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  • Anita Boodhai
    I read the bible as much as I can and there is no mistake of what I read. God is real miracles are real Revelation is real. I experienced miracle 20 yrs ago when I lost my husband in death. I lost my faith. Never believe in Jesus. But Jesus let me go on getting angry. Never want to go to church But on my husband anniversary he and his Mother and his angles, Partial reveal them self to me and two other kids to show me that they are real from then my faith came back went to church and try to do the right things I was 39 when i. Lost my Dearest my companion and my best friend But Jesus said he will send me a comforter that comforter was his Holy Spirit! Friends do not gave up on him he is right here with us There are so many things I would like to say But may be one day
  • Will Powell
    This said the Lord through his servant john.This is the things to come. Thank you my Lord for this notice. Its time for us to get prepared and get right with Him,before this day... Amen
  • Will Powell
    This said the Lord through his servant john.This is the things to come. Thank you my Lord for this notice. Its time for us to get prepared and get right with Him,before this day... Amen
  • Frank gibson
    Revelation is the key to what going on today read slowly with understanding bring things update ddon 't look as a daily look let your spirit being come out to understand what you see think then and now then spiritual on it don 't talk pictures what you are thinking for God can help you to understand
  • Kelly
    Just the thought that God is the Alpha Omega, the Beginning and the end.. This just shows what an awesome God we have. He IS almighty, He is Lord.. Amen Amen
  • Paddy
    The lamention of Jeremiah, explain and reveal the revealations in detail, pray to Jesus for all sinners, god bless all who read and understand
  • Nkosinathi
    God says is holding the key of life or death. So, it is truthfuly and support that there is no other God like HIM almighty. Thank HIM and give praise everyday and everymoment. Because HE is greatfull. O my Lord! No one like you Jesus you are same yesterday, today and forever. Amen
  • The Beckster
    I love the book of Revelation
  • Patricia
    My Father GOD would wake me up everyday in the morning to seek and meditate his word. After seeking the LORD i felt fully satisfied and strong AMEN AMEN AMEN
  • Moses Omara
    this is for all mankind who wish to live in the next life to seek the true path...
  • TERRY G.
  • Sally Willard
    Dear heavenly Father, please come quickly for your flock and bless us all with your eternal love and devotion. Praise be to you for all that you have done to give us grace and take away our sins, Amen.
  • Briana
    I am so happy to finnally hear This King James Version in which i know in my heart to be true.i love you Jesus. i niss yiu Mama and Dad and My Father. in Christ. Please Guide and deliver me.
  • Errol Palm
    Jesus is holy hallelujah amen none like him . Kings oh kings lord of all lords .amen and amen.
  • Errol Palm
    Jesus is holy hallelujah amen none like him . Kings oh kings lord of all lords .amen and amen.
  • Mary Brown
    Sometimes i think that i 'm scared of God because I know that he is the creator of this world. Heaven and Hell belong to him. I want a more personal relationship with God because I thought that I could take care of this addiction on my own but I can 't. I can see that he is the only one that will take me thru this problem. I hope that God knows that i love him very much and I don 't want to go to hell and burn. So I have made up my mind to serve him to the fullest of my abilities. I would like for him to help me get my life back together so that I can go to church but i can 't if i don 't have all the tools i need. I truly appreciate that he gave me the right mind to seek help for my problem but for several days i have heard a little voice that said that June 1, 2014 everything will work in my favor. I have faith that God doesn 't lie but man does. This is why I 'm rededicating my life to God tonight. I love the Lord because he always hears my cry. Thank You for loving me because i forgot to love myself. Amen
  • Audu, D.H. for verse 7
    "Behold He commeth... " is a call to all of mankind to watch out for Jesus second coming in glory to judge the world of sin and for the believers to be careful not to stain their white garments.
  • David Keeran
    I like king James its a good bible
  • Bidemi for verse 6
    Through Jesus we have authority and power over principalities, power and rulers. according to Luke 10 19. It is therefore left for us to recognize this power and exert it.
  • Wanda g.
    Praise my GOD my savior in the name of my LORD JESUS CHRIST,AMEN.
  • Darryl Murrille
    Jesus Christ is the beginning and the ending,He created everything,and he can take it away,He died for our sins,and came back,and shall return,everyone will bow before him, the seven stars,are the angels,and he carrys there spirits,and the seven candlesticks are the spirits. All that John wrote is about what is going on,and is to come.
  • Benie Moses for verse 8
    Alfa and Omega is GOD Himself in the old tastement Jesus in the New tastement God used the three title so that we can understand Him better in creation He was God the Father in redemption God the son and in manifestation God the Holyspirit those are the offices God used He has never changed He is the same yesterday today and forever Alfa and Omega God blessings
  • Prince Alechenu for verse 18
    He the ancient of days the GOD of creation was the one that manifested Himself in the flesh to save man after which He conquered because HE IS THE I AM THAT I AM
  • Chrissy for verse 8
    I can understand the alpha and omega the beginning and end of all creations I also can understand what happens to all who pass away and are also given misunderstood information as to where the soul will return As so I have no further comments on that if you or anyone else have read than you should be able to figure out that And once saved there is no turning back It better not to have known than to have known and turned away
  • Raymond Steele
    Read it you will be rewarded
  • Mussah sylivester for verse 10
    To be truthful even without going to school the lord day is the sabbath day because Jesus is the lord of sabbath
  • Elizabeth
    All i got to say is wake up to people of this world These are the last days and Jesus is soon coming back see whats going on in asia Jesus is soon coming back wake up repent deny yourself and take up the cross of Christ
  • Brandon(bug)
    thank you lord for letting me see and hear the words of the bible i ask you in your name to watch over me and my family in your sweet name amen
  • Anonymous
    Thank u Lord Jesus 4 ur word 2day
  • Alex
    Guys do not say muslims have smth common with us they worship Lucifer If Lucifer named himself Lucifer NOBODY would worship him Devil is very clever that s why he called himself God but he denies that Jesus died and was buried It is the main feature of Antichrist Not the Roman Empire And all these movies like Zeitgeist are made to make us worship this world not Jesus Be careful Lucifer and all his servants want you to be in hell by any means

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