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  • Garyloyd newman
    Go to 2nd Thessalonians 2 and read the notes they may help.
  • Garyloyd newman
    Go to 2nd thessalonians 2 and read where Paul said, don't listen to that last letter, they were may of been misslead, but he tells us what will be on that day Christ returns in Chapter two and says that day will not come until there is a falling away first, meaning, people will be leaving their churches of God and joining a new religion, a one world religion, and the son of perdition, perdition means death, and people will be turning over their family members to death,or who they think is Jesus but is not but is instead of Christ which translating anti-christ is instead of Christ. Get away from the fly away doctrin,it will kill you.
  • Garyloyd newman
    There is no RAPTURE! God hates them that think they can fly to save their own soul. Ezekiel 13 :20 and on, read it. In First Thessalonians chapter 4 the subject in 4:13 is, where are the dead and Paul is telling us that the dead are with Christ in heaven gettin ready to return with Him first. In 16 Paul brings up the Seventh Trump and speaking of a twinkle of an eye where we are changed The word Air is spiritual bodies in and it translates a breath of life, a higher way of thinking and cloud is a pack of people,a crowd, same as he used in Hebrew 12:1. He used a lot of street Greek. No 6 and a half trump, Jesus is not coming down to save special people and leave His Elect to fight the war with there armour on and in place to fight the anti-christ which means translated, instead of Christ, who is the vile one spoken of by Daniel 11:21 who comes in peace and flatteries. Yeah, he`ll fly you away alright, right to hell. The LION returns at the 7th Trump with a rod of iron to thump them that wanted to fly with satan to save their souls. No chickens in Gods Army. Its not even in the word of God.
  • Cris-kaanib
    to: D.Colon1, regard with your question, God has a purpose for those will not be included in the taking or rapture, they will be reigned by our Lord Jesus and his many choosen Holy's for 1,000 yrs. and after that the great day of jugment shall come... Attn. to all may I invite you to log on our website at Link for any question with regard to bible matter, we have also have live streaming bible exposition wherein a lot of questions from different people haved answered.....see you there
  • Cris
    D.colon1, Yes God has plans for those who will not be include on the what they call rapture, after the taking Jesus and his choosen holy will reign for 1000 years and after that is the jugment, if you want more info with regard on this matter you can visit our church website, we accept all kinds of question with regard to bible matter you can log to Link and its related sites.... hope to see you there God Bless....
  • D.Colon1
    When the rapture is occuring, does god or jesus have a purpose for those who stayed and/or for the people that are too late?
  • Theveed
    Luise_77's comment about verse 4
    hey buddy, what are you talking about, the message to the SEVEN churches in Asia have nothing to do with the geographical locations. 7 in biblical numerics means spiritual completeness, the message was simbolically speaking to ALL churches of the world.
  • Edgar pagador for verse 5
    John Said:and ''from'' jesus Crist.these sentence, john got the massage ''from'' Jesus Crhist but some words having close parenteses (who is)(other is (and)meaning, John question, he was compare to those propets before what have thier done.But no one have done in the earth or any of those propets like jesus Crhist had done, he is the one who pay our sin by his blood,but if you remove the words with close parenteses (WHO IS)the right answer is jesus Crhist.....Next Again they parenrensis fro (AND)remove AND, he is the begotten of the Dead:Explaination:Jesus Crhist Actually he was not Dead he show it to his Apostle Thomas and he touch his hand and side of his ribs as a proves he was not Dead,And then Jesus Gave an order both of the believer to go in Galile,because before there is no television or radio station not just like before we watch it even the news is in the other places.So ok..he show it live to raise in heaven by the Sake of God.Who Act As a reporter before?the aswer is ..those apostle who attended they write whatever Crhist Do and become the Story As New testament call Holy Book not bible.All people as i believe they are not Dead they are only given as long sleep ,those our spirit are still on earth.nobody until now goin into heaven except jasus crhist ,because he has some asignmet given by god,he made and make ready the new paradise which is his promises to written: unto him that love us.just like i told you,until now, Jesus he is the prince of the king of the earth.before God Given the throne as a king of kings.he fight to the devil who has control the Nation.So all of the tragedy from the nations are in order by god,to distroy the economy,Why Economy:because if the Nation is high Economy so the king can control the people and become materialistics if you are materialistic iether you forget the god.and you do anything what you wants, and your mind control by the devil to forget God.for how using electronics devices like computer,games,thief,hold up,to by your needs drugs,in high goverment they by nuclear,guns any types of arms,and becomes war.human mind controling by the devil just like now,it happen,the people are not thankful to god everyday until now we step in the land, but it is fire well Idont know...God They distroy Given Sign Some nation if the president or king only over acting for short only talking,listening after that nothing only collecting tax to the people ang eating what ever they want.meaning NO NOGOTS.
  • Luise_77
    Sorry Mark you are not Alone I will Support you and i defend you if you are not compare jesus to God.Only one person in Earth Direct to talk with God this is Adam from THe other propet Like moises ,Abraham ETC Angel Michael Gebrail was talking Becuase Propet Adam In the paradise there is no sin even single sin All Angel Bow to Adam but after thatwhen he become A sin God there A gap to talk him.the people in earth are sinner So except Jesus like Adam.that why God did not talk directly to us.because God most clean.light.graceful and mercyful.but if you like to near in God believe All propets how wil you talk them ?by reading holy book.believe in all angels like Mechail Gebrail not to the bad San miguel Beer....Also Dont Believe in other religion your religion is your self and in your mind and your charch is your room the angel will guard you.and god they hear you....thats all....
  • Luise_77
    Hi,mark can i interapped your comments:Christ is the name it is written in the holy book this is not the words:the word are given to all propet which is the word of God, the words of God is spread of All propets, through the people,all propet theyre wants to prove even Propet Jesus Christ prove have only one God but not is he, and we have one God.God is not belongs to trinity God is Alone no one God except God and who is our Creator.if jesus is the word and God.. meanig moises is the word and God Also .how about David? he is king and priest it also God?Please read:Revelation 1:5 (Please read it words by words it Clearly to undertand.So what you understand in that verse? who is the prince of the kings of the earth?. why they say that?the king only here in earth:Actually Until from Now on Jesus he is not the king. the king and priest of the Earth is King David According to Mateo 1:1 But if you believe Jesus has come back here in Earth, the trhone of David As A king and priest give to Jesus it is from God in heaven not God in Earth.So we have another Chance ,meaning, last Chance ok ?but dont be Afraid.SO As a king just like his Father David he fight all kings inthe Earth.But the Defference of David As a king he fight to the kings As conquire the nation to kill by sword and After that they priest As a word of God.But Jesus is the Conquiror of Earth,he fight all kings of the earth by word of GOD Revelation 1:16 it is written: And out of his mouth went a sharp two edge Sword Meaning delivering the word of God,And those king who are believe his nation become as the sun shineth in his strength Revelation 1:16 meaning peicefully.those Country, God count the people As one, So, it is Defend to your king if your King is not listen to the Word of God Delivering by jesus you Are not Save because There count to the faith is only one, Meaning:EQUal.So Jesus is Become president of king of the kings.If you Are not under law of Jesus this is you last chance hey... president and king behold take care your is defend on you....After that we A new world order it came from GOD to Jesus To Us.....For Example President of one nation. he was Something Mistake totaly Provide war and not by words of God so what well happen?All people Are suffering from flood.huricane,bankraftcy,funishment made of whom?this is the question:So my Advice the best rifle or sword and more powerfull even in the middle of war is your tongue if you say sorry to your enemy you are the one strongest than to Propet Samson or strongest Country in the earth.
  • Luise_77 for verse 4
    why given advice to john to the seven churches in asia?and why not to the europe? or middle east or Africa,the answer is.. God bless the Asia. because Asia are more perpect followers even thier religions are Christianism,hindunsm, muslims, budisms,judisms,bahai faith,protestan,comfuciansms and other.are totaly believes in God most of them are following to the rules of god,with hood , respectful to the others even defferent religion with love and freedom, helpful,industriuos and patiance.and what ever the creation of God Showing at the sky they reach it and they love it,as a prove the most created of god it shown in the heaven or to the sky.And they show to all Nation handling thier flags .For examples the stars in heaven,the moon ,the sun .most of them are showing of the heaven.And from the beast:yuo see shown to thier flags. the sword meaning deadful or for killing or war.hammer and knife meaning communism,the lion or leopard the leophard are eathing meat even they are same animal it was not afraid to kill even the same species like in humanity they are not afraid to kill the people it make the wide way but you do not know it is trap after that you are in danger.the came make idolism and you pray for this is the god.those of this are materialism made in earth by mankind.So now I love Asia......
  • Anonymous for verse 3
    bless is he that readeth-yes some people they did not read the prophecy due to maybe blind,maybe different religion,maybe against to written,or either did not accept the truth of the bible or due to thier believe in accordance of thier doctrains.some of the topic is we will say excempted as per thier situations for examples blind people non educated they cannot read but he can hear.Actually the judgement is according as your reading defending if you are follow or not obeying the law of god ,but if you are reading and hear ,and see whatever happen this future,and God given you all sign from heaven .for example:killer typhons.tornado.melted snow.ozone and abnormal temperature at the earth ,religious war.killing of the humanity.war.earthquake.volcano eraption,flood,tidlewaves, adultery.and all belongs to ten commandment,are the sign of God coming in year up to years and more years, but until then still your eyes are blind and still deaf and all things are not heareth.of all of this you ignore it, well i dont know what did they call to you maybe stone,robot,or unbeliever.So keep this word according to the prophesy it will be your strong and rejoice to the lord what did they show it to us:Again for example in new years day the peoples celebrating it and youve done firing create high noise or by using trumpet or etc you rejoice .the birthday of god just like thats happen more sound,people crying people are dying anger came from heaven but make joy to the lord dont be afraid beacause we though we are trained already before it happen beacause you belive to thier is right?
  • Luise for verse 2
    GOd testified his word not a joke or not made by man it is came from him and testified by Jesus. To shows the word of God is true.for examples:In our future we will say it is true and we are lucky beacause we experience according to the words even if you are not experience according to the bible meaning the word of god is not true and the bible also is not true it is right?So onother examples they written more flood,fire,volcano eraption,tsunami or tidelwave.earthquake landslide,war,tyhon,tornado. in others written in ten commandments plus the last is asteroid dropping (stone)to the earth. also the others are nuclear weapons ,atomic weapons its part of stones .exacly must be joyful to us to the lord dont be afraid some believer until now they did not experience totaly as a christian they experience all of this items meaning the words from the bible is true.from the other holy book until now they did not see, they not hear,and they did not experience...So in the future what will happen meaning thier holy book are not true..
  • Edgar pagador for verse 1
    Revelation a type of news happed at the recent came from God or in heaven gaven to Jesus and sent to his Angel and recieved by John as his servant,and john sent to Jesus followers.Tottaly Jesus is also reciever not God.Why it must shortly? and it come to pass?:for example:in our future we have satillite + reciver+ signals + Televisions only split by the second we collect news.We bilieve god can do anything but it is limitated:why cannot directly send to John?because john is not under by spirit:other examples god create the biggest planet in universe it call the Sun. The Sun is 20 times bigger than to Earth,and made the whole universe:so how more than biggest the creator in to the planet and universe, thats why, God cannot step here directly in Earth he made all things together with seven spirit but limited.So he made like ladder to step by step going to the earth. it is common since if you made sand ball from beach pure sand and if you step this so what will happen ?it will distroy,God is a very very clean and light and we are sinner if he is step to the earth we are distroy totaly by made of fire. it is simple explaination in short cut way..
  • Marc
    The Trinity is one the bible says in the begining it was God the word annd the holy spirit and the word was with God and then the bible says that Jesus is the word .So why cant you compare Jesus to God the only way to God is thru Jesus I belive God manifested himself in the form of flesh to show man that he is real.
  • Marc
    peopole that hate need to wake up
  • David
    can anybody tell why christians still makes the mistake of saying Jesus is God?. How can we compare him to God knowing fully well that Jesus himself knows his father has sent him to earth.If Jesus is God, it means God still has a father in heaven?.Common guys...whats going on here. there are also lots of reasons if you're interested.
  • Darrell
    History Current and futeristic lock you're
    Doors Don't blow you're horns and watch out
    for false prophets seems like a conspiracy
    theory but the kind that is coming true I know
    that it's all in Metaphores (disguising true
    emotions0 Why didn't Darwin read this how can we
    avoid getting killed for not worshipping this
    beast and I don't belive Witchcraft exist but it talks about people being punished for Sorcery are the witch trials gonna come back stronger and harder?this is a dogma for sure and who are these 2 witnesses or the guy who looks like a lamb with 2 horns not a fairy tale?
  • James
    i belielive that we are in the end times,by seeing the wars,earthquakes,and other calamities that we are witnessing at this time.
  • Margaret for verse 20
    WOW, i understood this but i wanted to see how Wesley would expalin it... how his words just flowed is pretty awesome; take how he explained the candlesticks that had no light of itself, like all without Christ would have no light, but with Christ, we shine and grow.... pretty neat Thanks
  • Margaret for verse 18
    i think this is the best straight forward answer i've ever gotten. when i read how Jesus gave keys to Peter in your explaination, i then asked myself why the huge question remains how Christ has keys to hell and death... never has neone asked how he obtained keys to the kingdom of heaven, yet it is difficult to understand he has the keys to hell and death. Thank you, but my God is the Alpha and Omega and has the authority over all things, including Satan and his dwelling.. GOD Bless u all
  • Sisukas for verse 18
    Dearest Margaret. As a newly born again practicing Christian, and from what studies I've thusly made in the KJV Bible, also personal lessons from my Bible Teacher... Christ Yeshua went to hades for 3 days after his holy sacrifice on the cross. In hades for 3 days he paraded lucifer up and down and all around hade's and showed to ALL who lived there just how little power lucy has. After that is when he took the keys away from the wicked one, and returned them to our Father. Blessing to you and yours.
  • Todd
    I want to kimberly's comment, and say that being born of water refers back to being born the first time, as when a woman's water breaks. So, it was being confirmed by Jesus that just being born into a jewish family didn't guarantee you salvation, but you needed to be born again spiritually. Being born of spirit is when we believe the message of christ. Otherwise, if being born of water referred to being baptised, then we would need to be born 3 times, and not just 'born again' a second time. So, when Jesus says being born of water and the spirit, it's water being the physical birth and spirit being the spiritual birth.
  • W.M.
    In response to Tim's comment,

    A Christian is not someone is not someone who follows all of the Ten Commandments strictly or
    a good honest person. A Christian is someone who
    has asked God to wash their sins away with the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Bible says in Romans 3:23. "For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

    Hebrews 9:22 says,"And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without the shedding of blood is no remission..."

    The Lord Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) died on
    the cross and shed His blood to wash away our
    sins. Then He was buried in the grave and on the
    third day He rose again.

    The Bible says, "For whosoever shall call upon
    the name of the Lord shall be saved."

    We need to ask God to take our sins away with the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him
    to help us turn away from our sins.

    II Timothy 3:16 says, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for
    instruction in righteousness."

    That means all of the Bible from Genesis to
    Revelation is God's Word and is profitable to us.

    Revelation is a book of prophecy of things to come. Much of it we will not understand until
    some of the events begin to unfold.

    The word "revelation" in the Greek means unveiling, disclosure, or revelation.

    God tells us throughout the Bible of things to
    come to prepare us ahead of time.

    The most important thing right now is to be sure that we are a Christian by asking God to forgive our sins and cleanse us with Jesus' blood. That
    way you can become His child and be assured of a home in Heaven one day.
  • Dawn
    Sadly i need to correct you young child,

    please do not be uspet it is only to give you the truth of God and his only sinless son Jesus Christ our Lord and our messiah our,, meaning,, all who beieve and freely accept Jesus as Lord and their personal savior. The bible says that all fall short of the glory of God that not one is rigtheous no not one. I do not want this to cause you to be sad or upset,, but we all need to focus on Jesus he is the only way to God. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son whom was without sin or blemish to save us from our sins. I sincerely hope this helps you young child i am a ambassedor in chains for the ministry of God trying to help God save souls i use my words and God plants and harvestes the seeds another words he grows the seed in the human heart and mind. I hope this makes sense if you do not know what i am trying to write please ask for help from someone who you fully trust again sincerely from my mind to you,, and,, anyone who is freely and willingly reading my own words!
  • Tim
    When my teacher said that you can take everything in the Bible seriously, I asked him about Revelations. He told me that at the time Revelations was written by John, it was at the terrible reign of Nero, who forbid the writing, distribution, etc. of Bibles, and as retaliation, John wrote Revelations to tell everyone about Nero's evil deeds in metaphorical sentences. I believe this, because in later chapters, John mentions the 144,000 sealed, and there are many more Christians than that, and even if they do not follow the 10 Commandments strictly, they are good, honest people. If anyone thinks I am horribly wrong, can you blame me? I'm a 12-year-old kid!
  • Israel emmanuel yeshua
    Who says the Revelation was told by a human?
    Read carefully 1:13-15 and a Tiger would fit better the description...See also my blog:Link
    Unfortunate all info before, that was written in March and April had to be wiped away.
  • Rara
    I have always been drwn to this book in the bible. I read it constantly it gives me hope. Our loving God gives everyone the opportunity to come to HIM, this draw to this world is so strong and deceptive that you need to konw He is The KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS.
  • Jone
  • Nick
    All that this book says is happening before our eyes, how cousl anyone not believe. Revelation and the evening news are saying the same thing...reporters are jsut a couple thousand years late.

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