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  • A disciple
    I just watched the President giving the Congressional Medal of Honor to a man of extraordinary love and courage, who rescued about half of his comrades who had been wounded in a very intense attack in Vietnam. In hearing about what this wonderful man did so selflessly for four days caring for the wounded while he himself was badly wounded and constantly in life danger I have to reflect on my own small existence and the little sphere of influence God has charged me with. No greater love has anyone than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Jesus came down from heaven and exposed Himself to the absolute cruelest hatred and violence and death to rescue us! There have been some very wonderful brothers and sisters who have walked in His steps likewise sacrificing themselves for love and righteousness and truth. May the Lord help us to be like Jesus our Saviour, and like those many brave and honorable Saints who laid down their lives unselfishly for us!
  • Rupthurn
    Think again. Good works don't send you to Heaven. But, only one thing does. FAITH.
  • Freedomborn
    Very True Rupthurn, Salvation is indeed a Free Gift and it is impossible to please God without Faith Hebrews11:6 but Faith without doing God's Good Works is dead James 2:17-18 and Mathew 25:31-46 but not meaning those works motivated by the Carnal Flesh but by our Love for God and for others. Christian Love Always Anne or as many call me now Grannie Annie.
  • A disciple
    Hi Devi; Yes, Jesus did become dead when He was crucified, and gave up His spirit voluntarily to pay for the world's guilt of sin, and open the way for us to be healed and forgiven and restored to God as He originally meant for us. Read Genesis chapter 3, especially verse 15, and you will see why Jesus had to come, to undo the disaster caused by the devil that ruined the Man and Woman.
  • A disciple
    Lisa; Thank you for the very informed post! The meaning of the word Shekinah is actually: Presence, as Dwelling or Abiding; and the feminine ending in the Hebrew does not necessarily indicate female as we understand it in English. But you are correct about the word not actually being in the King James Bible; although its meaning is alluded to in several places as His Transforming Spirit and Glory.
  • Lisa
    Shekhinah is not in the KJV Bible. Know that Shekhinah means the feminine aspect of divinity and does not represent Gods Glory. God is not feminine. Be Bereans whenever you hear anything that represents The Holy God. Also know the Hebrew Roots movement people uses this word all the time and that is another discussion altogether....Hebrew Roots teaches bondage by putting us back under the Law. Be very careful today too many words and false teachings out there about God and Jesus. God tells us to test the spirits.........
  • Devi Jenkins
    I believe that he means when he said he "was dead" that when he got crucified and then raised from the dead and reigns in heaven forever.
  • Lilian
    I am the one Liveth and was once raise from the dead behold I am alive forevermore Amen Jesus is the only our hope our life and our Savior He is the only Alpha and Omega the First and the Last Amen I will praise you forever Lord for you are worthy Shalom
  • Mike
    The promise God made to Abraham was a son Isaac. The Children or child of the flesh was Ishmael. God promised Isaac to Abraham and Sarah. A covenant was not made with the bond woman and Ismael. God did say that he would multiple Ismael and make him over nations. Gods Covenant was to Isaac which from Abraham through to Israel aka Jacob were the 12 tribes of Israel. The Lion of Judah was born from that tribe which is my Savoir Jesus Christ.
  • Librarygal143
    That's right! Amen to that!
  • A disciple
    "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty." Revelation 1:8 The farther we go down to the end, and the Day of the LORD so near at hand the more the world thinks its getting smarter and smarter, by rejecting all knowledge and conviction of the truth of God in Christ the more surreal and detached from reality this generation becomes, by so much does it show the perfect and divine power of the word of God, and fill up all that was foretold it would be like when the Lord returns. Daniel 8:13 "Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?" As all the ages and centuries past seem unreal and detached from today so is TODAY become the perfection of evil and corruption that every other age has been but a foreshadowing. Whether the cataclysm of Noah's day, or the catastrophe of Sodom where only Lot escaped all these were but figures of today, the final and true end of the world!
  • Hubert
    That Jesus, is God manifested in the flesh, He is the mighty God, the everlasting Father, Emmanuel, God With Us,, the Lord of Glory he is the only true God and our savior, the great God that came down from heaven rolled himself in a body of Flesh became the Son of God became Our Savior Jehovah has become Jesus
  • Jevon
    The Revelation of Jesus Christ...amen.
  • David
    Revelation 2 : 17 seems to refer to what is now called the phillosophers stone. The manna or bread is made from the stone.
  • A disciple
    Daniel; You are so right with that! Adding to the fact, that the "times ARE at hand" and already in the action! The big problem I see with looking for some obscure future event, as if it were something outside or disconnected from the world right now is just as you say; many will be unprepared and therefore scandalized when the trap is suddenly sprung; while they should have already recognized it!
  • Daniel J. Smith
    The pre-tribulation is false doctrine, conceived by Satan and propagated by men in the late 1800's, primarily John Darby. The danger with the doctrine is twofold. First, it will cause many believers to question their faith, if not lose it completely, when they remain after the Tribulation begins. Secondly, the concept will result in many not being Spiritually prepared to face the difficult times.
  • Mandy
    Revelation is my favorite book in the bible, it holds the end and a new beginning! It is full of wonders. I read this book once and now am trying to re-read it, I'll never get tired of it. :
  • A disciple
    Cheryl; You are talking about the part where the Lord sends His angels to remove out of His kingdom all the wicked and the bad, and all causes of sin: but that isn't the "Rapture of the Saints" but something that happens simultaneously with the Coming of the LORD and the "Catching Away of the Saints." He empties the earth of the evil to bring us all with Him to begin the Kingdom of God for ever.
  • Cheryl
    in the rapture the one that stays behind is God people the one that is gone is the like the one's of Noah ark that got washed away with flood we are now with Jesus what is the need for man to return to his earthly body for Jesus to rule again for thousand years and then the other one is let out to rule what are they ruling a thousand on earth for if there is no one left in human on the earth
  • Fox
    My advice to you all is if your left behind, stay with the word of God, to refuse the mark, and die for your beliefs in necessary, the lord loves us all
  • Anna
    John: First seek His congregation. It is not one that is like a palace. It is in a barn where you will find Christ Jesus. Lowly, but is rich with the truth of God's word. The word preached with a two edged sword. That sword which digs into the conscience of mankind to find his faults and sins to realize it is me, me who has nailed the Lord to the cross. Then the preaching of forgiveness of sins.
  • Jim
    The Revelation of Jesus Christ. This is one of my favorite chapters in the Word of God. Jesus the resurrected Christ begins to reveal his power, authority and glory here.
  • A disciple
    Hi Harold; Good question: let's look it up! In every case but one (Luke 20:36), there is only one word, 'angelos;' to bring tidings; a messenger; (esp. 'Angels'); by implication a Pastor: Angel, Messenger; (Strong's). Luke 20:36 "Neither can they die any more: for they are equal unto the ANGELS.." 'isangelos' Like an Angel, i.e. Angelic; "Equal unto the Angels." Read also Hebrews 1:14.
  • Harold
    My Pastor says the word 'angels' in verse 20 refers to the pastors of the seven churches. I am not sure of that., is that correct?
  • Kurt
    Like the Apostle in Revelation falling to his face cannot absorb God and Jesus' countenance we too can taste of his power. His Word lives, penetrating mortal souls, to continue our purification unto death. Death's sting in Hell no longer resides. Celebrate our future resurrection to Heaven where angels sing a cascade of music continually, that no person has heard. Our time is short to tell others.
  • Patricia
    Wyestion: What are the seven spirits of God?
  • Joyce bruhn
    Yvonne --I agree the Book of revelations clearly tells of the events that are unfolding as we speak all who has excepted Christ jesus as their personal savior will rise up --they speak of the other people left that he will give a second chance these are jews the chosen ones plus --those who never heard the message ----
  • BSP
    Verse 9: John was older at this time, but he did not let his age stop him from being active in his service to God. His zeal is one that we should imitate.
  • John
    I pray to the Lord God Jesus Christ that I will be ready on the day. I must confess the more I think I know about the Word the less I find I do. Therefore pray for me brothers and sisters, pray to our Lord God Jesus Christ that my eyes may be opened, for I am blind in flesh also, that I might see and know.
  • BSP
    Even thought John was put in prison for his preaching, he viewed this as an opportunity to show his love for Jehovah God.

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