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  • Joan Travick
    We are in the last days wherein GOD is revealing everyone for who and what they really are, especially those who profess to be Christians and are warming themselves at the enemies fire. If you claim to belong to Jesus Christ, and is always siding against GOD's word, you are deceiving yourself and not GOD. Jesus said, "If you have done it unto the least of these, ... you have done it unto me."
  • God's Girl
    Dear Faith Coke,
    Is it okay to have those things, or do we have to not have them to get into Heaven? I think you were meaning that you should not have anything above God, right?
  • Faith Coke
    The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand get ready; get rid of unforgiveness, hate, envy, idol worship (money, children, boy/girlfriend) pride, gossip cause we know not the minute or hour that God will come or our last minutes on earth will be.
  • Word
    Yvonne let's wait for the True Christ and not the first supernatural being showing up with power saying he is Christ return standing in Jerusalem and the whole world and yes that includes ignorant Christians who haven't read the word and they will also chase after antichrist and worshipp him thinking he is Christ.
    Comment*He has d key of hell n death,blessed b our God forever n ever amen.
  • Yvonne
    The coming of the Lord is at hand. We are living in the last days. My brothers and sisters, let us watch and pray and be ready for the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And for my unsaved friends, please accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
  • Rodney munamwe
    it is clearly revealing to us what will happen in the future giving hope in us,strength and be on the God'S side untill the Gods second coming.
  • Norm
    He that heareth, let him hear; and he that forbeareth, let him forbear:
  • Word
    Norm nothing U said is scripture except Acts 2. The rest religious traditions of men to freak people out to fill a church, you a preacher.Nothing will happen in America and business as always will go on but then a Christ which is instead of Christ comes who sets up a 1 world system and he will have powers that none has ever seen before and they will worship him and spiritual death will run wild.
  • Dana Wells
    Where in Revelation does it mention war among races ie clans? As we are seeing that now in epic proportion the past 8 years. Thank you
  • Chrissy
    Even when everything is in total chaos, Jesus says, ''I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.'' No matter what happens, He will NEVER leave those who are His. Just be sure He knows you. Accept Him as Lord and Saviour through faith today. Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord. When you are truly His, He will never leave you, not even for a second. :)
  • Norm
    This prophecy is sent by commandment of God Almighty. Read and retain for reproof, instruction and your salvation. The following events mark world descent into spiritual damnation, or hell: the Syrian President will visit the United States for what appears to be a diplomacy visit. During the visit, the US will experience large-scale blackouts, particularly in the northeast, coastal and metro areas. Soon after, during the blackouts the LORD JESUS CHRIST will save the faithful, children, teens, the destitute and others from around the world. Immediately proceeding this event US coastal cities and military bases, beginning with NY, will fall under nuclear attack from Russia, China and others. Cities will lay desolate with the remaining people devastated and the world in chaos. Anarchy, famine, enslavement and horrible deaths will ensue. Repent and ask JESUS to save you from this hell. Acts 2:21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.
  • Word
    Daniel was never transfigured. Daniel's flesh body has rotted by now and he's sitting pretty kick'n it back in the other dimension on the good side of heaven of course with the Lord. Now they might of fought for bones but I still say Moses was transfigured and can return. But the thing is are y'all going to listen to them or are you going to sit pretty with instead of Christ paying your bills.
  • Kirby
    I noticed the post on the 2 witnesses. They are Daniel
  • Soldier
    I saw post by word. That the 2 witnesses would be Elijah and Moses. Problem with this is Moses died, the angel of the lord and the Angel of Satan, fought over his bones. The bible says that it's appointed for man once to die, then the judgement. I agree with Elijah, but the other one must be Enoch, because neither of them ever died.
  • Clara
    bless are those who read this book, and keep God commandment,we will see our lord for sure.
  • Thoko mwawi
    Whatever is written in the book of revelation is taking place nowadays while some gonna take place in future.
  • Jacqueline Love
    I believe that when you read Revelations. And pray for understanding of it God will give you what you need. We as Beleivers of Jesus the Christ, need to be in prayer and fasting in these perilous times. We as The Saved should be In spiritual warfare we also should be reaching out to the lost the backslider the hopeless the one that feel helpless and show them that there is a better way,Jesus
  • Word
    Florence 144000 delivered up and the Holy Spirit will speak through them and they make the antichrist very mad because he is saying he is the Christ but he is revealed as a fake. He can't hurt them God is protecting them but antichrist ends up killing the two witnesses Elijah and I believe the other will be the law which is Moses. Once that happens within days 7th trump sounds and Christ returns.
  • Dougedge
    The words of God comes full circle in Revelation it assurance eternal life to those that put their faith, and belief in Jesus that saves all that stay faithful.
  • Cheryl Stewart
    God's gift to man(Revealed)to us .I have open my eyes to see.Thank you Lord Jesus Christ.l want to be prepared for the Lord's Day.with understanding and be one of his children and be there to witness.
  • BSP
    Verse 10 says that the fulfillment of this book takes place in the "Lord's day" and all the signs point to the time in which we are now living.
  • Florence
    What are 144 000 elders found in revelation
  • Lavern Bailey
    This book is also one of my well read book and i love it.He also say blessed are those that read and keep these things in memories of what he warned us .also he warned us not to add are take from his words are else he would add the plagues and if we take anything he will take away our part from the book of life .i also love how he make everything that he told us he made very transparent (clear) .
  • Susan
    Yes that is true. It's an amazing book about the love of God and how he will triumph over evil and save and redeem the faithful in the end. Interesting though is that most has already come to pass as it says these things are at hand and will happen quickly. Dire encouragement for Christians enduring horrific persecution.
  • Sihlobosenkosi
    A book that proceeds from the throne of God. He gives it to Jesus. Jesus is the central figure of this book. He holds the candle sticks on his hands and holds the keys of hades and death. Jesus is in charge of His church and those that die have assurance of Resurrection. This is an open book that should be understood because it reveals Jesus and His love
  • Tony
    You wouldn't want to be on the wrong side when the King ofKings and Lord of Lords returns Praise the Lord
  • Owusu Agyemang Emmanuel
    Revelation mostly take about and review the end time prophecy of Jesus Christ second coming and also understand readers and listeners about He who will cone and judge the death and the living
  • Walter Rivera Santos
    Sunday, if so determine to be the Lord's day, observing it to actively establish a relation with Him is imperative. Immersing you life onto the spiritual real, will uplift humans and cure their thoughts as they get sinked with The Creator Spirit.
  • Unohoo
    Acts 4.12 Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under heaven, given among men whereby we must be saved.It talks about seven Churches 1.4 Seven Spirits 1.4 and Seven Stars 1.16. The church is you the Spirit is God and the Star is Christ in you which should be shining at all times day or night. Lord Jesus come quickly...

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