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  • Christopher William Nelson Joyce
    This is a beautiful passage. I love it so much and it is so detailed. I just image myself in Johnís shoes (sandals) and what it must be like to be before the lord and savior. Also for informational purposes the feet where not nailed it was a larger nail through both ankles.
    I love the book of revelation I love what God is saying on this book and this word.
  • George

    A very moving Chapter of the Holy Scriptures, especially the part where John fell at his feet as dead and sees the nail print in his feet at least thatís what I saw in the movie Revelation on Youtube for free. Look under biblical movies on Youtube. One day thank God, I too will bow before him as my Lord and my God. And he wants to forgive your sins and save you too if you are not already. By repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ who died for all our sins on the cross, was buried, and rose from the dead the third day, was seen of men, and went back up to heaven. He is the only way to miss hell for our sins and go to God's heaven. And itís not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy he saves us. Titus 3:5. But if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10:9. Come to him today as a member of the sinful human race and he will save your soul since God is no respecter of persons and will save those of any nation or people. He said also, him that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out. Sincerely.
  • Jerry for verse 3
    Those who read this are blessed because the prophecy is given to the reader, who will in turn, understand and convey its meaning and protect those things written therein (for the meaning of all symbols and signs in this book is found in the preceding books of the Bible).
  • Jerry for verse 1
    This passage put simply says that, this book will reveal who Christ is and the authority given to him. It goes on to say that this writing will show Christ's followers what the future holds. Finally, it says that God sent this message via an angel and to provide signs of His coming to John.
  • Shirley
    I love Revelation for it lets me know that great wonderful place he has waiting for me; and lets me know it's just about home time. Praise GOD.
  • Andrť
    @Mrs Sheeba,
    Asia was the first region that was evangelized, Asia Minor mainly. So, it's quite understandable that most activity of the holy spirit at that time, would consist in the growth of the churches located in that region.
    GOD bless you.
  • Mrs. Sheeba Rajender Gana
    Seven candle sticks are seven churches and seven stars are the seven angels of these seven churches in Asia and what about the other continents. Why GOD is so particular about Asia only.
  • Sam
    Short and simple symbolic hair white as snow like wool? A lamb for the slaughter for the sins of this world. All things described are symbolic, has nothing absolutely nothing to do with race. God sees no color he loves us as people, there will be no race in heaven, no marriage. Jew, white, black donít matter. So are you forgiven? Are you his child?
  • Jeff
    God is about to reveal the future to John. God eplains to John what the candlesticks and stars means so we would better understand these terms as we travel through the book of revelation.
  • Sandra for verse 2
    wonderful knowedge
  • Garyloyd
    God gave the book to Jesus who gave to John who gives it to the servants. We Christians to understand the Word. Chapter 12 is an outline that may help and chapter 17 helps with the teaching of symbolism of what this book tells us.
  • Grant
    People! Does it matter if he was Black, White, Jewish, or Greek?? NO! It all boils down to is Jesus was GOD manifest in flesh. And all that matters is that he died for you and I. So we could stand befor him on judgement day unspotted, without blimish. If we accept his forgivness, and live out the life God has predestined for us.
  • Trent
    To set the record straight: Jesus was a Jew. He was of Jewish race, and his skin color like any other Middle Eastern Jew, including today. So, if you're curious what skin color that is, it's probably not black and probably not totally white either. You can travel there today and see for yourself.

    In Revelation, the vision was of the Son of Man having hair that was white as snow. It isn't logical to say that because his hair was white as snow and like wool then the only option is for him to be a black man with white hair. It also says in the same verse 14 that he eyes were as a flame of fire, does that mean he's a dragon too? Of course not, nor does it necessarily mean he's a black jew. And keep in mind Revelation involves heavenly dream-like visions- not necessarily the way things are seen on Earth, such as Jesus' appearance when he was here.
  • Jd
    ok, in the 14&15 verses lets u know that Jesus Christ is a black man. "White like wool" black people have wooly hair. "Feet like brass as if they burned in an oven" brass is already a brown color so when it is burnt it will turn black, letting u know his feet r a very black. u got to explain the details those details were not mentioned,I wonder y? It is plain & simple crystal clear.
  • C boyer
    Love lots of these comments, very cogent and insightful--especially by those who love to Study God's Word. Also the innocent ones from the youngters are precious. The one from the Phd is the most far off. As an apostle said of that type of people they are "ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." A candlestick in Hebrew--and Jesus is the Hebrew God, and John is a Hebrew--is filled with finely beaten olive oil that burns. This candle is made out of metal to hold the oil. The Phd who made the comment above is beholden to a Western religious construct having no spiritual insight. Hebrews are semitic/oriental peoples: they are not "westernized" nor is the Judeo-Christian theology a western construct as some "over-learners" erroneously attest. (Hence the phrase "That's a lot of bees wax. Har har.)
  • Ar
    Please notice the verses14-16.

    << His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;

    15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.

    16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength>>

    the white hair is His pureness.
    The eyes, John sees as fire, because he sees the spirit of distinction in them. His feet show strength in holiness,and the water is His Blessings, more water,deeper water means more blessings.the two edged sword coming out of his mouth is the Word, which comes into the heart of the believer, to fight against any devilish power.
    In Him we should trust because in Him is all the Power and the Glory
  • DaughterToGodtheFatherBornInHumanity
    Im 15
    If man believes the existance of the Devil, then they must believe God the father,God the Son,God the Holy Spirit.The Devil is yes a fallen Angel(a Serpant. God created the Devil for how could we see how good GOd is if nothing bad ever happened ? we would be robots (worshiping God)God is king of kings ,right ? well the devil is a Prince. God can never die so the devil is the eternal Prince. He is powerless beyond earth itself.The devil can only a act on free will. Yes we are cursed upon sin,born again though the body of christ we sin less and less.Deception is simple for evil doesnt have to look bad to be bad, you can be blessed by the devil. Anyone or anything that challenges your faith is the devil. It can be an attractive woman who is pleasant to the eye and seems like she is of good doings,but is she doesnt credit God and boasts then she is the devil ,Atheus no belief. or The devil can be a pleasant man that seems nice but can do the same. Example you're struggling,don't attend church because you have no transportation. You ask God for a vehicle and promise to go to church. Say you gain a larger income thats cxonsistant and do recieve a vehicle and procrastinate and still never attend church. ANything that keeps you from God and challenges your commitment may be the devil. It seems good but you're really blinded. You contenuie to recieve so called "blessings",setting you're faith of God on the back burner. If you financially depend on someone or depend on everyone but God ,you have a tendency to loose your faith. Why do you think millionaires commit suicide?Money can come close but can't exactly buy happiness. It just trade to get what we want. With the Bible you'll never thirst or hunger. Also no one knows what physical form jesus will return in so its important to treat people nice not think negative for jesus may live in the body of a homeless person, a political leader,a new neighbor and elderly person anyone. You may even incounter him face to face and not know it. Tried to live as holy as possible
  • Donyell Michelle Little-Hannibal
    i think that what is happening in 2012 is that the bible is being reviled to everyone on earth in plain true.
  • T. Gordon
    Revelation is technically not a book, but a journey through the Mind of God. The word means: to reveal or disclosed hidden things. Within John's visions are details we must understand, as such we study by researching, then, through study and research, we become illuminated to the things revealed. Note that some of the prophecies John saw more than 2000 years ago, are yet to be fulfilled because the time has not yet come. However, they will come to pass because God's words are true.
    I beleive god produce another jesus and he is back for people thats doing wrong on earth and demons to kill anything in his way.lord of lord and kings of kings.people already saw miracles of, blessings,die for people sins,bring back the dead 2nd chance.all demons shall die thats on this earth. hell shall crack into a lake and burn or he shall fight all of them himself casue god dont need a army of angles to kill them.he the begin and the end.
  • Trishlynncampbell
    The Past The Present and The Future
  • Dr. Bill Hall Ph.D
    RE:Ralph L. Gosselin's Comment's concerning candlesticks, Lamps and Sacred Oil. Yes you are correct about the sacred, but that is it. Candle have been around about as long as eating animal flesh. The fat was rendered down into candles which acted like wax. But also, Bee's wax was used and pre-dates the time frame in which John (The Revelator) wrote of his account. Sorry to burst your bubble, but research it. You claimed that it should be the inerrant word of God then, you must believe that it was indeed a candle.
  • Karen for verse 1
    "he sent and signified it by his Angel". Why does everyone ignore this and then assume that the figure whom John see's is Jesus? From the plain text it seems that The Father gave the revelation to Jesus, who then relays it to John via his Angel. So when he says "I" he is not speaking of himself, but of God.
    And the figure that is described is the angel, not Jesus. Can anyone explain this to me?
  • Ryan
    Identifying the serpent is key. The same serpent that tricked Eve in the garden of Eden is the same one who's tail will sweep a third of the starts out of the sky. Pluto, in another mythology, gave Persephone a pomegranate which she choked on. The "new heaven and new earth" seems to be created by this collision. I'm even going to go so far as to say that it was encoded into the Disney's Hercules. Hades/Pluto says he's going to rearrange the cosmos and the one idiot who can get in the way is running around in the woods. The flames around the cartoon character grow and if you pause it, you can see that they spell "Jesus." In Revelations Jesus or "The Son of Man" is amidst the Lion, Ox, and Eagle. The four living creatures are the four fixed signs. Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius. Therefore, Hecules/Jesus is the 4th fixed sign Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. If you read into it, you will find that Uranus might possibly collie with Pluto.
    The cartoon made in 1997 states "in 18 years, precisely, the planets align very nicely... a word of caution to this tale, should Hercules fight, you (pluto/hades) will fail." 1997 + 18 = 2015. Beauty and The Beast does this, too. 1991. "The rose she had offered was truly and enchanted rose which would bloom until his 21st year." 1991 + 21 = 2012 The rose is a symbol of Venus because the bud opens to form a five pointed star. Venus has an elliptical orbit which causes her to cross the sun. She does this in 2012. The four horseman in Revelations are Death, Scorpio. Scales, Libra. Bow, Sagittarius. Sword Aries.
    "The last days" are the Age of Pisces.
  • Bill
    Studying history, one can only notice that throughout history religious men have percieved the apocalypse in their own time from Revs 1:1.Reading canon histories from across medieval europe they are all cirtain they live in the end of days. I personally deem 2000 years not a short period of time. Is this not more apt for creationist followers of the bible who see the world as 4000 years old. Could this be wrong? Or was the biblical perception of time different to modern social norms?

    Or is it as it always is when a religious person is wrong, a metphor and not real?
  • Edrod
    Don't waste your time speculating as to where, when and how he will return. He has already told us to "Work as if you had a thousand years to go and live as if He is coming today". Take care of what He has given you and thank Him for what he has in store for you. Faith is a difficult thing to aquire, but it is what will bring us through the struggles we have to face. Just keep in mind His words of caution, "We struggle not against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities in high places". It's not our war to win, but we will be part of the army that wins the final battle. "Rejoice your redemption drawth neigh" Keep America a Christian Nation and He will reward you.
  • Joyce Stanley
  • Ezra
    John was describing the actual appearance of Christ. It emphasize the color of him, his hair texture, feet, and the garments he wore. verse 14 began the description.
  • Garyloyd
    God sent Jesus. When Christ went to the cross He was just a man of flesh. PAIN. The only thing special about Jesus and the only way He walked that walk was that special love in His heart for us who love Him. A click of His fingers and He could have 10,0000 angels stop the pain but He loved us and wanted us to have life thru His loving heart we are saved. Remember God the Holy Spirit is the Law and the Great white throne Judgment. Love Jesus, he is the Love of God.

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