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  • Helen on Psalms 92
    In Psalm 92:1 it looks like "a" is italicized in "It is a good thing"

    Is that correct?

  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 92
    I checked my KJV Bible and it's not slanted at all.

    Could be the publisher did it that way, or this website. What is your Bible version that you use? My publisher is Thomas Nelson/Nashville
  • Helen - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Thanks Mishael!

    I use the KJV too. I have several - but was using it from the online King James Bible since I was putting

    scriptures on a website and wanted to make sure I did it accurately.

    Thanks for responding!
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Yes Helen, "It is a" & "thing" are all italicized because those four words don't appear in Hebrew, from which the translation was made. If you read it in Hebrew, it would read, "The Sabbath good to give thanks Yahweh and to sing praises to Your name Most High". So, the translators needed to add those extra words, to give it sense in English.
  • Helen - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Hello ChrIs,

    Thanks! I thought I remembered hearing that once.

    So what do you think when the italics are not included?

    Does it seem like people are adding to the Scripture unintentionally

    to you?
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Hello, let me explain something important about translations. Let's say you're translating a phrase from Spanish to English: quiero burrito = I want a burrito. One has 2 words, the other 4 words and both mean the same thing. The equivalent italics here would be [I] and [a] as in [I] want [a] burrito, because those are used to complete the translation to make it grammatically correct, without it, it not a proper translation into that language.

    If I say "Want burrito" you might think that sounds strange and incorrect, because it is. So, someone accusing someone of 'adding' to the Bible is false and shows a lack of understanding as they are actually making the translation correct. The italics showing which words completed the translation is only a convenience to those using greek concordances and strongs, and things with literal word for word translations.
  • Helen - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Thank you Adam,

    That is a great way of explaining it.

    I appreciate that - takes a load off of me! :)

    - Helen
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Thanks for coming back, Helen. I would say that in almost all cases, taking the verse with those added words ("It is a" & "thing") should be quite acceptable for us. Why? Because it gives the sentence a meaning that is familiar to us. Of course, if we were proficient in Hebrew, as another brother Jesse who comes on here regularly, who is very learned in Greek & sheds much light to us on verses & Grecian thinking & expressions, then the whole language may well take on a different meaning & appreciation that we can sometimes miss out on.

    But in my attempt to ensure that I'm not losing out on something important in a verse, I often refer to the original language & its lexicons or word translations, to see the different uses of the words in that verse & elsewhere. Or else, you can purchase an Interlinear Bible, or to a (free) Bible Study site, such as Bible Hub, & check out your verses at their Interlinear tab. But remember to read Hebrew texts (with their English counterparts below) from right to left.

    But if "italics are not included" as you ask, then you can take some sample verses & test them against the Hebrew/Greek languages at Bible Hub & see whether the translators have done a good job in faithfully communicating the words from the original, or if they snuck in a word or two, ask, has it made any difference to the intended meaning? Ideally, as I wrote before, to know the original languages ourselves, would be the best way to understand & fully test the veracity of Scriptures, but most of us have not that ability.
  • Helen - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Thanks Chris!

    I'm working on a website putting musical scriptures in it - and b/c I ran across KJV Bibles that

    did not have italics and then found this site - I was afraid to put the scriptures up until I had a better understanding.

    You make a great point about the italicized words offering more meaning.

    God bless you,

  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 92
    That sounds like a great ministry Helen, putting up Scriptures with music on the Web. I would think that you would be quite safe to add those italicized words as well, as with words put into music, generally affords one much license, which no one should object to. May the Lord use your efforts & give you wisdom in bringing it all together.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 92
    I was hoping you'd drop in and tell us what that meant :)
  • Winner on Psalms 92
    amen and amen.
  • Victoria on Psalms 92
    Praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kate on Psalms 92
    Amazing word.
  • Gihuka on Psalms 92
    Where did sin come from, if God is sovereign.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Sin is disobedience to Gods word first occurrence Adam and eve perpetrator serpent better known as satan.
  • Ronny - in Reply on Psalms 92
    In heaven. it originated with lucifer when he rebelled. The Most High casted him down like lightening.
  • Gihuka - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Since God is soverign, omnipotent, omniscience, He can resist to let not sin enter into the world. He foreknow before anything begins. Then, why evil? Despite God can let everything was good.
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Dear Gihuka,

    Are you a parent? If not, imagine you have kids and you can either force them to say they love you, or give them the choice in what they say. If they chose to say that to you, would you feel that might seem more real, genuine, and better than forcing them into obedience? If you agree, then maybe you understand why God gives us free will. He could have created robots, but he didn't. He loves us enough to let us choose for ourselves, whether we will follow Him or not, whether we will choose good, or evil. Some choose good, but many choose evil. That is one of the realities of our world. Because there is freewill, we will see injustice, suffering, and consequences of people choosing sin. No one gets away with it though.

    We are all imperfect and struggle with this in our own sinful nature, but if we choose to follow Jesus and submit our lives to Him through obedience then our sins are washed clean by grace. God lets satan tempt people too, and our character is being tested while here on Earth. Jesus gave many parables saying how narrow is the way that leads to eternal life in heaven and wide is the gate leading to hell, where most people will go. Imagine if he led just everyone in heaven, then it probably wouldn't be heaven, and if God forced everyone to be robots, then that wouldn't seem authentic. God loves you enough to allow you to choose for yourself.
  • Michael homan - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Well said addition to your response n to all

    There is One reason Hell is filled to the brim

    and One reason Heaven has its occupants

    The Gift of Freewill

    But...its only a Gift,when used wisely.

    a curse when not.

    Everyone has the Freewill choice'

    A' is life

    B ' is deth

    If a person does not choose A or B

    then it defaults to B.

    simply because A was not chosen (thru Freewill)
  • MARK MOSELEY on Psalms 92
    How do I know if it's god talking or the enemy of my own selfish desire. My prayers are not coming to pass
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Psalms 92
    We war against spiritual darkness , even principalities! very important ,it is not flesh and blood! This is very good learning. You see I never know if the person I'm speaking to is real, if they know anything about God. Could this be spiritual darkness? We never know so we abide in the light of Gods word, and let the holy spirit do the rest!
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Mark, I hear you loud and clear. When we take our eyes off of him, Our flesh wars against our spirit! Not sure why , but its designed that way. Pretty sure this has something too do with the way he has created us. One thing for sure it will strengthen you for your next battle! This is why we are here ,to glorify him. The stronger you get , the more he is glorified! I like to refer to it as refined gold created in a faith, that will be worth even more! He will answer yours prayers in his own time. Remember that a soldier must bow, before his king! Most of all kneel in Honor. Be anxious for nothing! Be patient , be vigilant, be sober!
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Psalms 92
    Hi Mark, just to be clear of what you are asking. Are you saying you are praying for the desires in your heart and you are questioning whether the Lord put them there or not, because your prayers are not answered?
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 92
    The answer to your question is in 1 John 4:1-3. Spirits from God will acknowledge Jesus Christ. God bless...
  • Jim on Psalms 92
    Jim on psalms 92 . God is my strength, my eyes, my limbs and my heart. I will praise God at all time, praises she'll continually be in my mouth. I will always look to the hills which cometh my strength. Man can't give it to you, woman neither. Only God can do anything and not fail. Praise him, give my God honor and glory, reverence his name. The king of kings the Lord of lords, the creator of heaven and that exist. Every that exist is from God. Praise him at all times.
  • Daughter of Christ on Psalms 92
    its 2;50 and im reading this.

  • Andy G van den Berg - in Reply on Psalms 92
    God dwelleth not in temples made with hands ( Acts 7:48; 17:24). Also, please read Romans 12:1,2.
  • Andy G van den Berg - in Reply on Psalms 92
    The believers worship God 24/7 not just one day/week.
  • Sonia on Psalms 92
    JESUS is my all in all. He is everything to me. It is always wonderful to give praises to Him always, wherever we are, because He alone is God and He alone deserves All our worship and praise. Glory to God for the opportunity to praise God. Praise God. Amen.

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