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  • Todd Denen for verse 10
    The trumpet sound is the sound of The Word or Holy Ghost It is the same sound described in many religions It s the universal sound of God or VIBRATION The Word Holy Ghost Vibration of God was made flesh For Christians it s the Amen Hindus it is Om Tibetans it is Hum and for Muslims it s Amin
  • Faithfull
    Science has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God them of Science are opposed to the things of God
  • Robert
    Jesus in all his glory and power
  • Caroline
    The book of Revelation 1:3 sounds like a warning to all those who study the book of revelation. It strikes a very important point .i.e to study it and obey it so that heaven will be our portion.
  • Carmen
    I was referring to rev chapter 1 verse 7 It clearly says that Christ will be coming in the clouds. and yes it says that that those who pierced him will see him. But it also goes on saying all kindreds of the earth will see him. That means everyone.
    Please know that all scripture is inspired by God. And scientists have nothing to do with it. R ev 21:22
  • Carmen
    Yes by all means In verse 7 It clearly states that Our Lord Jesus Christ is coming and those who pierced him shall see him but it goes on saying all kindreds of the earth shall see him to. It is important to keep reading that you may understand that all scripture is inspired by God and is true. Scientist have nothing to do with it. God bless you
  • Ar
    Rev CH.1 verse 7 is definitely talking about Jesus. About His second coming.If you read the verse carefully, it say<.....and every eye shall see Him and they also which pierced Him.....>
    that means who crucified Him. Don't mix the truth of the Holy Word of God with science fiction please
  • Ar
    And to Jobe's remark on 1/11/2014 yes , He will come on the clouds, His second coming,but before that He will come quietly ,to take His Church ,that is the reborn Christians . This is the Rapure, and Jesus refers to this in Luke 17:34-37 very clearly.please read , and thank you.
  • Ar
    Rev CH.1 verse 7 is definitely talking about Jesus. About His second coming.If you read the verse carefully, it say<.....and every eye shall see Him and they also which pierced Him.....>
    that means who crucified Him. Don't mix the truth of the Holy Word of God with science fiction please
  • Arnold for verse 7
    "he cometh with clouds" - taken from Jeremiah 4:13, which referred not to YHWH or a Judean messiah, but to a foreign invader.
  • Gregory Weldon
    This book is the greatest book in the bible. It not only shows the justness of God but also shows the immense love that God has for His creation adn goes to great strides to give them the opportunity to repent.
  • Jobe
    To Ar's comment: I hope this helps you..."every eye will see Him"...and He's not coming Quietly either...The Day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night in which the heavens and earth pass away with a great noise and melt with great heat....ONE TIME.
  • Valerie for verse 3
    I thank God for the revelation so that we prepare ourself for what will take place it was like in in the old tetament before God was doing something He reveal to his prophets what is going to happen like Abraham God reveal to him that He is about to destroy Sodom. We are living in the endtime where God is preparing His childrens what is about to come so that His childrens must not lose hope for a crown is waiting for them they that hold on to God
  • Nonts
    The most important thing I got Revelation 1 is that God has a plan for everyone of us. The world would decide to percecute us, but would save us and use. John was left there all alone and blind. He was not alone coz he was full of the Holly spirit, so God used him. For us threre shall come a time when we will be hunted down as men and women of God to be killed by the devil. Dark forces will soon rule the world and Christians will have no place in it. Let's be like John. Let's put our total trust in God and see what happens. Let's have unwervaring faith and be prepared to die for him. That way we shall enjoy the fruits of his love like John did.
  • Betty neace for verse 13
    Jesus in his glorious state as how he looks in heaven he will will be clothed when he come back to claim his church the candlesticks was reflecting the King of Kings who liveth and is coming to claim his church
  • Ar
    To Raehel: If you have just started studying the New Testament, I suggest you start reading from Matthew. If you have read all the new testament and have come to the last book, the Revelation, then from what I have read and studied the book in my church, I can tell you that John is exiled to an island of Greece called Patmos.It must be a Sunday as he refers in verse 10 the Lord's day and he, John is full of the Holy Spirit when Jesus comes to him and gives the revelation . Jesus has a message for the seven existing churches then.And Jesus is surrounded with seven golden candlesticks which are the seven existing churches. This first chapter is the general idea of the following chapters,where John sees in detail everything and writes down. It is about the situation of the churches then, which is explained in the next two chapters. From the fourth chapter and onward, John is called up to heaven to see how the latter days will be on earth, after the Rapture.I hope this helps you a little.
  • Raehel August
    I do dont understand the text can some Please help me, as i am a beginner of studing the bible i have read it over and over that Rev:1:1still dont really understand
  • Michael Anongbo 14.thanks
  • Helen Duffy
    See also `A last minute guide to the Bible`
  • NANCY JEFCOAT for verse 14
  • Dr. Bill E. Haycraft for verse 10
    John was in the Holy Spirit praying on the Lord's day, the first day of the week when he entered another dimension and was brought into the revelation of Jesus and the Day of the Lord.
  • Josiah ogbonnaya for verse 8
    In verse 1 of this chapter, it clearly stated that this is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. So I think (Revelation 1:8) is clearly referring to the Lord Jesus who is the exact express image of God almighty, if this verse was referring to God the father, i think it would use God/LORD. in (Revelation 19:13) and his name is called The Word of God. You now ask urself is there a different between God and his Word? Personally i don't think there is a different between God and his Word and that's the reason the bible says in (John 1:1-3) IN the beginning was the Word Jesus, and the Word Jesus was with God, and the Word Jesus was God. The same Word Jesus was with God in the beginning. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. See also (1 Timothy 1 13) and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness; God was manifest in the fresh justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto gentiles, believed on in the world, received up unto glory. So i think if Revelation 1:8 was referring to God the father it would have use a word like, LORD/God not Lord for instance (Psalms 110;1) the LORD said to my Lord, or (Deuteronomy 6;4) hear o Israel the Lord our God is one. If you observes this verses you will clearly see this referring to the Father and Son which it clearly stated
  • Donna Beaubian's
    God is Awesome and the True and Living GOD and He is the King of Kings Greatly to be Praise!!!
  • Jennifer Egan
    It talks about John being Gods servant, and witness to the coming of Jesus Christ, I believe it explains when Jesus returns every person no matter where they are will see him. God returns with the white as wool hair with the double edged sword and seven stars greeting the seven churches it says he lives amount the dead and now lives with those who are living.
  • Mahendra
    God is great and greatly to be praise!
  • Sola Ayeni
    God is awesome, never leave his own.
  • Bin Lanya
    Oh, it's rich! After the Ages depicted in this chapter has run over, thru the history when people has had different ideas of who He is (JESUS) He is appearing here in the last days to reveal Who He is. For the book was to be revealed in the last days as John state it. He is revealing Himself being the Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega (that's to say He is. A to Z) talk of the Lord of host, Rapha, Jireh, Savior, Healer, etc. He is all that, in other words Jehovah of OT. became Jesus of N.T AMEN
  • Nellie Mae
    Thank you Lord....for I am nothing without you and I can do nothing without you. I LOVE MY LORD AND SAVIOR
  • Daniel Ochola for verse 18
    God has power over everything!
  • HUGH BENNETT for verse 20
    God is great & great to pray for all he has done in saving my own life.

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