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  • Robert DeHaan
    I so love the Psalms because David s is given to writing that which is from the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this day that the Holy Spirit will continue to help me know the mind of Christ in the Psalms. Lord, keep my mind stayed on You every day and every night. Find us faithful O Lord as we await Jesus soon return.
  • BSP
    Verse 12~To count the days means more than just checking them off or becoming obsessed with how long we may live. We need to use our days in a worthwhile way that brings honor to Jehovah.
  • A disciple
    Moses asked the LORD if he could see His glory. David panted and thirsted for the Living God, longing for the day he could come and appear before God. Paul felt that as long as he is here; though it would be a good thing for the building up and confirming of the Saints; he was "away from home" being still here on earth. These things are Spirit inspired understanding of the eternal and the true.
  • A disciple
    "For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told." Moses lived to be 120 years old. Abraham lived to 175. Some from the world of the beginning lived over 900 years. But while many stumble at the idea that God is able to let a man live for so long; what about all the long years of trouble and sorrow, toil and sweat, as it were banished far away from God?
  • BSP
    Verse 10: This shows how precious life is because we only have a few years on this earth. We should try to make the most of each day and live a life full of devotion and service to Jehovah God.
  • Faith kyeveo
    am just getting the challenge right,,,that i should cherish every day that God gives to me because it could be the last...its never a guarantee that i will be alive tomorrow
  • A disciple
    "..we spend our years as a tale..So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." The one thing that we all seem to most readily slip away from, when studying the things of the Lord, is the fact of our present existence; as if reality was only true in our minds by faith. This prayer of Moses is very deep, and worth much time to understand; esp. as it goes before Psalms 91.
  • Happy Jack
    AMEN , to the guy who understands that Genesis 6:3 tell us how long we can live, if we start treating our body's as a temple
  • Solomon Y Karfe
    Psalms 90 is one of best Bible reading book.
  • BSP
    Verse 2 shows that God has always been and will always be "from everlasting to everlasting."
  • Ron
    I came to this forum so to read scripture while away from my bible. Verae,12 is what I was seeking but reading the entire Ch gamee pause and I was moved to deeply repent and get out of areas of my past that I was allowing to block me from the full and perfect light if Christ.
  • Midred perkins
    Paslm 90 I jest love it my first time. Of reading paslm I jest learn something tonight amen
  • Carmel for verse 10
    Could it be that with any life time the mercy shown to others that immitates divine mercy will experience divine mercy and that is enough for me...wish a long life for others... family.. friends... relatives... those whom we help and those that help us and the second death does not hurt us... one day I hope that everyone that loves God from knowledge of Him ...Them ... will live as though in the prime of their youth forever ... I Amos 54 years old... I am grateful to be growing older .. but if I were a child again may it always be that I love God from knowing Him... Them... and that He may teach me how to love ever more...
  • Norm
    To everyone who YEARNS for the knowledge of the TRUTH. Please study this chapter for all it is worth. Think of verses 5 through 10 as a game of Who Am I. Those discussed in 5-10 truly are as a tale that IS DISCUSSED regularly today in 2015. Then understand the purpose of this chapter in verses 12 and 13. Those being discussed in 5-10 are literally days away from being judged which also kicks of the Great Tribulation in Spring 2015. May the LORD Jesus Christ bless all who yearn for the knowledge of the truth. May the LORD show the same the mystery of the Gospel of Christ. Amen
  • Edidiong Nde for verse 12
    Its a psalm that gets us to rationalize as well reflect on our existence on earth consequently aligning with His perfect will and thereby reaping the benefits associated with its compliance. " Wisdom is the principal thing ". Shalom!
  • Juliet
    Very useful God bless you Amen
  • Barbara Cole
    l like praying two the Lord my life is so very great with god in it 's
  • Andrew for verse 9
    All flesh is grass and the goodliness thereof as the flowers of the field. Present now, gone tomorrow. But the promise of the LORD will last forever.Many are still blind to this truth.
  • Ada Harris
    This chapter gives me life god lives in me and i try not to be so angry and with reading this chapter its helped me alot.
  • Kindaixm barakia for verse 12
    now that our days are numbered, human beings need to live his life wisely so that one can achieve the best out of it lest s he come to regret in future. living for God and serving others
  • Meshack Curry
    God will always punish sin and disobedience but He will also show mercy and love to those who repent and obey his commandments. To God be the glory for ever and ever.
  • M. Thangboi Zou for verse 10
    i don 't believed that Psalms 90 10 the ajact life time of human being, the real lifetime is Genesis 6.3
  • Ekuma Emmanuel Ibeabuchi for verse 14
    To be satisfied early is for one to have encounter with God in the morning of his life when is still young.This will help the person to be successful in life.David saw God 's mercy early in life,this helped him to live a fulfild life on earth.Every child of God should pray for His mercy early in life.
  • Ken
    I LOVE Psalms 90. I THANK God for every day and ask Him to watxh over me and care for me for His names sake. He is my Greay Physcian who looks after my health. I can pray to my Heavely Father, just put my handin His and go where He leads. He is always good to His children.
  • James B. Ritter for verse 10
    I feel that Psalms 90 10 is a powerful verse! I praise God that I did make it in June, despite the fact that 42 years ago, in March 1972, I was involved in a horrific auto accident where I was not supposed to have survived. God had other plans for me. I am in fairly good health for a man of 70. I guess that one could ay that I am on "Borrowed time " now, that I have reached 70. Some say that I am 'over the hill. ' If that is true, then I am on a roll and gaining speed! Our God is AWESOME!!! Jim Ritter, Mt. Carroll, IL
  • Rose oliver
    Psalms 90 reminds me that God, and only God has all power. His word is tried and true. What a pleasure and relief it is to turn to Him when im hurt, betrayed, or have been coldly taken for granted.
  • Chukwu casmir
    GOD is rightous that he cannot uphold or keep sin. That is the reason one will keep away from every unrightousness knowing that GOD sees in secret. Psalms 8
  • Jehovah God is an invisible spirit person. He created the heavens, the earth, and all living things. No one created God he had no beginning.
  • Eric Armstrong for verse 10
    As our average life expectancy for a man has just been upgraded to 79 I find it hard to believe that man could live three score years and ten in the harsh times of Christ.

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