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    In Daniel 10:21, Gabriel makes reference to the Book of Truth and what is written in it. Is what is written in the Book of Truth or Book of Life, as it is called in the NT, what God knew would happen or what God wrote He would do? Are the names written in the Book of Life those God knew would believe, or those God decided to save? Are the vessels of Romans 9 what God knew He was going to do, or what God determined to do? Are God's Plans, plans or things He knew would take place?

    God created with a Purpose. He created with a Plan. Can an architect design a house without a Purpose? Can he build it without a Plan? To say that God only knew what was going to happen, make His statements about what He is going to do, meaningless. Did God just simply know the earth was going to be flooded and warned Noah? Or did God do it on Purpose? Did God promise not to destroy the earth again with a flood, because He knew that was what He was going to do? Is God a seer that merely reveals what He sees in the future?

    There is a misconception that because God is eternal and not subject to time and space, He can observe past, present and future. And that therefore, He knows everything. Is He like the train hobbyist that builds a train set with hills and roads and stands over it observing everything that takes place. So, did God create the universe and mankind, or was it something He just happened to know would happen on its own?

    If the Future has control, does God? I can be omniscient and know how everything functions, yet not know what I am going to do tomorrow. God is neither limited by His omniscience, nor by the Future. Have a look at Isaiah 23:8, "Who planned this against Tyre...? The LORD of Hosts planned it, to defile all its glorious beauty, to disgrace all the renowned of the earth." Not only is God telling us that He Planned it, He is telling us He Planned it with a Purpose.

    Your thinking is that God created, then stepped back and let things happen. But is that the case?
  • Rose
    what day of the week did Jesus die
  • Geoff
    Rose, I'm only guessing you read Matthew Henry's commentary: "The day and time when he had this vision was the Lord's day, the Christian sabbath, the first day of the week, observed in remembrance of the resurrection of Christ. " It would be the Christian sabbath not Jewish. That's part of the deviation of Christianity from Jewish traditions or laws. You may know or remember some of the conflict where Jewish Christians were trying to hold onto Jewish laws such as circumcision or not eating pork. And, Paul contested against that. As, the Gentile Christians were being "shamed." We do that today, which type of church is more "right?" Were often reminded that we can disagree on the little things but to agree on the major thing that Jesus is our saviour and God our Father and Creator. The example of one of the disciples who who questioned the Samaritan who taught of Jesus but was not "one" of them. And, Jesus said he who speaks favorably of Him is for Him. Sorry for the tangent. I think people contend against calling Sunday the Sabbath because that's seen as Jewish terminology. Hope some of that was helpful.
  • Bob
    According to the Jewish/Christian scriptures, it was on The Jewish Passover Holiday in order for Jesus Christ to fulfill all that was written in the Torah (Law & Prophets) concerning Him as "...The Lamb of God..." (John 1:*29; 5:1-*39, 40-47*)which ALWAYS falls on the Lunar Hebrew Calendar month of Nisan the 14th day. Which this year (2020) occurs on the solar calendar day of April 8th, the 4th day of the week (wednesday) giving us exactly 3 days and 3 nights in the earth, exactly as Jesus had Prophesied earlier about His death, burial & His RESSURRECTION (John 20:1).

    Returning to our world on the 1st day of the week, after sundown Saturday, the beginning of the 1st day of the week we call Sunday. After being chosen 4 days earlier (Palm Sunday or Sat. the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan scripturally, this year, God's Lunar based calendar overlay these days/dates this year exactly!)

    Kol Tuv i.e. be well


    *John 20:30-31*
  • Shirley Faulkenberry
    Awesome ,bob ,im so thankful peep are out there ,giving truth , just want to say spot on ,thank you holy father for giving us discernment!! on yeshua true day of crucifix!!
  • Jesse
    He died on a Friday, sometime shortly after 3 PM in the afternoon. The Sabbath day was on a Saturday, and no one could be hanging on a cross on the Sabbath day according to Jewish Law. On the day of preparation, which would have been Friday, Jesus and two others were crucified. They had to be dead before sundown because at 6 PM, that was the end of the workday for the Jews, and they couldn't still be hanging there on Saturday, the Sabbath Day. It says it was about the ninth hour, or 3 PM when Jesus' Spirit left Him. They came by to break the legs of the other two, but when they came to Jesus to break His legs, He was already dead, so they did not break His legs. That in itself was the fulfillment of Psalms 34:20, and Exodus 12:4.
  • Jesse
    My apologies for giving you Exodus 12:4. I meant to give Exodus Chapter 12 Verse 46, not Verse 4. Exodus 12:46 talks about the Passover Lamb, that they were not to break the bones of the Lamb, even after they kill it, the foreshadowing of the fulfillment of prophecy that when Messiah comes, the Lamb of God, to die for the sins of the world, that there was a prophecy about Him that not a bone would be broken.
  • Chris
    Psalms 91 speaks of a destructive or pernicious disease that has far outreaching effects. There is no specific meaning of 'pestilence' in the original Greek, so it could also allow for disease destroying plant & animal life. Though here, it seems to apply to humans. The Bubonic Plague that affected Europe in the Middle Ages is a classic example of Pestilence that, I believe, killed over 30% of its population. The present Corona virus, could also be classified as such, because of its severity, range & resulting deaths. But whether this is a direct act of God against man, or even a prelude to further ravages to come upon us, remains debatable & no doubt, the main topic for some time yet.
  • Chris
    Kristin, I believe that when a child responds in simple love & faith to the Lord, that child is precious & kept secure in God's Love - she is saved. His Eyes were always on you in spite of your wandering. I have a similar testimony having left the Lord for many years, being distracted & drawn into the world. But the Spirit was working in me & brought me to a deep repentance, with much tears, of my wicked & pitiful state. I've never looked back & only desire to live for Him & serve Him. The fact that you're concerned about it now, demonstrates God's ongoing interest & love for you. Read the Scriptures daily, particularly the Gospels, & allow His Spirit to bring you to repentance & joy.
  • Kristin Haney
    If I were saved as a child but lost my way in my teen years am I still saved
  • Wolfen244
    Kristin Haney, you don't go to heaven. You grow to heaven. Being saved is rounding first base. Ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior - only once. You did it. Great. Now go on to 2nd base. Read and understand Revelation 3:20 with respect to Revelation 11:1 where it tells you to take stock of yourself in the development of the Temple of God - your body that houses 7 spiritual centers or often called either chakras or your seven seals. The one LIKE unto the Son of Man is your little voice in your head or your women's intuition or your remote to God or your Christ Consciousness that ancient man called the Overself or Super Conscious mind. Again Revelation 3:20 asks you to let God Almighty into your own personal Temple of God as He wishes to "sup" with you and you with Him. This is ultra important in your Christian life. Attributes of Him in chap 1 - white hair - wisdom; golden girdle - worth; eyes of fire - perception. Good luck Kristin Haney.
  • Bob Hilt
    Wolfen244 Chakra has to do with India and the Hindu religion and yoga. Some call it new age, but it is very old. This ties in with kundalini spirit where the serpent climbs your spine and ends up opening the 3rd eye. Yes I know about it as I left this new age junk over 30 years ago. This stuff has nothing to do with biblical Christianity. Throw away your old books and learn from the King James Bible. Jesus was God in the flesh, not a yogi or guru, who came to redeem us from sin and spiritual death.
  • Chris
    Well done Bob for quickly picking up this New Age teaching which of course has its roots in Hinduism. The sadder part is when folk start to fuse other religions or philosophies with the teachings of God's Holy Word. My forefathers were Hindu; my great grandfather was a priest with multiple wives. At his conversion (I don't know his story), he rejected & cast away everything tainted with idolatry. He knew that you 'cannot serve two masters' - one cannot embrace Jesus Christ & still have a foot in the temple's door. He could still have maintained his priestly position & dignity in society & quietly believed in Jesus, but at what cost? To the damnation of his soul. Syncretism is clearly Satan's chief ploy to divert sometimes earnest, well-meaning people, into a false belief that this new understanding/new light shed upon them is God's great plan & purpose for them & the world. How we need to stay true to the Word of Truth so that lies are what they are: LIES.
  • Bob Hilt
    Kristin know that Jesus in Revelation 2:5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

    Read Luke 15 as that will tell you the answer. The prodigal son came to his senses and returned to the Father.

    20 And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him.

    21 And the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no more worthy to be called thy son.

    this has a happy ending
  • Wolfen244
    Bob Hilt, no offense but Revelation 2:5 has an entirely different meaning than what you posted. It is in answer to Revelation 2:4, not about being saved or anything like that. Put it back into context and it will be a bit clearer. Remember 100% of Revelation is figurative not literal. Keep that in mind. "sent and SIGNIFY" not just communicate as modern bibles have these days. Signify means signs or figurative speech not literal speech or writing.

    The best to you.
  • Marilyn Baisden
    What does the verse 4 mean in Hebrews chapter 6
  • Earl
    What does it mean in Palsms 91 Noisome pestilence
  • Ernie Zenone Sr
    Because of the virus churches are shut down. so how can we keep the lord's supper?
  • Ernie Zenone Sr
    Thank you so much! actually, this is what i already believed and shared with other christians. nothing is too hard for the lord! - love in christ, ernie
  • Adam
    Perhaps this can be celebrated at home between you and God, or with any other family member, or while doing online video conference.
  • Bob Hilt
    2 Corinthians Chapter 2: 15 For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish:
    16 To the one we are the savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life. And who is sufficient for these things?
    17 For we are not as many, which CORRUPT corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.
    Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    Acts 20:29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
  • Mickey
    To Dee: it's a Privilege to preach or teach to older and younger women. Sometimes men can be resistant to women's voices. Women hold down jobs, raise children, do household duties and take the family to church on Sunday. God bless every one of them. I have sat under the teaching of female preachers/teachers with real gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit (Joyce Meyer, Iverna Tompkins & others) There were men in the meeting and everybody there got blessed, learned Bible, and some got healed. Great thing is you can see them on YouTube. If God has anointed and sent you, then He will open the doors! Go highlight Habakkuk Chapter 2 verse 2-3 in your Bible.
  • Mickey
    We are living in a time of heresies and false prophets; the spirit of Anti-Christ. Whatever you are listening to or watching is either preaching life to you or death; spiritual death.
    If you are attending Church, whatever is preached should contain a lot of scripture. You should write those down. Look them up in your Bible. If they aren't giving you substance and spiritual food that fills you up.. then find a church that's serving the real deal!! There is going to be a GREAT FALLING AWAY. There is going to be a FAMINE for hearing the Word of God. Beware unless you are led away to spiritual slaughter. Turn off the tv and read whole chapters at a time.
  • David
    Are we in the end times..My gut feeling is when this pandemic has lowered in sickness and death. A world war will begin shorty afterwards after governments are unable to bring back their economy. China will be the main factor. This Covid disease that China knew about and let it spread will bring bad things. But, first. All medical from China will come back to U.S. Pharmaceuticals have to come back., There is going to be a time of rebuilding and good. Not too long later. All holy hell breaks out. Money systems already damaged years sgo with virus. The false prophet is seen.
  • Thomas Bridges
    (thomas)blessings to you.i believe in one god father the power of forgiveness.i have been the blood of the lamb. from 0-through-6-unto-7
    glory and honor to god.
    (continue prayers)
  • Jen Jen
    Revelations chp. 1 which John wrote the book?
  • Bob Chambers
    John the Beloved. He also penned Revelation 123 John
  • Mickey
    John the Revelator who was on the island of Patmos. I John thru III John. Great books to read now.
  • PC
    See John 9:1-3. Christ Jesus answers this question here. See John 14:12. The "works" spoken here are demonstrations of healing done with Love and Truth through Spirit. He never used anything when he healed but God's power. If you are a believer, than you are Christ Jesus' disciple too, also written in the Scriptures. Romans chapter 8 is helpful. The Bible uses symbols so everyone can understand it from different languages at their own pace. The Christ viewed man with Love, he saw no imperfection in them. He saw man as in Genesis 1:26. God is Love, good. There is no fear. I hope this answers your question.
  • Gary
    is there a unforgivable sin

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