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  • Dianne holle
    Did not realize the 'latter days' refereed to the death of Christ on the cross. An eye opener!
  • Kurt Chappell
    David as a boy showed amazing faith to slay evil. God set David apart with wisdom and grace. A human forerunner to divinity (Jesus). What a human David can’t be, Jesus was. God’s wrath towards sin, forsaking Jesus with his rod of discipline spoken about in Ps 89. Millennia passes, the Word now heard in all nations so what is next from God? We know not, so let our faith light shine for others lost.
  • Steve morrow
    PSALM 89:7 GOD is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints and to be had --- IN REVERENCE --- of all them that are about HIM PSALM 119:161 princes have persecuted me with out a cause but my heart standeth --- IN AWE OF THY WORD --- PSALM 119:165 great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them
  • A disciple
    Steve; Yes! When we read any of the Lord's parables, for example, He was using familiar things to bring out a spiritual and moral point; which were the same points as were in the Law and the Prophets' Writings..."By Inspiration of God!" Of course Jesus quotes Scriptures, as do all His servants speaking in His Name; but that wasn't what I said! I was talking about expounding the sense and meaning.
  • Steve morrow
    a disciple --- can you help me find this quote (from you) in the scripture --- neither JESUS nor any of HIS apostles or prophets went around only speaking scriptures.....JEREMIAH 15:16 thy words were found and I did eat them and thy word was unto me --- the joy and rejoicing --- of mine heart for I am called by thy name O LORD GOD OF HOSTS
  • A disciple
    "Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance." Psalms 89:15 THE JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH! Victory! Victory! Victory! Hallelujah! Salvation and honor and glory belongs to the LORD our God! A happy joyful Christian is a Christian walking in obedience and victory and the LORD has answered us by the joy of our heart! A sad long face, moping around in defeat and failure, a critical and mean spirit AGAINST YOUR OWN BROTHERS AND SISTERS! That is NOT the "Joyful Sound:" but the mark of the condemned and disobedient. Be right with God and your Brethren in the Lord, and you will have the Joy of the LORD which will be seen by all, to Jesus' glory!
  • Esther
    I really like psalm and it's a full of praise so very morning use to praised with his wonderful words blessing over me.
  • Prophetess Rochelle
    Thanks be unto Jesus who have shown unto us the way truth and life from Abba. May we walk in the Spiritual steps and continue to hold on to our heritage that came with a price that no man can repeat. Sounds of heaven sending out the alarm,come come all who is weary tired find rest of me, the Lord of Lord. I love you richly. amen
  • Andy
    With my mouth, I will make known your faithfulness.... does all your work colleagues, even your clients know of your faith?
  • Lilian
    Glory to God in the highest for he is faithful to his words. Jesus is the perfect obedience to the Father therefore we follow obey and live like Jesus coz in him there is no darkness. Thanks to the blood Lord. Help us to be born again in spirit every moment of our life. Unless a man will not be born of water and in spirit we cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. Thank you Jesus for giving us faith
  • Eliiah the Prophet
    O LORD IEHOUAH, most High GOD of Israel, who created all things by Jesus Christ: let it be known this day that thou art GOD in Israel, and that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word. Blessed be the LORD IEHOUAH for evermore. Amen, and Amen.
  • BSP
    In verse 27 since David was not a firstborn son it seems that Jehovah God was referring prophetically to the one foreshadowed by David, Jesus Christ.
  • Librarygal143
    Forever I want to know that joyful sound, O Lord.
  • BSP
    Those who know the joyful shouting will be blessed to have God's favor shine upon them.
  • Lucinda Hardman
    The joyful sound is not in knowing Jesus is coming He is already here. This is why we cannot enjoy the fullness of God. Our Father's prayer says on earth as it is in heaven. To have Him is heaven and without Him is sorrow. John 10:10 says He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. When Jesus was on earth those who believed were neither sick nor hungry His presence is Joy NOW
  • MockingBird
    Judgment and Justice and Mercy and Truth are God's joyful sound : and my manner of life in that will I walk , O Lord , This is the light of thy countenance : I will show Judgment and Justice and give Mercy and Truth.
  • Vaz
    Ps. 89 clearly shows that humans can have a personal Relationship with God. Human testomials does shed light into our souls to eliminate scepticism which would otherwise darken our lives. It is only then, through walking in His way that we become acquainted with His holiness. When God reveals Himself to man, there is nothing that can turn that man back except madness. Hence, I pray thus, that the Lord will shore up lmy sanity. I need to be sane to understand my life on Earth, and that I am in deed a child of God and all good reports, living my life according to His will.
  • Andrew for verse 33
    Adherence in faith to God -- the absolute necessity for security of salvation. No security for apostasy. Saul started good, but lost his salvation through disbelief. Solomon committed grave sins too, but God corrected him with beatings of an iron rod. Christians, be prepared for beatings for disobedience. Apostates, you are lost, no beatings now, but it will come later and eternally with fire.
  • Blessed
    Verses 15 and verses33. The sound of the lord is different it so holy that it brings light to our life. GOD 'S LOVING KINDNESS IS ETERNAL HIS MERCY IS FAITHFUL FAITHFUL IS THE LORD . KEEP GOD IN YOUR MIND BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS KEEPING YOU ON HIS MIND.
  • MockingBird for verse 1
    I am so very Grateful for the Lord 's mercies toward me. It is of the mercy of the Lord that I am not consumed. I praise God for His mercies. His faithfulness toward me is never ending. I Praise God that I can sing of the Mercies of the Lord.
  • Peter for verse 1
    Lord God Jehovah is in charge of everything. He knows our every thought and what we will do with it. If it be good or bad. So we should have only one choice. Believe that all things are possible with the Lord God Jehovah through Jesus Christ. So love the Lord God Jehovah and his son Jesus with all your heart and soul. Amen Lord Jesus come quickly.
  • Mwhite for verse 7
    tell me what does it means in simple english
  • Roydah k chabi for verse 9
    God is great and there is none like HIM Amos 1 1 9 15 we should get ready to meet our God whose word does not expire Everything about our God has no expiry date This tells me that though we cannot see God He is there living with us Man can die but God doen t He has no expiry date He is forever and ever AMEN
  • Juliana David for verse 34
    God's Covenant is Unbreakable!
  • Andrew b
    vs38-48: People like to use David as a role model, a man after God's own heart, but David had massive personal failures in his life that lead to the death of one of his sons, persecution, and an uprising lead by Absalom and others. David suffered much punishment, and yet through it all still trusted in God's great mercy, while accepting the consequences of his misdeeds. Hopefully modern believers can accept punishment as a necessary consequence, and still trust in God's mercy, as well. Not a popular way of thinking, but solid teaching.
  • Ekemini akpabio for verse 15
    The joyful sound is the sound of the 7th trumpet to be blown(RAPTURE).the ready believers in christ are expectant and their joy will be full at the blast because they have walked in the light of God's standard.
  • Kingsley
    Our God is a merciful God, is mercy endureth to eternity...
  • Ella
    God is faithful to His word. Q
  • Naty m. Cardenas for verse 34
    The Word of God is life and should be the final authority of the believers.
  • Manny anore for verse 8
    name of god there one only god....

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