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  • Mark on Psalms 83
    Marvin you need to read John 17:21 it will help you to understand the meaning on John 10:30 afterall if Jesus is praying to his father for himself, his father and his followers to be one does that make his followers god? And Isa 9:6 Jesus is called mighty god but even in the commentary of ps 83:18 on this website it calls Jehovah Almighty. Might: Great Power Almight: Complete and all power. So one is more powerful then the other Jesus is never given the title almighty.
  • Joe B. on Psalms 83:18
    I personally have fallen away and returned a few times because of stuff in my past. I have never lost sight of the " fact " that I can pray to my god Jehovah through his son Jesus for forgiveness and mercy.I feel it is very important to know which God that one prays to,after all, there is only one true god, Jehovah. Thanks.
  • Evansco Digreat on Psalms 83
    I really like the verse 18 which tells us the very true name of the Most High God, as recorded ' ' whose name alone is JEHOVAH ' ' Meaning God the Creator has got a Unique Name which is above every name. Unfortunately, most current translations have sidelined His JEHOVAH name and simply writing God leaving us to wonder worshiping such a nameless God. KJV is the best and still keeping the faith which is why l cannot stop using KJV and i love it
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on Psalms 83
    PSALMS 83 COMMENTS 5 03 2015 The chosen nation of God, which was Israel and the enemies of God. Jacob Israel, Gen.32:28 was begged an help from Almighty God JE-HO-VAH, EX.3:14 6:3 Ch.83:18 Isa.12:2 that enemies will be perish. Praised the LORD, he saved his people even being a strangers from the covenants of promise, but now made nigh by the blood of Christ Eph.2:12-13 A-men
  • Reinarudo Watanabe on Psalms 83
    PSALMS CHAPTER 83 COMMENTS 5 03 2015 12:25 PM This chapter between chosen nation of God, which Israel and enemies of God. Jacob Israel,Gen.32:28 begged help in Almighty God JE-HO-VAH that enemies will be perish. Praised the LORD for he saved his people even being stranger from the covenants of promise, but now are made nigh by the blood of Christ. Eph. 2:12,13 . A-men.
  • Marvin on Psalms 83
    Diesel, research the name of Yehovah. Read Joel chapter 2 v. 32. Then read Romans chapter 10 v. 9. Then read Romans chapter 10 v. 13. Then read John 's Gospel 10 v. 30.
  • Marvin on Psalms 83
    Rose you need to read Isaiah Chapter 9 verse 6
  • Rose on Psalms 83
    Can 't JEHOVAH anybody see how clear it is God 's name THE MOST HIGH OVER ALL THE EARTH IS JEHOVAH that is GOD 'S NAME. JEHOVAH IS THE FATHER, THE GOD ALMIGHTY AND OUR CREATOR. JESUS IS HIS SON look John 10:36 And clear they are two separate intities. In John 14:28 Jesus said THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I AM.JESUS himself acknowledged that his FATHER JEHOVAH is superior to him. In Colosians 1:15 says Jesus is the firstborn if all creation. So before he was born where was he? Of course he didn 't exist. So he can 't be God because God always exist HE HAS NO BEGINNING AND NO END whereas Jesus had a beginning.Also if you give birth to a son, he can 't be you,likewise Jesus is God 's son so therefore he can 't be you. You need to reason and use logic to be able to understand the scriptures especially the truth about God Jehovah and his son Jesus. What is God 's purpose of creating humankind, why he made the earth, why do we die, where are the dead, why there 's so many bad things happening in the world. Answers to these questions are there in the bible, find it out yourselves.
  • Jacob on Psalms 83
    Amen brother Marvin.
  • Marvin on Psalms 83
    If you 'd like to enter Heaven you need to know the almighty God and come through Him and that 's not Jehovah that 's God 's Branch Jesus Christ, the one that paid man 's sin debt through the finished work of the Cross. Jehovah the Father Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit. All Three Are One but through the Name Jesus is how you enter Heaven. You need to read Revelation Chapter 1, Verse 8 and the Gospel of John Chapter 6 Verses 36 through 40.
  • Darla on Psalms 83:18
    We are known by our names, not what we are man woman . God isn 't his name, it is what he is. His name is Jehovah. When you know someone personally, you call them by their name. If I am in a crowd and yell "Mom ", no one knows who I am talking about. However, if I call her by her name, then they know. People have many "Gods ", even devil worshippers have one Satan . If I pray to God, does anyone know which God I am praying to? If I pray to Jehovah, they know.
  • LIVINGSTON on Psalms 83
  • Jane on Psalms 83:18
    I am so happy that I have been able to read these comments. It is so wonderful to help others understand that Jehovah is the most loving and caring heavenly ruler who has ever given mankind the opportunity to live in a paradise forever. And he has chosen his beloved son to give his life for mankind. He is soon to bring about the end of all suffering and restore paradise on this beautiful planet!!
  • Jerry M. Leonard on Psalms 83
    My question on Paul 's comment on 11-07-2013, 4:53 am...if Jesus Christ is not Almighty who else can be coming if it not Jesus Christ? In The book of Revelation in chapter 1, says The revelation of Jesus Christ in verse 8 same chapter last part, which is to come, the Almighty. Is this not Jesus Christ?
  • Ar on Psalms 83
    To Ramir 's psalm chapter 83 remark. Please Ramir, note that we all know that Jehovah is our God 's name. But remember, Jesus taught us to call Him Father and he always referred to Him as Father. Is there a more beautiful way to acknowledge that we have a Father in Heaven, who loves us all with the same eternal love. I would rather call Him Father, than Jehovah, when I am praying or talking to Him.
  • Ramir on Psalms 83
    The Name of God is not LORD nor GOD its is a Title of powerfull person all over the earth.Thats Correct because all of us we have name,and thats why we believe that our grand creator has a personal name.and his names Is JEHOVAH it means The most high all over the world or his purpose never fail.that the meaning of JEHOVAHS name.he has a purpose to us and he never fail what ever happen!
  • Jerry M. Leonard on Psalms 83
    Reply to Cheryl 's comment on 12 07 2014,10 23 am...You 100 right Israel will never be defeated, Christ is going to Rule there in the future. You need to read Zechariah Ch. 14, Vs. 1 thru 3, Israel is going to take a beating at this time and that 's when Christ steps in defeating all their enemies.
  • Juanita McGinnisOne God and One Mediator on Psalms 83:18
    I find that a lot of people that I have asked do you know God has a personal name ? Only to find out that they did not.I showed them in the KJ. King James version of the bible Psalms 83 18 and Ex 6 3 Isaiah 12 2 42 8 They were very excited .I love to call upon the name of Jehovah when I pray . AND 1 Timothy 2 5 One God and One Mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus .
  • Nick Batchelor on Psalms 83:18
    Yahweh or Yehovah is closer in Hebrew but most of us speak English. English is English and Hebrew is Hebrew. Yeshua is closer to how the Hebrews called Jesus as we say in English.
  • Cheryl on Psalms 83
    It is a prophecy of Islamic nations aligning together to destroy Israel. But God is in control and He will not allow Israel to be destroyed.
  • Jerry Leonard on Psalms 83
    This Psalm 83 I feel what 's going on in these latter days and I know there 's many other believers believe the same way. I can assure you what 's said in verses 1 thru 8 most if not all verses have already come to pass. The prophets of old called these territories as they knew them in their time but most of these territories are known to be in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, today and some was in Egypt several years back. But for you to get a surprise like I did get you Strong 's Concordance of the KIV version of the Bible and look up the word "Nobles " in verse 11 the numbers to look up from the Concordance in the old Testament in the Hebrews dictionary are 5081 and 5068. they both mean terrorists. They have the words tyrant, volunteer, to blow themselves up ,willingly offer themselves, soldiers and others things.
  • Raymond on Psalms 83
    when you note Isaiah 43 10 and God taking out of the nations a people for his Name what do you come up with?
  • Melissa on Psalms 83:18
    Clearly states Gods name is JEHOVAH, Most high over all the earth. Meaning. No one or nothing is above him not even Jesus which is his only begotten son, meaning he created him then Jesus created all other things thru JEHOVAHS Holy Spirit.
  • Gabriel on Psalms 83
    On Psalms 83 18 its clearly stated that name of God is Jehovah. And god appreciates when we call upon his name and in the name of his son Jesus.
  • Ar on Psalms 83
    This song Psalm 83 is a prophecy for present time Middle East situation. Look at a present geographic map of the Middle East. The same enemies mentioned in this psalm are trying to sweep off the State of Israel today from the map. Edom and Moab are to day 's Jordan. Ishmaelites and Hagarines are today 's Egypt. Gebal is today 's Lebanon. Amon and Amalik are Arabs living in Middle East mainly in Jordan. Philistia as a state was to day 's Gaza strip, but there is no Philistians for the past 2500 years! Assur is todays Syria,Iraq and Turkey. There is no such nation as Palestinians.Don 't mix philistines with self named "palestinians ". Search the Internet to find this. If there was a Palestine Jesus would have talked about it. When He was crucified the Romans wrote on the cross the King of Israel...
  • Obinna on Psalms 83:18
    Toni what is a ghost? Can a Ghost be holy? Is the holy spirit a person? Jehovah said... Jesus said..., have you ever seen or heard where the Spirit said? If u are rightly disposed then you will realize that Jehovah our God is one God, also one lord Jesus Christ, and not THREE!!! 1cor 8 6
  • Paul - in Reply on Psalms 83:18
    Rev. 22:17
  • Blessed on Psalms 83:18
    Thank you Jehovah
  • MockingBird on Psalms 83:18
    Timothy said it well There is coming a day when we will know that we know that we know That Jehovah is the most high over all the earth There will be no debating no questions no curiosity His name is Great and Almighty There is coming a day when every knee shall bow and tongue confess that Jesus Is Lord to the Glory of God Praise the Lord God forever more Read the word of God as it is and allow Holy Spirit to teach you
  • Marcel on Psalms 83:18
    Indeed the scripture has stated very clear by saying men who do not know may know Ps 119 73 thy hands have made me fashioned me give me understanding that i may learn thy commands meaning that us we know him even upon what He has done as our Creater that thou despite His doings is got a name for who He is whose name is JEHOVAH He alone maker ps119 73 great teacher ps119 33 and the most high over all the earth Its also a god thing that HE is known by HIS name so that none gets confused when it comes to acknowledging addressing our GOD

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