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  • Reggie
    Hey saints we can't let Malakoot's 6/05/11 comment go unchecked. Where Malakoot said, " Jesus appeared to many in their sleep and told them to follow this Ahmad Al-Hassan!" If this wasn't such a sad delusion, with serious potential
    harm to the ignorant and unlearned, then this would be hilarious and "thigh slapping funny". Read Gal.1:8 anyone speaking as poor Malakoot is accursed! There is no other name other than Jesus Christ whereby mankind can be saved. Acts 4:12. The idea of the Lord Jesus appearing to some while they slept ad instructed them to follow Ahmad Al-Hassan is nuts!! No sane intelligent person would give such an insane statement any consideration. But i do agree with Malakoot's statement that he isn't like "the FALSE IMPOSTERS"
    O no i agree because he is "THE REAL IMPOSTER"!!!!
  • Malakoot
    The Comforter and a messenger from Jesus has appeared, his name is Ahmad Al-Hassan, please search more in the matter as many saw Jesus in their sleep ordering them to follow him as this man isn't like the false impostors who asks for reign and power, there's the-savior website to know more and yamani network on youtube.. thank you
  • Dakota
    I agree completely with what Tina said. The Bible shouldn't be argued over its here for us to learn from and live by. I think by arguing over what one passage may mean to one person when it means something completely different to the another is just rude. I think that GOD must feel somewhat dishoned and insulted to see his children quarelling about the facts. GOD made us all different for a reason. Different people understand things in different ways. For instance I was reading Genesis chapter 6 earlier and didn't have the slightest clue of what it was saying but fortunatley someone commented on it and explained it to me in a way i could understand. I mean the Bible can be confusing at times at least for me, so god created us all different so if one doesn't understand the way He wrote it someone can come and shed some light on the matter. which ultimateley is our life goal to teach others about Jesus and His teachings.
  • Mstpaul for verse 14
    lets keep an open mind an not be too freeked out no matter what GOD looks like.
  • Adam
    were in armageddomn now, the result of the second coming will be the availiability of the holy spirit "the comforter" for all.
  • Tina
    I believe it is the word of God our Saviour, not to be argued over or changed, but to be Believed. It has not been written for our opinion's but for our knowledge to be ready for his glorious coming!
  • Jerry starnes
  • D. E. Sumners
    As is shown in the above comments there are many, many interpretations of the Book of Revelations. Just as there are many, many interpretations and versions of the Bible. The King James Version being the choice of many of these interpretors.
  • Boaz
    We should not discuss on how our Lord looks like because we are going to find it out soon. He is coming soon in the clouds.We must pray and try to live our lives in His guidance.
  • Seeker of Truth
    Why does the King James bible say we are kings and priests in Rev.1:6 and 5:10? (I think it must have originally been a misstranslation in the 1611 bible and should be revealed as such, and corrected in all new bibles and anywhere else possible.) The traslation "kindom" of priests fits with all other scriptures, that one does not....All true belivers are priests unto God through Jesus Christ our Savior and High Priest. We are a royal priesthoos and our job as such is to help reconcile others to Him. The notion that we are "kings" has created arrogance and pride in many instances and led people off track. We are servants of the Most High God....period.
  • BBG
    Mels... I agree it is not the message here, but I think the comments about it have to do with how we perceive people and the world with relation to color, IF some of the interpretation is correct.

    Jesus is depicted as a white man. Thus God is. Good. Angels. etc... It all comes from this representation.

    Truly if it doesn't matter what Jesus was would you be willing to change your depictions/art to reflect His true birth?

    The fact is race does matter. Maybe not to you and I, but over 2000 yrs of influence.... it has had a huge impact.

    It is funny because during winter we hear about overpasses icing up before your highway and roads.
    We don't label it as white ice. Just ice. Suddenly we have ice on asphalt as Black ice. Why? Ice is no more obvious on either pavement, but yet we have found away to label ice on asphalt as if it is worse. Lol.
  • Mel
    First and foremost I don't understand why everyone is making an issue out of whether Jesus is black or white? That's not the message here, the fact of the matter is that it's the end of times people we need to buckle down and spread the Word of God throughout the entire world. We are in the end of times; the earthquakes, dead birds, tsunamis, fighting and strife breaking out around the world it's outrageous. Look around, watch the news , read the book of revelation and heed the warning pray for the peace of Israel and teach your children the only way to eternal life is through Jesus!!!!!
  • Antoni Nicolas for verse 8
    Yes "Alpha and the Omega" refers to the Almighty God. The reason being is that Almighty is always a term that God is being addressed , whereas Jesus is
    mentioned as a mighty God but never the Almighty.

    The term also appears in Rev. 21:6, the last part of verse 7 reads " I will be his God and he will be my son" (NASV 2008).Jesus always refers to his followers as "BROTHERS" whereas God refers to the followers of Jesus as his SONS. So the term Alpha and Omega in verse 21:6 also applies to God. It is therefore logical that in verse 22:13 the term also must be applied to God.


    and Omega
  • Sheldon
    Again, everyones comments were inaccurate, the first chapter is confirming who Christ's spirit was working with over 2000 years ago. 7 churches and not the whole world. Then Christ is giving John information for the future, because Christ knew that satan was coming to change all the information about him. So therefore, as no one stated about the first chapter, that it clearly describes christ's complexion, which is dark skinned. Why was that important for him to point out? because satan came and changed it to make our lord and savior look white. read again, 13th and 14 verse, anything burned in fire turns black. read with understanding. Now that being said, you should wonder if christ is black who else is black? could God the father have made him in his image? how about the angels? how about the jews?
  • Ms. Tonika C.
    I am taking some time out to read and study the whole book of revelation this month. I just want to comment on the first chapter, about what I got. First revelation was revealed to the apostle John through an angel. It came directly from God through, Jesus Christ. John wrote it in form of a letter. He addressed this letter to the seven churches in the country of Asia. I can appreciate this letter, because it is encouraging me as a Christian (Christ-Like) to resist the cult of emperor worship and to stand firm in persecution. Jesus said that He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, there is no in between. He had John write this letter to give us a chance to get and keep it right. He's sending warnings for us to get ourselves in order, or we will miss the mark, I know this is just the first chapter, but the book of revelation, is an fulfuillment of the things that are going on in our world today, Jesus is on His way back for the second coming, and He is giving everybody a chance to get it right, or we will be left behind. I suggest that everybody read and study the book of revelation, and take it very serious. I know some people say there scared to read the book of revelation, but that only means your scared, because your not ready, but why be scared when all you have to do is make your calling and election sure, and allow God to work all that out of you in Jesus name.
  • Courtney for verse 14
    I think it's sad how everyone has the immage of God in their head as a man with long hair, little do most people know, a gay man drew that picture and homosexuality is total contrary to the word of God. People try to argue with me and they joke about God and say he must be albino but that's terrible because I'm sure that hurts him and they should be the one who shoved the crown on him or the one roman solider who beat him until he was un-noticable. I know I have tons of spelling errors but that's what i think!

    I LOVE JESUS!!!!!!!:)
    The book of Revelation is for those who are ready to be with Jesus after rapture must have taken place. It's also a book that will reveal and prepair you for rapture. It talks about the 7 seals. In the days of the Seventh Angle... I love this book too much. God bless you.
  • Faith walker
    i beleive all the bible must be read and if we believe 1 book why not all,the bible is the basic instruction before leaving earth and if we chose to take one part and fix it to fit our lifestyle, we all got to answer at the end. the bible is so clear and if we allow God to direct us fully he will show us the right way .
  • Jade Merkevicius for verse 1
    Revelation 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God ( Jesus ) gave him ( John ),...and he (Jesus who is God) sent an angel.
    Revelation 22:6 The God ( Jesus ) of the spirits of the prophets sent his angel.
    Revelation 22:16 I Jesus ( God ) have sent my angel.
    So, the question is who sent the angel to John according to Revelation 1:1,22:6,16? Jesus who is God did.
    So Jesus who is God,gave him ( John ) the Revelation of himself and reaveled it through an angel that God ( Jesus ) sends to John.
  • Reeca
    Yes Revelations is very important, especally the messages to t he 7 churches.Jesus tells us in Revelations WHAT is going to happen just not when: Even Jesus himself said only the father knows when Jesus will come back. Revelations important absolutly, The entire Bible is important. The teachings and micicles of Jesus in Matthew,Mark,Luke and John are just as important, in those books Jesus tells what we should and should not do.Even John wrote in Revelations, that Jesus told him to lock up a lot of what was shown to him, and to NOT reveal it, so all of what Jesus shown to John is NOT in Revelations. My answer the E N T I R E bible is for our own good.
  • Theveed
    Your argument is that after salvation and baptism one can rest easy? The rest of the bible is a waste then? The apostles didn't need to read revelations because the author of it lived and amongst them, read Luke 21 and mark 13 and you will see those parallel teachings straight out of the 7 seals in revelations. Those teaching were for the wise of the end times ONLY! I don't believe nor endorse teachings of any rapture simply because the rapture theory is not biblical, as for the 144000, anyone who can read can see that in reference to 144000, the scriptures clearly state 144000 FROM THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL! if you keep reading the scriptures also state that huge numbers that could not be counted were under the altar whom had washed their robes. (these would be the rest f the world).. The book of Revelations is full of wisdom but it states over and over again, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The title of the book itself means to uncover and reveal... read it with understanding and you just might change your mind
  • Phil
    I believe Revelation is just as important as the gospels. To minimize ANY portion of the Word of God is a mistake I think. Many avoid Revelation because it is a difficult book to understand with all the symbols, but Jesus said "Unto YOU (His Disciples) it is given to know" If we study, God will reveal, all the time. Seek and ye SHALL find.
  • RightTurnClyde
    I understand your feeling Thevedd's and so many Christians have actually constructed their faith around a Rapture and 144,000. But if you step back and look at salvation .. in 33 AD (60 years before Revelations was written).. Jesus had the last supper and made the new covenant with all of us and he suffered the torture and crucifixion and redeemed us and arose on third day. He appeared to them and the Spirit appeared to them and there was a a Pentecost and Jesus Ascended. You have everything you need right there to believe and be Baptized and to be saved. You need not read another word or breathe another breath. Most of the Apostles never heard of or read Revelations (on this earth). Many of the martyrs never read it. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. You have everything you need in the gospels (actually) to believe the Apostles creed and be Baptized.
  • Thevedd
    To say that the Revelation is just a wrap to remind us that Jesus is coming back to establish the New Jerusalem, misses the mark a bit. read the 7 seals of revelations along with Mark 13 and Luke 21 and it's the same. It warns that before the real Christ retunrs, there will be a false one who will deceive the entire wrold (satan, the antichrist). Of the 7 churches only 2 were found without fault; their similatities? They new and taught of those wo claimed to be of Juda but did lie and were of the synagogues of satan (The kenites) ... but Revelations also tells us how this despensation will end... by peace, using the harmony of a false christ and a one world government system.
  • RightTurnClyde
    Revelation is the last book in the Bible and a "wrap up" written about 90AD. In my own opinion too many (preachers and churches) have developed a "Rapture" religion with their entire focus on Revelation and the 144,000. If one is not awed by the gospels and the resurrection then the remainder is not even fireside reading. The important message in Revelation (again i my opinion) it the admonition of the seven churches to avoid false doctrine (read Mark 8 and Matthew 17) and that Jesus Christ will return again in glory (Parousia) to establish the New Jerusalem. [many of the early believers thought Jesus would return BEFORE they died. Now John, the last, knew he was passing and bid the believers -- stay the course, keep the faith and Jesus will come in glory. Good advise.
  • Cris
    I agree with you mike!!! I think all you need to try visiting or google us at ANG DATING DAAN or THE OLD PATH... Werein you can watch many questions with regard to biblical concerns especially to our soul salvation.... Try to ask my Bro. Eli with all your Questions and Doubt... See you there!!! God Bless us All!!!!
  • Mike7
    What I meant by the reference to Mark 4, is that although the word "revelation" means to reveal, If you take the book literally, you WILL fall into error. for example in 1 John 2:18 it reads that antichrist was ALREADY in the world. So either he's a 2000 year old man, or it's referring to the spirit of antichrist, a lying spirit who's sole purpose is to lead people into error through false doctrines. Daniel 12:9 says that the seals would be tsken off the book at the time of the end. Don't trust what you may have been taught in a church. Compare scripture with scripture. Seek GOD'S wisdom, not man's. See Proverbs 25:2
  • Garyloyd newman
    Good chance of rain. It may verywell start that way. 2 witnesses that God loves who were here are struck down dead, for teaching the true WORD of God and the Truth about the fake sitting on the Throne of God but its not Our LORD its sattan playing antichrist and there two dead bodies will lay there out in the open and all ( t.v.) world will see. If you turn away from being a part of satans system while your still in the flesh, you can be saved. In three and a half days they will rise up, that's 84 hours. I think, I see 8 and the 8 in Biblical Numerics is New Birth,New Creation or New Beginning and then there is the 4 Creation....World. on the return of Our LORD the LION I think, might turn very dark when two die that He loves and It take a very large cloud to make hail balls from 100 to 180 lbs to fall and flatten Jerusalem where antichrist sits and then a very bright light, For He is the Light. So, yeah, I think it will be a nice cloudy day, for them that waited for the true Christ. Stand on the correct ROCK and all who do will be fine.
  • Mike 7
    the flow into chapters 2 and 3 should not be overlooked as the bible was written without chapter divisions. The introduction is a plain statement of who, exactly, is responsible for EVERY facet of our salvation. V 7 says He is coming with clouds.Do you think He's coming on a rainy day? Mark 4:34 says that "without a parable spoke he not unto them". With that in mind, we must understand that ANY revelation we receive from the bible will only come when we submit our will, our preconceived doctrines that we may have learned in a church, and our need to think we know, to the will of the most high GOD. He is the source of All truth.
  • David Herrera
    Two Men sharing the Word
    The non-believer said; What if you’re wrong about salvation? The believer answered; I would have nothing to loose. If you’re wrong you will suffer a great loss.
    A woman was asked by a coworker, 'What is it like to be a Christian?'
    The coworker replied, 'It is like being a pumpkin.' God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.
    Then He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, and greed. Then He carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for the entire world to see.

    The Lords word in a barber shop
    There was this Barber cutting his customers hair complaining about if there where a God we would not have any murders, stealing, robbing, abortions, hate, no crime what-so-ever. The Barber finished with his customers trim and the man left the shop, came back in about five minutes and said; I do not believe in Barbers. The Barber said what do you mean, I just cut your hair have a shop and a license on the wall, how can you not believe in Barbers! The customer said;I just seen people all over the street that are in need of hair cuts, trims and a shave how could their be Barbers? The Barber said "if they would only come and talk to me I will help them.

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