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  • Kennethpetry
    I need the Lord my God in my. Please prey for me and my family. Thank you and be bless.
  • Marquisha
    It was awesome and powerful. I always enjoy reading about the Lord and his mighty Good works amen
  • Lona Yeargin
    I love the study of Revelation, I do not understand all of it but the more I read and study and bible studies i am blest and gain more understanding.
  • Alvis J. Petrey
    I love too read the Bible and this is the last book. I want too really understand what I'm read,so I have to read it many times sometime to get the real meaning.
  • We will reign and rule with Jesus Christ . Jesus Christ is crowned as THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. We will in the other hand be crowned as Kings of the new heaven and the new earth and the mellenion kingdom. In other to be crowned King, you must be in the royal family of God. Ofcource, since Jesus Christ is are eldest brother he gets the highest authority as THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. Just because we might be crowned doesn't mean we will because if you are fooled with anything unrelated to God you are giving up your throne for Nothing! Fooled by satan we must not but faithfullness we must. Good deads do not make you get crowned as kings but faithfulness does. We will be given the title of Kings and priests. Are Kingly priesthood office will have full power of the heavens and the earth. We as priest have access to God, and as a King we have authority from God.
  • Dale
    If you believe in the Lord and His word get you house in order
  • Hardie Hillman
    I love the word of my God.It make me happy.It give me peace an understanding.In liveing oneday at love for family an name is Hardie.
  • Bigfatjumbojet
    i love God he is WONDERFUL that book though,its so scary it has helped me alot and the book even though it talks about the judgement day it has helped me alot thank you JOHN
  • Antonio fitzgerald bond for verse 1
    through God our savior Jesus Christ he sent an angel a message to John to let us know what is to come in the future when he comes back he lays out in detail for what we are to look for and we have a choice to either believe in him and do his word and inter the kingdom of heaven upon our demise or to look at he signs and choice to follow the way of the world the devil and spend eternity hell
  • Elizabeth thomas
    Revelation is one of favorite books I love to read so my comment is it's great
  • Aliwa MERCY
    indifferent is a sin ,James 4:17
  • Ziaire
    I LOVE God is he my favorite he always come first in my life umm I have sinned a lot and disobeyed my mother a lot I had lied to and I wish to start over and start my life over and be a reborn person again but be in heaven with Jesus and the angles
  • John
    If you want to learn about Revelation, then you've come to the right place. The bible is a good place to start. Also start by reading the gospel of John.
  • Terri Franklin
    I am not very smart ,but I do want to learn and to know a bout Revelation. And the coming of our Lord Jesus , I do so much want to know of the Bible . I am in need of a Bible that will help me to understand . and what there is to come .
  • Wrightja
    It's great blessed are the ones who read it
  • Tristan
    im very thankfull for this online bible. godbless us all
  • Fordillia for verse 5
    Is there any words more beautifully said? At the name if jesus, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that He is lord. Revelation 1:5 is our witness. His blood our life Sela Get ready
  • John
    the Book of revelation one proof the Jesus Christ in haven .he is a alive .there pictures is in this Book.past present and future. and this Book is tell us mine mine vision .
    This is power word of God.
  • Rodion Ponomariev for verse 8
    Revelation 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.
  • Dean
    I think that it means just what it says, soon, at hand, shortly, and near. This was a warning to the churches about Gods wrath to come on Jerusalem and like the Olivett Discourse,Matthew 24, warns them about the great tribulation of AD66-70, the war of the Jews with the Romans. This was the END of the World for the Jewish nation. The Christians were saved when they escaped to the moutains. History confirms this.
    Excellent book full of intrigue and God's blessings!
  • JP
    Considering this was written almost two thousand years ago to 'shew.. things which must shortly come to pass', isn't it taking things a bit far to interpret them as being about current or future events? I think it is, and that we Christians should attempt to go beyond popular far fetched theories that do us more harm than good. May God bless us in our studies, in Jesus name. Amen!
  • Chris Nyquist for verse 20
    Really setting the stage for the real message: this which must shortly come to pass!!!
  • Chris Nyquist for verse 20
    Really setting the stage for the real message: this which must shortly come to pass!!!
  • Brenda for verse 7
    In response to Mary, I sense a question when you say, I believe I am ready. Talk with your clergy now. I would love to discuss this with you, but there is not enough space. The reason I say that is because I also believed that I was saved and secure, and going to live eternally with Christ. The fact was that I had never totally surrendered my life to the Lord. I no longer believe I am ready for the rapture, I KNOW with certainty. A reverent fear of the Lord is good, but if your fear is stemming from a nagging in your spirit that you may have never been truly born again, that is something more. I so wish I could talk to you at length, because this is life and death. My prayer is that the Lord will make a way for you to speak personally to a doctrinally sound minister now. If I misunderstood your post, I apologize. None of us want to face death, nor the return of our Lord without complete assurance that we are HIS. Love to you in Christ.
  • Dawn Dodgen
    I am so excited that I am of the generation of the fig tree. I build layers and layers of the Gospel Armor every day. This is a very exciting time. I am ready. My LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST will protect me as HE has promised. Please, please all need to know that Satan comes first 6th trump, 6th seal, 6th vial 666 he wants all to think that he 's the true Christ - he isn 't!! Satan will only be here 5 months season of the locust but we will have the 2 witnesses here to assist us as needed. See GOD does take care of us, those of us that truly know HIM, HE knows our hearts, our minds our works in these places we do have "A Mark " though it is the Mark of God - not of the dragon. A person can be tattooed w 666 all over our bodies but the LORD knows us for He is the CARDIOKNOWER. Satan 's message to all that will listen to him is this: I am Christ, see as I perform miracles in front of you. I am going to fly rapture you out of here. WILL YOU BELIEVE HIM OR DO YOU HAVE YOUR GOSPEL ARMOR ON SO YOU WILL NOT BE DECEIVED? The clock is running down quick. Talk to OUR LORD HE 'S waiting to hear from you. He loves you He wants you His Child to live with Him in Heavenly Paradise for all eternity. Ask Him, He will show you how to do it always.
  • John Bones
    ive just started to take time to read revelation im looking forward to getting a lot out of it
  • Hilary Murimi for verse 6
    We have been made kings priests to serve God.This is by believing in Jesus Christ 's baptism at river Jordan, His shedding of blood on the cross and resurrection.A sinner cannot be a citizen of our kingdom
  • Gloria
    I really enjoyed reading the 1st Chapter of Revelation. I going to re-read for an indept of understanding. Thank you.

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