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  • Sean
    I love the bible it is awesome
  • Aliki Turagakula
    The revelation was given to John the apostle while he was alone on the Isle of Patmos. This confirms that gone is the dispensation of the church (7 churches of Asia)that God revealed to John, an individual in fellowship with God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ. This is the dispensation of the Holy Spirit in the individual believer.
  • Zuabe
    God is God! There was none before Him from the beginning and none will come after Him. He is eternal; He was, He is and He is to come. No doubt He said it and He is sure to do what He said because HE is the Truth Himself..Amen come Lord Jesus come...
  • Ajmal John
    According to my thought, Every one who read,hear and keeps are bless all the time.
  • Frank Shackelton
    It's the final answer and solution to a 850,000 word puzzle, that no one on earth has solved yet. When someone finally does, everyone will see that the second arrival is: TRUTH, WISDOM AND WORDS
  • Violet wambi
    glory be to god and let his will be done amen.
  • Wilbur lee salway for verse 8
    Alpha and Omega are the beginning and end of the Greek Alphabet. The Lord is telling us that He is King, He was in the beginning and He will be in the End. He is the creator of the earth and all mankind, and He will be the terminator of this present Earth. He rules at present from His throne in heaven. He was in eternity past and also history past as he was the creator of Adam and Eve. Then He shall be in eternity future and also in all the events which will unravel during the period from the first coming of Christ to the second coming of Christ. He will be totally in charge and no matter how bad it looks, Christ will always be victorious and will make His people victorious. God's three-fold eternal testimony is repeated here from verse 4 for the reassurance of all His children. The Alpha and Omega is called a merism, in which something in totality is expressed by two contrasting parts, such as old and new. What we have here is beginning and ending. In other words, God is the God of every moment of history, from beginning to end.
  • David for verse 7
    the Seventh Seal has been cracked brothers and sisters. LORD has revealed to us his power through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is here with his children and has brought the Father.. thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The world is as the times of Noah. Faith alone in our Father is the path to awesome miracles of Christ. we must repent of our sins and shine brighter than the world, through Jesus Christ our Savior. the Holy Spirit is at work through His faithfull sons and daughters, miracles and healings, may our sins be forgiven, and our path Holy
  • Don
    John is instructed to write down what he saw.
    The warnings to the churches and Christ is chosen
    to open the Seven Seals to begin with.
  • Mary brown for verse 20
    It makes you scared when you think about what will happen if God comes and I'm not ready. Help me to do the right things so that I can see you one day and my daughter.
    Lord's power is vital to our day to day wellbeing
  • Lura Denny
    I think chapter 1 is an introduction of the end of God's plan for us! That simple!
  • Stuart mc crea
    I thank the lord that at this time in history God has motivated people with talent to do works like this, I do believe The lords is the First day of the week, Jesus was the fulfillment of the New Covenant of first fruits, we will agree to disagree as there are more important things to do before Christ returns, Yours in The lord Stuart
  • Booker for verse 15
    I don't think this has anything to do with Christ's ethnicity. This was a christ I believe in his natural state, other than the way he looked while walking here on earth. It's to the description of christ during the transfiguration in Matthew. His face shown like the sun, eyes were like fire, his feet were like bronze that was made to glow in a fire. I believe this was Jesus in his natural state as he would have looked in his world, heaven. After the transfiguration, Jesus went back do looking like a normal man. No mention what his ethnicity or what he looked like.
    iN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE REVELATION one needs to read the bible from the begening to the you are asking me what I think of revelations, well i think that it will come to pass.many poeple may not agree with me on this, but I believe that everything that is in the bible will come true.
  • Zacharia wambugu
    i see the true picture of Jesus&things that wl come to happen
  • Beverly
    I love the book on revelation
  • Nicole T Tansmore
    That jesus is not white.
  • Understanding from perception
    Its only in these days that man has the knowledge to understand the meaning of these verses Brett.
    How would ancient man describe Quantum/particle physics, a physical technology that has only come recently to the imagination of the dreamers, and still not understood.
    Its is the description of a mechanical device manipulating gravity on quantum level. Effecting micro and macro "...being with god"
    The best place to start Brett, is find some Grand depictions of "The Throne", and compare them to Edward Leedskalnin's "flywheel"(Coral Castle. Florida. Early 1900's)
    And as it says... Meditate, and when you find yourself in "Spirit" or "Gods Mind", Ask and ye shall recieve. Now you can ask from a place of Real understanding and not a literal description resembling an acid trip.
  • Sharon
    I have trouble sometimes understanding some of Revelations can you help me find something that explains what I just read
  • Eleyon
    this is very encouraging
  • Philip muriuki for verse 1
    i need 2 study da whole story a bout revelation coz it portrays wisdom 2 me as a new born again christian.
  • Concern Sister
    As I read your comment I was reminded of something that I experienced early one morning back in 2010. As I lay in bed, I heard these words, " Deception Wears A Fašade." Immediately that scripture came to my remembrance. That is also a reminder of what Jesus told the disciples in Matthew chapter 24, as one of the major signs of the end times, we're in those times right now, so we need to be sober and vigilant to be able to discern the Spirit of truth from the spirit of error..Amen? Watch and Pray!
  • Lailie
    when you read the scriptures and it says Satan comes looking like a lamb and speaks as a dragon. Think of instead of Christ which means anti-Christ. Then think about what Daniel told us that the vile one takes over with peace and flatteries. In reading scripture take in every word as when Christ told us he foretold us all things and think when you come across where Christ tells us in Rev. he shorten the time to 5 months and think why? He said to us he shorten it for the elect sake. Elect means the set a side ones or if you check the word out you will find it is church. The elect are the true church and they will stand against Satan with their gospel armor on and in place. The deeds haven't changed only the time. Lailie
  • Brett Turner for verse 20
    I would love to learn about the seven stars etc alot please .WERE do i start besides reading this PLEASE.. YOUR STUDENT ..
  • Bro.IneduDan
    ThankGod for the book of Revelation. In it is revealed the mystrey of the end of the ages.
    May God open your eyes and mine to appreaciate His every word of warning by obeying it in every day of our living here on earth before that great day of judgment,Amen!
  • Tremise for verse 15
    I believe the lord is trying to show us through John Christs ethnicity Jesus was a Hebrew in the flesh,when he walked the earth.
  • Alice anastacia
    revelation chapter verse 18
    it reminds us that Jesus Christ lives for ever
    He has the keys to our lives so we should always trust and belief in him forevermore.
  • Susanna Bryan for verse 7
    I was reminded of this verse today, particularly, the phrase 'every eye will see Him' because there is a big air show in my area and a lot of neighbours were in the street looking up in to the sky in awe and amazement. I felt such a sadness to think that people are looking up at things like this and are not prepared for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ who is coming soon. God bless you.
  • Joyce
    it teaches us about the end of time, it help us to prepare for the coming of Jesus, to repent nd get ready

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