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  • Ostyno for verse 20
    I Love you lord.
  • Odusmichael for verse 9
    The word of GOD is real.
    What I think about Revelation is, warning comes before destruction. The word says that behold I came quickly and my reward is with me. Please read Revelation 22:21.
  • Arjay
    I want to be a servant of God. This massage of God from me I keep in my heart; “Behold, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also”.
  • Jennine DuPree for verse 8
    I believe in the supreme almighty God, the one and only, there’s none other like him. Even Yeshua said don't call me good for there is none that is good but God the Father. I've mourned in the spirit like the prophets of old, I did it. Daniel10, Ezekiel 1, 2, 3 and 4th chapter tell of walking a closer walk with God. Even the angels fear to walk. When a person sees the glory of our Lord, like Saul/Paul, he/she will never be the same; like me and others would like. God Bless.
  • Masello
    God promises us blessings in this chapter.
  • Mas
    Jesus is presented that way, because that is what he is.
    Like the President of the United States, he is the Chief of Executive, Chief of Government, Commander in Chief of the US Armies. Is it wrong if he is presented with all such titles? But I think depending on situations, some titles may prevail against others.
    So nothing wrong in all that.
    God bless you.
  • Marc
    Why is Jesus 'introduced' as the faithful witness, the first begotten of the dead and the prince of the kings of the earth? It seems less than flattering for the son of God...
  • William chabot
    Revelation reveals the time ... Thank God! Time is NOW revealing The book of Revelation. Thank You, My LORD.
  • Charles Rayburn
    I am glad to find I can read the bible online, it hurts my eyes reading from the book, print is so small. Thank you for putting it on the internet. Charles
  • Gbadamosi Idowu Moses for verse 7
    Behold, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also.
  • Deborah
    Thank you my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, I love you. Amen!
  • Garyloyd
    Well we have had a few calendars and the last one we tossed out 11 days was it? The calendar that was used during Exodus and Revelation was Israel’s and it was 10 days shorter I'm pretty sure. I think if you are trying to pin point a day to worship I think every day is the correct day from reading the scriptures. You don't need a day to be a part of Christ Church. All you need is a Bible and Love for God and Christ. So don't let any man or building that says they worship on the correct day worry you, just love God and open your Bible and study, and God will see your love for Him and bless you.
  • Enoch Gyas
    The revelation of John, the Divine brings light to our hearts and also the realization of this fact that the Jesus of the Manger and even the Jesus on whose chest john used to lean on are not synonymous to the Christ Jesus that John saw at the island of Patmos. This Christ Jesus is a consuming fire. That even the man who used to lean on HIM fell to the ground like a dead man. And so, may God grant us the grace to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
  • Patrick Burchfield for verse 6
    We are joint heirs with Christ. If he is King and he is, We are kings also. If he is our high priest and he is, We are priests also. This high calling is in the here and now because God has already spiritually seated us in heaven. Once we have accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour, we have a reservation in heaven that can never be revoked for any reason, but while we're still on this earth we're ambassador's for Christ fulfilling the great commission that has been entrusted to us.
  • Cuccake101wva
    This book is for us to know it will give you the sign that has to happen before our Lord Jesus comes back. Everyone needs to die out of this world like Jesus did. We then live in him as a branch. People stay praying always, watching for we are in the last days of time. I believe I’m standing steadfast in Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus for dieing for This cruel World and thank you for saving me.
  • John Adeleye for verse 7
    Behold, he cometh- it is to all believers and for all believers in Christ. It has a two-fold activity to all Christians to be ready because he cometh and secondly to go out and warn others to join the chariot of expectant waiting for his coming, behold, he cometh.
  • Lazarus
    The LORD's day is Saturday and not Sunday. Exodus 20:8-11.
  • Chinedum Ajomiwe
    I think Revelation is the conclusion of the word of GOD to mankind.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Sunday is the Lord's day, and it was on this day, while John was on Patmos, that he received this Revelation from God. This book is about the unveiling of Jesus in all of His glory. There is a great blessing for all those who read this book, and keep the prophecy in this book. Pray to the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, so that you can see Jesus, in all of His glory, because He is coming soon, and His reward is with Him.
  • Shingie
    John spoke of the lord's day, which one is it?
  • Ashley for verse 2
  • Ruth
    Chapter 18 declares a great truth: Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords, he has the keys of Heaven and hell, so we shall not be weary for evil attacks, but be on guard for casting them away on him.
  • Kenny kgatla for verse 12
    Here the seven gold candlesticks just goes on to show how valuable, holy, glorious, clean, precious, and shining THE CHURCH OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS.
  • Jessie williams for verse 20
    God is great and great to pray for all he has done in saving my own life.
  • Rebecca
    I love so very much this book, it's revealing and insightful.
  • Clint
    Ryan, zodiac is satanic and you are being led by him with lies! Get away from him before you are trapped forever! PLEASE
  • Paulina Thomas for verse 3
    I believe in the inspired scriptures of GOD.
  • Christopher William Nelson Joyce
    This is a beautiful passage. I love it so much and it is so detailed. I just image myself in John’s shoes (sandals) and what it must be like to be before the lord and savior. Also for informational purposes the feet where not nailed it was a larger nail through both ankles.
    I love the book of revelation I love what God is saying on this book and this word.

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