THE REVELATION of S. Iohn the Diuine. Chapter 15

(Original 1611 KJV Book of Revelation)


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1 The seuen Angels with the seuen last plagues. 3 The song of thē that ouercome the beast. 7 The seuen vials full of the wrath of God.

1And I saw another signe in heauen great and marueilous, seuen Angels hauing the seuen last plagues, for in them is filled vp the wrath of God.

2And I saw as it were a Sea of glasse, mingled with fire, and them that had gotten the victorie ouer the beast, and ouer his image, and ouer his marke, and ouer the number of his name, stand on the sea of glasse, hauing the harpes of God.

3And they sing the song of Moses the seruant of God, and the song of the Lambe, saying, Great and marueilous are thy workes, Lord God Almightie, iust and true are thy wayes, thou king of saints.3

4Who shall not feare thee, O Lord, and glorifie thy Name? for thou onely art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee, for thy iudgements are made manifest.4

5And after that I looked, and behold, the Temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heauen was opened:

6And the seuen Angels came out of the Temple, hauing the seuen plagues, clothed in pure and white linnen, and hauing their breasts girded with golden girdles.

7And one of the foure beasts gaue vnto the seuen Angels, seuen golden vials, full of the wrath of God, who liueth for euer and euer.

8And the Temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power, and no man was able to enter into the Temple, till the seuen plagues of the seuen Angels were fulfilled.

Original 1611 KJV Sidenote References for Revelation Chapter 15

3 Exo.15.1. , Psal.145 17.
4 Iere.10.7.

* Some content courtesy of Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Pennsylvania


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