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9/22/2020, 5:11am by "William Joseph Byers": I don't want to upset any of you but from what I am reading in the comments alot of you are not getting it yet. I want to help Because I want very few tears to be streaming from my eyes that the lord will wipe away. Let me start with the judgement day. That great and terrible day! We all will be standing in like a court room but serprated, Goats from the sheep. You know your standing infront of the judge/God. You know what you did in your life. Youll see everyone you could have lead to the lord, but for some selfish reason like embarrassment or something you didnt, You failed to take your children to church, or just something like you didnt have the time. Well your standing there in the sheep side, the side that is going to heavan. You look over to your child or kids as you both are crying leaning forward crying for each other. Why daddy, whay mommy didnt you help me get to heaven??? as the tears fall from your eyes. This would be a very sickening time. You see your child condemned to hell forever and as you see this your enduring the most unimaginable. But its to late to do anything. I cant imagine this happening to anyone, its way to horrible. Dont be afaid to speak up in a crowd. Dont stop trying, On that great and terrible day you will see your loved ones in heavin rejoicing with you forever and ever. Take your friends, brothers, sisters, strangers and children with you to be with Jesus Christ forever and ever amen.

9/14/2020, 1:20am by "Mishael": Likely the Accuser of the Brethren sent that message. Demons can oppress people if they listen, get angry and react hastily. Believe what theBible says about you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand. He will comfort you; but sometimes he convicts us too, about things we do. Listen to that calm Voice and not that voice that confuses or condemns. You may even ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gift of discerning spirits. If you forgive him, you release The Lord to go to work on him. That's how it works. You can even ask the Lord to bring new (Christian) friends into your life. He did it for me. Go read Matthew 5:11-12

9/13/2020, 10:42pm by "stanjett": I would assume that person don't believe that you don't believe in that verse. And wants you to think about what it means.

9/13/2020, 1:53pm by "question": What verses in the bible refers to, "The Bear will conquer the Eagle: and the "Eagle will fall from within"

9/13/2020, 2:03am by "Danette": What does it means if someone sent you this verse revelation 21,3,4 . Someone that had treated you very badly

4/01/2020, 10:58pm by "Adam": I can't wait to be in this paradise. I can't imagine the love, the powerful bonds. Words probably can't adequately describe it.

7/18/2015, 8:54am by "Peter": Dear Jesus, I don 't want to go to this terrible place called hell. Dear Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner in need of the blood of Jesus Christ to save me from eternal hell fire. Dear Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. Dear Jesus, please come into my heart and save me. Dear Jesus, please wash away all my sins with your precious blood that you shed on the cross for me and for the whole world. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Amen. I don 't tell you this to be rude, but to try and tell you about the great love that God has for you through the Lord Jesus Christ and HOW to get saved. If you are not saved, then I would venture to say that I am probably the first person to ever tell you how to be saved. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son The Lord Jesus Christ , that whosoever believeth in Him, should not perish In Hell fire , but have everlasting life In Heaven with Jesus . If you refuse to do this then by your own decision you CHOOSE eternal hellfire. That is what God says in the Bible. I 'm sure that you know that no Church can save you, no Pope can save you, no priest can save you. I hope and pray that you are already a born again Christian.

5/18/2015, 5:03pm by "Donna": Where in the Bible does it say we 're going to heaven when we die? Do bad people go to hell? If so, why when they executed James Dahmer, why did they say he was in heaven?

5/04/2015, 7:01am by "MockingBird": In this life there is , death , sorrow , crying , pain : I believe that the tears God will wipe away is tears of sorrow that we I have not a reward in that I thought I would have. Tears of when I disobeyed God and do not get a reward : Lose : But no lose of reaching heaven . There are degrees of reward in heaven as well there are degrees of reward in Hell. We will get what we worked for . Payday is coming !!!

2/24/2015, 12:38am by "Ojo Vincent": When one sees the mansion he would have occupied in heaven and sees why he misses it for a lesser one, such a believer will weep. though he made it to heaven but when he saw the crown he should have won and sees the untenable reason why he misses it, he will weep and God will wipe away such people tears. thank you

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