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  • Blessed on Psalms 89
    Verses 15 and verses33. The sound of the lord is different it so holy that it brings light to our life. GOD 'S LOVING KINDNESS IS ETERNAL HIS MERCY IS FAITHFUL FAITHFUL IS THE LORD . KEEP GOD IN YOUR MIND BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS KEEPING YOU ON HIS MIND.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 89:1
    I am so very Grateful for the Lord 's mercies toward me. It is of the mercy of the Lord that I am not consumed. I praise God for His mercies. His faithfulness toward me is never ending. I Praise God that I can sing of the Mercies of the Lord.
  • Blessed on Psalms 89:1
    We have musicians who sing and call it gospel nu vue gospel ,alternative gospel. This psalm sings of his mercy. We all and I mean all have experience the mercy of GOD. FROM THE richest to the poorest GOD 'S mercy is alive in our life. From the crooked to the straight GOD 'S mercy is alive in our life. You don 't have to be in some dire straights to experience GOD 'S MERCY. For GOD so loved the world that he gave us JESUS. HE GAVE US JESUS SO WE CAN HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. These are songs the HOLY GHOST will lead you to sing. Mercy, salvation, victory over sin, the love of GOD, WE ARE called to spread the good news of the GOSPEL. WHEN YOU REPRESENT GOD YOU DO AS JESUS DO YOU GO TO THE FATHER GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN do his will. When you are in the will of GOD THE MUSIC IS IN YOU and you can sing write perform the good news of the gospel without worrying if you got a following. JESUS said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. GOD loves music and he said only what you do for CHRIST will last.
  • Peter on Psalms 89:1
    Lord God Jehovah is in charge of everything. He knows our every thought and what we will do with it. If it be good or bad. So we should have only one choice. Believe that all things are possible with the Lord God Jehovah through Jesus Christ. So love the Lord God Jehovah and his son Jesus with all your heart and soul. Amen Lord Jesus come quickly.
  • Mwhite on Psalms 89:7
    tell me what does it means in simple english
  • Dignity on Psalms 89
    The Name of JESUS is d Name Above All Names Halleluaih
  • Roydah k chabi on Psalms 89:9
    God is great and there is none like HIM Amos 1 1 9 15 we should get ready to meet our God whose word does not expire Everything about our God has no expiry date This tells me that though we cannot see God He is there living with us Man can die but God doen t He has no expiry date He is forever and ever AMEN
  • Juliana David on Psalms 89:34
    God's Covenant is Unbreakable!
  • Andrew b on Psalms 89
    vs38-48: People like to use David as a role model, a man after God's own heart, but David had massive personal failures in his life that lead to the death of one of his sons, persecution, and an uprising lead by Absalom and others. David suffered much punishment, and yet through it all still trusted in God's great mercy, while accepting the consequences of his misdeeds. Hopefully modern believers can accept punishment as a necessary consequence, and still trust in God's mercy, as well. Not a popular way of thinking, but solid teaching.
  • Ekemini akpabio on Psalms 89:15
    The joyful sound is the sound of the 7th trumpet to be blown(RAPTURE).the ready believers in christ are expectant and their joy will be full at the blast because they have walked in the light of God's standard.
  • Kingsley on Psalms 89
    Our God is a merciful God, is mercy endureth to eternity...
  • Ella on Psalms 89
    God is faithful to His word. Q
  • Naty m. Cardenas on Psalms 89:34
    The Word of God is life and should be the final authority of the believers.
  • Manny anore on Psalms 89:8
    name of god there one only god....
  • P.Healy on Psalms 89
    Some time ago I came across a translation of psalm 89:9 that read He has or You have mastered the pride of the sea—and would like to know its source.It was I think, in a little brown covered book of the psalms in a parish church pew in Jacsonville, Florida
  • Noel Ligate on Psalms 89:1
    GOD is good all the time
  • Prince ovie on Psalms 89:1
    What a sweet Psalm.
  • Erica L. Davis on Psalms 89:34
    God said it, I believe it and that settles it. How great, how mighty and how awesome is the Lord God Almighty creator of the heavens and earth. I will praise him with every breath that I take, I will praise him this is the promise I make and when eternity ends and start all over again even then I will praise my lord. That is what I think about Psalms 89:34.
  • Elizabeth Thornton on Psalms 89
    I love the 1st verse. My Dad wrote a song about it.

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