Commentary for Psalms 84

The psalmist expresses his affection to the ordinances of God. (1-7) His desire towards the God of the ordinances. (8-12)

1-7 The ordinances of God are the believer's solace in this evil world; in them he enjoys the presence of the living God: this causes him to regret his absence from them. They are to his soul as the nest to the bird. Yet they are only an earnest of the happiness of heaven; but how can men desire to enter that holy habitation, who complain of Divine ordinances as wearisome? Those are truly happy, who go forth, and go on in the exercise of religion, in the strength of the grace of Jesus Christ, from whom all our sufficiency is. The pilgrims to the heavenly city may have to pass through many a valley of weeping, and many a thirsty desert; but wells of salvation shall be opened for them, and consolations sent for their support. Those that press forward in their Christian course, shall find God add grace to their graces. And those who grow in grace, shall be perfect in glory.

8-12 In all our addresses to God, we must desire that he would look on Christ, his Anointed One, and accept us for his sake: we must look to Him with faith, and then God will with favour look upon the face of the Anointed: we, without him, dare not show our faces. The psalmist pleads love to God's ordinances. Let us account one day in God's courts better than a thousand spent elsewhere; and deem the meanest place in his service preferable to the highest earthly preferment. We are here in darkness, but if God be our God, he will be to us a Sun, to enlighten and enliven us, to guide and direct us. We are here in danger, but he will be to us a Shield, to secure us from the fiery darts that fly thick about us. Through he has not promised to give riches and dignities, he has promised to give grace and glory to all that seek them in his appointed way. And what is grace, but heaven begun below, in the knowledge, love, and service of God? What is glory, but the completion of this happiness, in being made like to him, and in fully enjoying him for ever? Let it be our care to walk uprightly, and then let us trust God to give us every thing that is good for us. If we cannot go to the house of the Lord, we may go by faith to the Lord of the house; in him we shall be happy, and may be easy. That man is really happy, whatever his outward circumstances may be, who trusts in the Lord of hosts, the God of Jacob.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 84

  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 84
    My God and my father in thee put I my trust Amen and amen
  • Freedomborn in Truth on Psalms 84
    So True for me is verse 10 but of course there are God's Tents too Numbers24:5 - Joshua22:6-8 Many Christans today have been Saved by the Revivals in them. God knows our Hearts Focus Heb4:12-16 and we know Our Salvation is not earned it is shown by our Love but not wordly love our Godly Love and when we are Perfected in His Love and have His seed we Can't Sin 1John 3 and 5. Blessings -Annie.
  • I AM THAT I AM: on Psalms 84
    The Echo Sigma Emergency Bug Out Bag is a full size emergency kit that is designed to be kept in the home or office. I TELL YE, I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. For the LORD God IS a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good THING will he withhold from them that walk uprightly: Blessed IS the man that trusteth in thee.
  • LINDA LEMON - in Reply on Psalms 84
    okay linda
  • Brandy on Psalms 84
    who is doorkeeper of the house? Does that me Usher of Church?
  • Juniorjunior - in Reply on Psalms 84
    Every christian including those in office as ushers. Acts 1:8
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Psalms 84
    Doorkeeper to stand at the threshold. Rather stand outside God's house at the door than be inside the tent of wickedness.
  • Kimberly Truman on Psalms 84
    Verse 11: i believe god for good things in jesus name.
  • Stephen B on Psalms 84

    Jesus wanted to the disciples to trust in Him and him alone. But knowing that Peter and another apostle had swords He was saying that if they were to trust in a sword, there was coming a time when they would need one. (Ellicott's commentary)
  • Vance (Reborn) - in Reply on Psalms 84
    To all, Christ wants you all to hear the word of God but only if you choose to do so. Only you can open your ears and hear the word. I have opened my ears and I hear and I understand. Start be reading the Gospels of Jesus provided by his Disciples and choose to understand what the message is behind the parables. This is me spreading the word. God bless you all without discrimination.


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