use our brains, and the capacities of moral and intellectual knowledge; that's part of what we are in His image. But some things we must wait for.
  • Ellie on Revelation 10
    Love God ❤️❤️

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