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  • A Believer for verse 14
    The resurrected Jesus could appear in any countenance he wants to be like in order to bring about the message to the person he is manifesting. Here the message is clear: to comfort John's heart. Only the king, the wisdom bearer, with vehement passion could direct the old apostle's step what should be done next under the persecution tempest.
  • David for verse 9
    The ancient names of Patmos Island near Greece are Patima, Palmosa, Patnos and Letios. Revelation 1:9 is important as it shows the Book of Revelation was written in 69AD by Jesus Christ and was witnessed by Saint John near the first above ground Christian Church at the Isle of Glastonbury Tor{Path mos} in Wycliffe Revelation 1:9 was one of the main reasons why so many of Wycliffe's followers were murdered by the Vatican who doesn't want anyone to know that Christ wrote the book of Revelation.
  • David for verse 9
    The Wycliffe version clearly shows Ile of Pathmos is Glastonbury Tor which was an island 2000 years ago as Mos is a bog or peatmos or low lying meadow. The Latin word for Patmos Island by Greece is PATMO. The 1989 NRSV Roman Catholic Bible version of pathmos shows PAT'MOS. Rathmoss in Northern England is a good example of Brythonic
  • Mahadevi.c.m.
    our god is an awesome god
  • Jeaneen
    Three days and three nights, then Jesus was resurrected and lives forever more, and we can live with Him for eternity if we keep His commandments. We love Him, because He first loved us.
  • Dann rivera
    Revelation 1:8 I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, .... The Alpha, the beginning of Time & Space (Finite); the Omega, the end of Time & Space - the return to the Infinite (Immortality).
  • Ricky Chambers for verse 1
    Revelation 1:1 the word " revelation " means to unvail,or to uncover.When you see the word "The" at the begining of a sentence pertaining to the scriptures means "positively one". The Revelation of Jesus Christ,meaning to unvail or to The uncover.What did God give to Jesus? The things that were to come to pass,What were the things?"Prophecy"was to shortly come to pass;and he sent and signified it by his angel, Who was his angel?The Bible was written in 2 languages the old testament-Hebrew the new testament-Greek THE greek def. says "angel" means a pastor 0r messenger. The hebrew def. means to despatch as a deputy;a messenger;spec,of God angel (also a prophet,priest or teacher-ambassador,angel,king,messenger. In John 14:26 But the Comforter,which is the Ho'ly Ghost,whom the Father will send in my name,he shall teach you all things,bring all things to your remembrance,whatsoever I have said unto you. so the angel is the 'holy ghost' sent unto his servant John
  • David
    The book of revelation is a wonderful message to all humanity. I know I've only scratched the tip of the tip of the ice berg.
    In the first chapter there is a declaration of who this book is written by and who it is for. Verse 11 says that this book is to be sent to the churches in Asia. Would God be a just and fair God if this message was only for the people in Asia, of course not, it is meant for all. The churches in Asia show the characteristics of all people in general as laid out in chapter 2 & 3. All the messages to the churches begin the same way "Unto the angel of the church..." (singular) of and end in the same way " He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches" (plural)I am not 100% sure why "church" is singular in the beginning and plural at the end.
    The churches I believe also represent different ages.In general North America is in Laodeceans church age, lukewarm we think we are "rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked" If this was talking about physical riches people would know if they blind and naked ect. It is speaking about spiritual wealth which many equate to scriptual knowledge, just like the scibes and pharisees. While in China or other places where people are imprisoned or even killed for the gospel it would be hard to say that they are lukewarm in their faith.
    No man needs religion but every man, woman and child needs God.

    God bless you all
  • Maureen
    We should prayerfully read the Bible,ask God for understanding.The bible does explain itself,verse 20,for example tells us what the seven candlesticks & stars are.
  • Mike
    I just found this site this morning I was looking for a bible study and what better one than this,I really like the old bible .I have a few questions is it right for the word to be changed so much?and what addition is there we can read that hasnt been changed ?And who or what is the seven spirits infront of the throne ?
  • Deb
    to Ralph gosselins.... If the Lord says there were seven golden candle sticks then there were seven golden candle sticks. Have faith in what he says, he is everything, this is the book of revelation that has NOT happened yet, remember? Pay attention
  • Meme
    Well, if we will read and comprend, Jesue said, he who has an ear let him ear what the WORD of the Lord says! All I can tell say is that we must study the show ourselves approved. Also we have to be OPEN MINDED to the WORD as well so that we can read with understand and u can, if we stop trying to figure GOD out and pray for understanding, that is what the WORD says!
  • Sibongile
    The book of revelation is a symbolic book, some people dont understand this prophetic book that exposes the devil's in this last day. in order to understand the prophets of this book you should read it together with the book of Daniel, ask the holy spirit to guide you as you study this books
  • Andre
    I think that its very important that gods people refrain from being arrogant as i was myself in the past which cost me dearly. when god gives us a revelation its important that we dont beat those upon the head that had not recieved this revelation. Remember Gods grace on your own life befor you became so wise and such a scholor at least in your own eyes. This is for all who has read Gods word and feels that you were spoken to by his spirit and decided that Gods Grace wasnt sufficient for all.
  • Ralph L. Gosselin
    #12. They did not have candlesticks 2000 years ago!! They had OIL LAMPS that were a sacread OIL.And what happend to the words ( Do not change even one word on the revelations of God or woo to those that do. ) The word candlestick is a abomination, dor it is not the same meaning.
  • Ralph gosselin
    right on target. all thats left in the building of the temple.
  • Ray
    ron. thats what the millennium is for. the LORDS: day. for people that were taught wrong. it is in the bible. i will send strong deluson to people. its to save them. get the stick out of your eye, before you try to take the stick out of your brothers eye. i will send strong del. check it out. becareful when you say rethink or what your taught.
  • Suzette
    Seek the Lord while he can be found all you need to do is ask him in Romans 10, versus 9, 10. Allow his spirit to direct you and teach you all things that ye may no the truth.
  • Ronald Allen
    As I read the comments here, I noticed a lot of you, are part of a group of people, when discussing the bible, say"this is what it means too me"......Don't get angry, Do you really believe God cares what you think, He didnt leave it open for discussion or debate, He clearly said and warned us about doing that very thing! God told us not to change a thing in his word, not one jot or tittle, and that His word was open to NO mans interpretation, that the word would interpret itself......Honestly, why do you think there are so many interpretations of the bible, and why would we run to and fro serching for his word when there are so many bibles? Once man interpret the bible into his own words, you have a fallable bible that can no longer be called Gods word, it is mans interpretation of Gods word,,and the so called Rapture is just one EXAMPLE, you have to ASSUME a whole of things to pull that out of the hat, and yes we will no when it is time for christ to return, yes Jesus did say no one knows the Day or the hour the son will return, He did say his people would know the time of his return, not exact day or hour, but you should be able to say he will return at the end of the 120th Jubilee, on the feast of trumpets and at the last trumpet to be prcise with His word, oh, FWY, the last Jubilee ends September or octobe 2023,As Christians we are comanded to know these things, God said his people perish because of a lack of knowlege and for being willingly ignorant, we where told the end from the begining, so take the bible at face value, and keep it in context, I hope this made you think instead of making you angry,,,,,rethink what you were taught, just because you were taught in error gives us no excuse, with Love, Ron Allen
  • Diane Taylor
    I think the Bible is true & in Revelation these
    things John seem and was giving to him threw the son we show believe just as you can feel the wind
    but can,t see it but you can see the result.
  • Paula
    God told Dannel to shut up the book until the end of day's now with the computer we can understand what could of never been understood before
  • Paula
    good thing you don't have to believe in the rapture to go my son does not believe but he doesn't spend any time in the book I know it's there because I do study the word, that's why it is important to have a concordance while your studying.
  • Bob Tucker
    What I think about "Revelation" does not impress
    Heaven at all. What God knows about "Revelation"
    and what of it I allow Him to reveal to me is what
    He desires. What He has revealed to me although is
    simply,"The Revelation" not "A Revelation." We can
    be lost in the study of "A Revelation" and miss
    the blessing of "The Revelation of Jesus Christ."
    Read Revelation? Yes! Understand all the symbolic
    scriptures? No! Not in this life. May I also add,
    that it is a waste of your time to comment on the
    delusional. The Word of God forbids it.

    HEY GUYS!! You want to know Whats so funny but overall IRONIC. pale skin, blue eyes, brown stringy hair, basically im describing a hippie but anyway this is the Jesus Christ of the world Buuuut. we have something called the holy bible (kjv only) In the book of REVELATION, 1:13-15 TO BE EXACT, bared record by a man that actually seen CHRIST by the name of ST. JOHN which by the way is VERY DESCRIPTIVE about JESUS CHRIST'S APPEARENCE. LOL. this world is something else. ''Let the WORD of GOD be TRUE BUT EVERY MAN a LIE'' simple as that.
  • Reggie
    Hey saints we can't let Malakoot's 6/05/11 comment go unchecked. Where Malakoot said, " Jesus appeared to many in their sleep and told them to follow this Ahmad Al-Hassan!" If this wasn't such a sad delusion, with serious potential
    harm to the ignorant and unlearned, then this would be hilarious and "thigh slapping funny". Read Galatians 1:8 anyone speaking as poor Malakoot is accursed! There is no other name other than Jesus Christ whereby mankind can be saved. Acts 4:12. The idea of the Lord Jesus appearing to some while they slept ad instructed them to follow Ahmad Al-Hassan is nuts!! No sane intelligent person would give such an insane statement any consideration. But i do agree with Malakoot's statement that he isn't like "the FALSE IMPOSTERS"
    O no i agree because he is "THE REAL IMPOSTER"!!!!
  • Malakoot
    The Comforter and a messenger from Jesus has appeared, his name is Ahmad Al-Hassan, please search more in the matter as many saw Jesus in their sleep ordering them to follow him as this man isn't like the false impostors who asks for reign and power, there's the-savior website to know more and yamani network on youtube.. thank you
  • Dakota
    I agree completely with what Tina said. The Bible shouldn't be argued over its here for us to learn from and live by. I think by arguing over what one passage may mean to one person when it means something completely different to the another is just rude. I think that GOD must feel somewhat dishoned and insulted to see his children quarelling about the facts. GOD made us all different for a reason. Different people understand things in different ways. For instance I was reading Genesis chapter 6 earlier and didn't have the slightest clue of what it was saying but fortunatley someone commented on it and explained it to me in a way i could understand. I mean the Bible can be confusing at times at least for me, so god created us all different so if one doesn't understand the way He wrote it someone can come and shed some light on the matter. which ultimateley is our life goal to teach others about Jesus and His teachings.
  • Mstpaul for verse 14
    lets keep an open mind an not be too freeked out no matter what GOD looks like.
  • Adam
    were in armageddomn now, the result of the second coming will be the availiability of the holy spirit "the comforter" for all.
  • Tina
    I believe it is the word of God our Saviour, not to be argued over or changed, but to be Believed. It has not been written for our opinion's but for our knowledge to be ready for his glorious coming!

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