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  • Dawn
    Sadly i need to correct you young child,

    please do not be uspet it is only to give you the truth of God and his only sinless son Jesus Christ our Lord and our messiah our,, meaning,, all who beieve and freely accept Jesus as Lord and their personal savior. The bible says that all fall short of the glory of God that not one is rigtheous no not one. I do not want this to cause you to be sad or upset,, but we all need to focus on Jesus he is the only way to God. For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son whom was without sin or blemish to save us from our sins. I sincerely hope this helps you young child i am a ambassedor in chains for the ministry of God trying to help God save souls i use my words and God plants and harvestes the seeds another words he grows the seed in the human heart and mind. I hope this makes sense if you do not know what i am trying to write please ask for help from someone who you fully trust again sincerely from my mind to you,, and,, anyone who is freely and willingly reading my own words!
  • Tim
    When my teacher said that you can take everything in the Bible seriously, I asked him about Revelations. He told me that at the time Revelations was written by John, it was at the terrible reign of Nero, who forbid the writing, distribution, etc. of Bibles, and as retaliation, John wrote Revelations to tell everyone about Nero's evil deeds in metaphorical sentences. I believe this, because in later chapters, John mentions the 144,000 sealed, and there are many more Christians than that, and even if they do not follow the 10 Commandments strictly, they are good, honest people. If anyone thinks I am horribly wrong, can you blame me? I'm a 12-year-old kid!
  • Israel emmanuel yeshua
    Who says the Revelation was told by a human?
    Read carefully 1:13-15 and a Tiger would fit better the description...See also my blog:
    Unfortunate all info before, that was written in March and April had to be wiped away.
  • Rara
    I have always been drwn to this book in the bible. I read it constantly it gives me hope. Our loving God gives everyone the opportunity to come to HIM, this draw to this world is so strong and deceptive that you need to konw He is The KING of KINGS, LORD of LORDS.
  • Jone
  • Nick
    All that this book says is happening before our eyes, how cousl anyone not believe. Revelation and the evening news are saying the same thing...reporters are jsut a couple thousand years late.
  • Bill
    God has given this Revelation to mankind so wknow what will happen before JESUS comes back.
    Revelation 19: Is where JESUS comes back.

    Do not take the mark of the beast of Rev.13:

  • Marylin adams
    i dont agree with what peggi said god wants us to understand every word so you hae to read and ask god for revelation and that personwho believe this other god there is only one the true and living god
  • David Allen
    i have read all the other comments left by others. i agree that rev is a hard book to grasp. i also agree that with prayer god will open our minds to help give us understanding. as a person who has taken many bad roads in his life. i want to share this, GOD is always there. GOD takes care of his people. even the ones that stray away from the path. GODS love is very amazing and as people we wont never be able to fully understand him. but i think the point of life is to everyday to try a little harder to be more caring,honest, patient, understanding as jesus christ was. Amen
  • Kimberly
    all through out the Bible God has given us plenty of chances to see what is coming and to prepare.
    not just in Revelations. John 3:3 I am telling you the truth: no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again(of the Holy spirit)
    John 3:5 no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless he is Born of water( babtized) and the Spirit
    John 3:15 so that everyone who beleives in him may have enernal life.
    Read your Bible all is there for thoes who seek the truth. Gods word is all you need to relize that without Jesus you are setting yourself up for the wrath of God, throught out the Bible people have done things that have not pleased him you can still turn your life around and seek his salvation, before the time of Revelation's come.
    Matthew teaches what God expects of us all, pay special attention to matthew 7:7 and 7:13 and 7:21. stay in his word morning and night. worpship the Lord your god and serve only Him.
  • Trent
    There are a couple different versions of the King James Bible. The one in this website is the most common. Do a Google search for the exact text (such as verse 1) and you'll find thousands of matches with identical text.
  • Anonymous
    this kings bible does not start out like the king james bible i got in 1978 so what can you believe...make me wonder how much individual change the work of god....
  • Kathleen
    I love the Bible..especially this book...everytime I read it I learn more....
    I understand Revelation in the fullness,when you read it pray frist and listen as you read and you will get understanding of the word.praise God.
  • Ras Benaiah
    Revelation book contains prophesy which is fulfilling itself in this present time. Rev 19 is about the returned King - crowned on 2nd Nov. 1930 is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Conquering Lion of Judah, Elect of Himself Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ithiopia. the mark of the beast is under every man's feet- it's this technological advancement we are witnessing today! watch 'n pray!
  • Keith
    I Understand the Revelations, which actually amazes me as I am a SINNER. God has in his infinite wisdom given me an understanding of the revelations.
    God has given this Revelation to mankind so we know what will happen before JESUS comes back.
    Revelation 19: Is where JESUS comes back.
    Do not take the mark of the beast of Rev.13:
  • SeniorSeeker
    All Scripture, with the help of God's Holy Spirit, is completely understandable; even The Books of Daniel & Revelations.
  • Peggy
    It is so much in parables, and I am not sure any HUMAN can understand what it all means. Some of it ONLY GOD KNOWS.
  • Grace Vincent
    I think this book of revelation talks about what is going to happen at the end of time.So we shoul read it carefully with special attention,it will help to increse our faithy.

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