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  • Wendy
    Readings on mentoring
  • Violet
    Keep trusting and believing.. no matter what. he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. decree and declare who jesus is and his power even if you don't visibly see results with your natural eyes keep looking with you spiritual eyes with belief deep down within. love you all and believing gods best for you all and your family thank you for all your encouragements in the lord
  • Gege
    I don't belive in the God head, read Corinthians 8:6
  • I know that God will cover us with his blood. Psalms 91 is powerful. I stand on my faith that God will protect us. I love him, he's so awesome.
  • Sheila
    God is my refuge and I trust in him now that everyone is talking about the new Norm our new normal I don't know plans man trying to figure out what's normal and new Norm all I know is that I'm living for today trusting in God and believe in God don't take nothing for granted the Earth is the Lord's and everything in it belongs to him I pray for people all over the world because this affect the whole world and we all in the world together and it's signs of the time is near the coronavirus is not the only virus there will be many more things to come that will affect the world stay prayerful and stay faithful trust God for everything and all things amen all glory belongs to God
  • Brown Bennie
    Hallelujah, Amen Amen. All glory belongs to God and I totally believe just what you said. I too pray for the world because God is in full control.
  • Darrien Dill for verse 2
    What does 2 Esdras 2:18 mean about twelve trees
  • Vanessa
    Maybe like the twelve wells as well, have to do with the twelve tribes, upon their return back to Israel
  • Mishael for verse 2
    Have no idea. What scripture in the King James Bible?
  • Charles D Anderson for verse 2
    Why is life for people of color so hard; is this God's will that suffering and sorrow

    Required to walk with Jesus?
  • Vanessa
    color matters nothing in God's eyes, all people have suffering and sorrow, but God is with us all He sees it, He will deliver all of us from it. God tell us to look forward, not to look back. God's not about race. He created us all, we are one in Christ, He loves us. Today we have drifted from God's truth, and church leaders need to step up on this matter. We are to love as Christ loved us one to another that's it. God Bless
  • Chris for verse 2
    Charles, from your question, can I understand that you're referring to how the 'white man' looks at those 'of colour'? Or, maybe, their apparent difficult existence in society? This is not an easy topic to properly address as there are so many factors involved. Most of it can fall under misconceptions from preconceived ideas with societal biases, or maybe a lack of better opportunities for education or careers, standard of living, or personal development. Then of course, & particularly in countries where governments give little concern to the welfare of their citizens, those people are forced to lead difficult & oppressive lives in a hand-to-mouth existence.

    So, I will never accept that it is ever God's Will that they, or anyone, should live such a life with such biases against them. We are all created equally and loved by God equally; man, in his sin & sometimes demeaning, negative attitude to people of colour, is the root of any apparent inequality, not God. In his quest for superiority & forcing into submission, people of all persuasions, have placed an unnatural, sinful bias against others, whether in the matter of colour, career, status, wealth, etc.

    But when that sinner is saved through the Blood of Christ, we see others as Jesus sees us. Colour, status, etc. no longer are issues, but rather, the destiny of the spirit. Comparison of how much each one has, then becomes, are we concerned and supportive of the one that has little or nothing? Not saying that non-Christians are not receptive to these godly traits, but these should be the qualities & perceptions of every child of God & who holds no biases against others, whoever they might be or how they might appear in society. Governments have generally gone a long way to deal with this, but sadly, the human heart remains largely unpliable.
  • Well said Chris. God looks upon the hearts of men. It is hard for people of color,but it also hard for others as well. It is through these trials that God can perfect us,mold us , show us who He truly is. We must go through these trials and hardships but we must allow The Lord to guide us through.Remember friend, " trouble don't last always! "
  • Chris for verse 2
    Very true, GG, very true. Trouble follows us everywhere in the path of life. But the Scripture reminds us that "In His Presence is fullness of joy, at His right Hand there are pleasures for evermore" (Psalms 16:11). We long for the day to be released from our earthly limitations & confinements & attain Heaven & glorification with our Saviour (Romans 8:17-23).
  • Stanley Powers
    In heaven there is neither male nore female ! They are spiritual beings not flesh ! God spoke everything into existence so we're do you get you nolage ?
  • Kevin Mack
    Type into the internet (operation gladio and coronavirus), hit the search button and read the article (titled - bill gates false flag) 2nd article on this web site. You will have a better understanding of what is going on. Illuminate, Freemason's, democratic party, globalist, deep state, shadow Government, 666 N.W.O. all involved in this. Open rebellion against God and his people. 2nd. Psalm tells the story.
  • Nkere-Owaji Alagoa
    This is one of my most lovely portions of the bible because the psalmist is giving us a wholesome assurance about FAITH IN GOD.

    God is closer to us more than the air we breathe. We need Him to sit down, stand up, eat, speak, comb our hair, laugh, smile, cry, blink our eyes, walk, we need God to do everything. In Him we live, work and have our being.

    We can only achieve this by praying every time in our hearts. This is referred to as SPIRIT PRAYER (Meditation),, and without holding on to any offence in our hearts (free spirit) , forgiveness - forgiving others of their wrong doings. Then we shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

    Knowing God is a thing of the heart (spirit).

    Thank you Jesus Christ.
  • Antonio Crdova
    Absolutely Stonet you comments is absolutely awesomes love it thank you lord for put a clean heart human beat around us .all the glory honor and praise to God .
  • Trycina P Jackson-Thomas
    Thanks for sharing those were great words from!!
  • Me
    This is spiritual wickedness in high places. They dug one ditch when they should have dug two. They only reaped what they sowed. God will take vengeance on our enemies who don't believe any way. Such a filthy trifling act. God said it will go away soon and I believe Him
  • SC
    Yes! The enemies of The LORD reap what they sow.

    Look at Psalms 91:6 again!

    It says that, "pestilence walks in darkness"!

    That darkness is, "spiritual darkness".

    The Covid-19 pestilence, came forth into this physical realm because there was too much "spiritual darkness" in the world, and too much "spiritual darkness" in too many of the churches around the world.

    The main foundation of that "spiritual darkness", is the rejection of the Spiritual Light of Genesis 1:26,27, that tells very clearly that, The Image And Likeness Of God is, Spiritually Male(The Father), and Spiritually Female(The Mother), and Then They produce Spiritual Children, Sons and Daughters who have spiritual and physical life eternally. The Holy Spirit is, God The Mother who gives birth to Spiritual Children, for Her and God The Father.

    YET, too many churches are teaching and preaching the opposite. The are preaching and teaching that God is, God The Father(male), God The Son(male), and God The Holy Spirit (male), and these three spiritual males produce and give birth to children. This is "spiritual darkness " and the spiritual disorder that causes disorder in the minds of men, which brings forth all kinds of wickedness, evil and destruction into the world.

    The time is NOW for all you people who are called by God's to REPENT of this evil, and accept The Light of who God is.

    God is, Father and Mother of The Family. This is the Perfect Spiritual Order, that renews the mind and bring order to the world.
  • Patrick Caroleo
    God is spirit
  • SC
    Yes, God Is Spirit!

    The "Love Covenant" of God The Father is with His Wife, God The Mother first, then to their Spiritual Children.

    Gender starts in the Spiritual-Realm of God The Father, and God The Mother first, and that's not a bad thing, so accept it, and get over it!

    Genesis 1:26,27, Galations 4:26

    The perfect-order of a family is, Father, Mother and Children, spirit ually first, then physically. To be a true Child of God, you need to know your Spiritual Parents, and accept Them.

    However, because of "the fall", the sin of Adam+Eve, an evil spiritual-realm of darkness now exists, and too many men are rejecting the perfect-order of God, MelquisedecLisbet.

    In the Spirit-Realm every thing exists before it exists in the physical-realm; like houses, cars, animals, plants, spices, men, women, male, female and all the details, design and spiritual engineering that go along with these things.

    The Spiritual Light of God, Jesus Christ(The Holy Spirit in the flesh, God The Spiritual Mother), and God The Spiritual Father, with Their Spiritual Children, will eventually totally eliminate the spiritual-realm of darkness of this world.
  • Antonio Crdova
    Is awesomes Salm 91 thank you lord for you love .u have put this precios work together that way you can gue our life .and give you all the Honor,glory and praise ,Ask for gue each Day lord protect and bless my family and every one .
  • Pam
    To Chris, I just want to thank you for reaching out to Doris. I have just went thru a very hard time an I just want you to know that written words sometimes seem to help me more than verbal words. My mom had Alzheimer's for years and it was rough to say the least. May God bless you both. God is so good!
  • Chris
    Thank you too Pam, for writing. I appreciate your kind words & I do heavily rely on the Lord to help me say/write what is needed. He is able to carry you through anything you may face. Remembering that the trying of your faith worketh patience (Js 1:2-5). The Lord bless, keep & sustain you each day.
  • Pam
    Chris, I want to thank you again. Keep it up.
  • Doris Shrader
    Going through a very tough medical situation. Need your prayers. This psalm is a very uplifting psalm for me.
  • Forever Changed
    Father, thank you for your goodness and your mercies that are new every morning. Thank you that all your promises are yea and amen. According to your Word, by the stripes of Jesus we were healed thru your finished work on the cross. Show your amazing power as you did when Jesus walked this earth healing ALL that came to Him. He was the perfect image of you. Father your Word says You never change. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. Bless your Holy Name. I release my faith in behalf of this person who is in trouble and I expect the things that ONLY YOU can do. I've seen you do them time and time again because you love all of us. We give you ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR FOREVER. In Jesus name. Amen.
  • Chris
    Doris, I can't think of any other Scripture than Psalms 91 that provides such assurance & comfort when one is going through deep & dark valleys. I have a dear elderly friend, also Doris by name, so I feel compelled to write, who is now confined in a nursing home, going blind & with alzheimers. She loves the Lord dearly, as you do, and hangs onto Him so tightly, that her present sufferings, though very real, are but just a passing aberration. As apostle Paul said, "For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18) and Peter (1 Peter 4:13). So be assured that the serious medical issue you're going through is not just known by those about you, but by the God of Love & Healing. He is Yahweh-Ropheka: I AM the LORD Who Heals (Exodus 15:26). Keep your gaze upon Him, soak yourself in His Love, enjoy His Glorious Presence through the Word & prayer. He is mindful of you & we will lift you up before His Throne.

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