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    The word rapture, is not in the Bible, I believe it 's been called that for less than humble reasons, it compares the resurrection of the dead and living to be a state of bliss, but I think it 's more of a denial for all who hope for an escape from the tribulation which the scripture says is coming upon all the Earth, I believe it has been created from fear, and not the pure humbleness of the servants of God! I believe we will all go through what is coming upon the Earth, In Matt it says immediately after the tribulation of those days the Lord would come, the scripture of two at the mill and one taken, is one of the scriptures the rapture believers put their trust in. But the real resurrection could be a millisecond before total destruction comes upon the whole face of the Earth. This is what the scripture tells us. Revelation 1-5 11-15
  • Gary
    please tell me where the word rapture is in the bible .
  • Anonymous
    The rapture is for those who are pure and virgins. People of God will still be left in tribulation to save as many as they can. It is all of humanity 's mission to save as many as we can. For Jesus came fir those that sin. What point is there in saving that which is already saved? God and Jesus are with us always. Never give up and never surrendered. God will test even his faithful. His will be done.
  • Word
    Aaron you go to those churches and I 'll do what God says and read and listen to Him. You need nothing more than this Bible and to love God and ask for His help and your in His Church. Truth is that 's what He wants you to do listen to His prophets and apostles and His words that He gave us and He says stay away from men.
  • Aaron
    Suspicious Christians are afraid of reproof. They live in fear because of false doctrine by false men and women who preach the Word. But what they lack is perspective. They lack trust in God for they hide themselves from unity because of a lack of substance. Once you are truly grounded in the faith, there will be no man that can cause you to stumble blindly into a ditch. But until then, if you are not going to church because of fear of hypocrites, you are prideful in your mind. Your way of thinking will limit you in becoming the vessel God wants to use. And its because you lack perspective. And God needs a humble person to see the perspective of many.
  • Word
    Some might ask me what church do you go to. There is none in Texas so I just study to show my self approved. That 's the best church listening to Father 's letter to us and not some man who can twist the truth in his belief and hear false doctrine. Always check preacher 's out because they like to add or and take away from the truth.
  • Word
    As you see He gave the Revelation to John to give to His servants. Who are His servants? Them that work for Him to become one. First thing, read the word, learn how to be one. Many that call themselves Christians when the get to the wedding door will be told I don 't know you. How could that be? They listened to men and religions and never opened the book and thought just because they went to church and sang songs and believed a man preach they were saved. I 'll tell you this He doesn 't hear them if they are in the wrong church. There are 2 out of the 7 given and if yours is like the 5 He didn 't like your out of luck so read the word for yourselves so you can test the fruit of the church where your going and if it 's not teaching Gods word get out.
  • April
    Amen. I thankyou for sharing the word , before Christ was the word and the word was God. I believe it.I am grateful .I also know that God does not allow anyone to use him,Amen.
  • Roger H Frost for verse 14
    I know JESUS IS 'LORD OF ALL '
  • JC
    I do know that a pack of murderers use it as their format for mind control abuse and the crimes associated with it in Australia from government through to the cults.
  • Dewey
    Hello Ann, it does seem confusing when speaking of the trinity or Godhead but let us view it from the fact that the Bible interpts the Bible. Like you said Isiah was before Jesus but he wrote of Jesus in Isiah 53 he tells us all about Jesus and His human suffering in the flesh how grossly His human body was torn and broken for our sins before ant at the cross. He is the Word of God the image of God which we saw with our eyes the prophets and apostles. His torment and suffering in the flesh proves His love for us sinners and more than anything else that He is truly God our creator and savior by His death and resurrection. Look to the cross of Jesus Christ and I believe you will understand why He is the theme of the Holy Scripture. God bless you and you understanding!
  • Word
    Dan truly spoken. Old Testament Isaiah God tells us there is but One God and He is the Saviour and in John He is the Word andGod and Creator of all things. Who do you say I Am He ask the Disciples, 3 times He ask using Gods name I AM. He is I AM that I AM and He is the LORD of Righteousness. He is Yahvey Our Father and died on the Cross as the Son of man Our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God. Think about this He wouldn 't ask us to come in the flesh if He wouldn 't do it Himself. But He did it with no sin but He knew we would sin so He died for us so that we could live. If you love Him and follow Him. He loves them that love Him and try.
  • Dan
    i am a retired minister of Jesus Christ and am saved through the blood of Christ. Jesus said, "if you have seen me, you have seen God ". that was a literal translation and the bible further supports that with the statement that, " in Christ dwells all of the God head bodily. " Jesus and God are truly the same person. It is hard for us to understand this in our feeble minds but one day we will understand it completely.
  • I have been a christian all my life. I am old now and am confused. In Isaiah god says over and over "I am the only god " I know about the trinity but it seems to me we are giving too much credit to Jesus. Please help m . Isaiah was written before Jesus birth when god said "I am the only god "
  • David for verse 8
    God is one and JESUS CHRIST is God manifestation in the flesh.
  • Kevin Rizzuti for verse 8
    I need more information on Reverlations.
  • Andrew
    Jesus is the Son of God and not God himself. If you read the bible in entirety you will have the understanding that Jesus Christ is not the God mighty but rather the son of God who will one day come back to the earth to rule mankind
  • Ulis clark jr
    I love the whole book of Rvelation
  • RNM 1-9 REV
    Revelation 1-9...Revelation 12:17..And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Are you keeping the Commandments of God, because if you are not keeping the 7th day Sabbath the 4th Commandment, you have broken the whole law. And if you reject the 4th Commandment you are rejecting the God of the Heaven. The whole World has been deceived, by the one disguised as an angel of light, and just like he deceived EVE in the Garden of Eden to break God 's law, which brought about the physical death of man, he has subtly deceived mankind into breaking God 's Sabbath law, which will lead to eternal spiritual death in the Lake of Fire. I hope you take heed and search the scriptures, God is trying to get the warning out, the end is near! PRAISE GOD, AND PRAISE HIS HOLY SON YESHUA. AMEN!!
  • Lawrence foyah for verse 16
    This signifies that Jesus is God!
  • Lawrence Foyah for verse 16
    Jesus is coming soon! He is Lord and God who will someday come to judge the living and the dead.
  • With reference to Martin 's question ... How can I get family friends and myself ready for our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ return with out offending anyone? Good for you Martin. Compassion for family, for you know what is is store. Keep hold of that compassion and you will not be an offence. For the scripture itself says that the Gospel will be the offence to those that are perishing. So you are only the vehicle. Give the message well and let the Spirit of God do the work.
  • MockingBird for verse 18
    Margaret : Jesus got the keys of hell and death from Satan Jesus went to hell for us and Satan had no other choice but to give back those keys of hell and death because He , Jesus stripped the devil of all his authority . The cross that Jesus bore was when He stripped the devil of all that Adam gave to him . Jesus went forth to conquer. I believe Colossians talks of this.
  • MockingBird for verse 8
    This verse says it all. Cannot get any clearer than that !!! God is the Alpha : Beginning : And the Omega : Ending . !!! He is : He was : He is to come . Praise God !!!!
  • Blessed
    JESUS told him to write it down and send it. We should be sending the scriptures to everyone we communicate with. JESUS lives though he died. Thank you JESUS for salvation
  • AMAN JAY for verse 8
  • RNM 1-12 REV
    Revelation 1-12...I don 't know if they will post this comment, some of my comments don 't get posted, I believe Satan, has had a hand in that, anyway you mentioned the Pleiades star cluster, as though you were making a connection with the sixteenth verse. And he had in HIS right hand seven stars: If you read on you can see He is talking about seven Angels in His hand which symbolically speaking, the seven Angels are, in His Allegiance to Command, being THE SON OF GOD. The Pleiades is a cluster of stars, with no bearing on these scriptures, the pyramid alignment that you mentioned I believe is possible, there was a time, which is mentioned in Genesis about Angels interfering in the lives of man, I think that they shared super technology for something in return, this would explain how these giant structures were made all over the World, the ones underwater tells me they were built before the flood, these underwater pyramids and the legends of the lost city of Atlantis, were probably all in existence before the flood, the ocean levels were probably much lower in those days, and at that time it was all dry land, until the flood when the scripture says GOD opened the fountains of the deep, and when the water subsided, the force of the water moved the earth and rock to close these fountains which kept the ocean levels as they are today. in my opinion.
    My understanding of revelation chapter one is that Jesus is given the tittle almighty.It is not God the father who is talking in verse 8 but Jesus. verse 17-18 john clears the air by saying that 'I AM HE WHO LIVES,and WAS DEAD.This is Jesus The ALMIGHTY.
  • Nathan
    Anyone who knows anything about Astronomy, knows that the seven stars or seven sisters are the Pleiades. The Pleiades have been nick named the seven stars for over 3,500 years. There are a number of pyramid sites that align with the Pleiades including, Tikal in South America, Abusir in Egypt, the pyramids on mars and the recently discovered under water pyramids of the coast of Japan. There has also been many people claiming to be Pleiadian contactees, most recently Billy Meier and most famous Pythagoras. I 'm afraid your Angels are nothing more that humanoid aliens.
  • RNM 1-7 REV
    Revelation 1:7...Nathan, I am pretty sure whoever this false Christ is he 's not going to announce himself as Christ, whatever he does, the people will call him the Christ, and then he will accept the title. The whole world will know when the true Christ returns, you mentioned it in your comment, 2 Peter 3:10: we just half accept the bible as it is and receive the gift of Grace by repenting and change our lives to fall in line with Gods will, which through obedience to his word ever learning we will naturally go through the process of sanctification, which without this we will not see God. AMEN!!

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