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  • Melvin on Psalms 83
    God own word in this chapter of the Bible tells us what his proper name is,"Jehovah", so who is the one who has a problem with that, those who have a problem with it should pay closer attention to what He says in verses 16 and 17 of chapter 83......
  • Sarah whitten on Psalms 83
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 83
    Be blessed today brothers and sisters in Christ. Let the Holy Spirit show us that which God wants us to understand as we read His Word. His Word is the most precious thing in my life. I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold, or rubies and diamonds. I would rather know my King and Lord than having a huge new home or big bank account, or a high paying job or a great worldly education! Praise Yah!
  • RP on Psalms 83
    As for me and my household, we shall see Jehovah.
  • Ms_Ashay on Psalms 83
    Thanks you for your praise to the Most High God! I am in agreement with you. I stand with you my sister in proclaiming the blood of the Lamb as the Prince of Peace. The enemy of our souls is defeated, bless the name of the Lord. My God, Almighty the sustainer of the Universe! Amen!
  • Lilian on Psalms 83
    Yes indeed God the only Jehovah Jireh my Provider, Jehovah Shalom my Peace, Jehovah Rapha my Healer. Jehovah my Righteousness. Thank you Jesus for the blood you shed for us you have come to give us life in abundance. Let the world and the men knows you Lord that you alone Jehova above all the earth. The alpha abd omega there are no God's after you. Praise you Jesus hosanna in the highest amen
  • Scott macek on Psalms 83
    I think the verse is perfect as well as our Heavenly Father!!!!!!!
  • Rehema on Psalms 83
    at times God ought to cover our faces with shame that we may turn to Him for He is Yahweh, God alone among all the nations
  • Telen on Psalms 83
    Psalms 83:18, not only shows the original name of our God, Jehovah, but that he ALONE is most high over all.
  • Nathan on Psalms 83
    This is true guys the name of our God is Jehovah
  • Brother Rando on Psalms 83
    Seeing God's Holy Name JEHOVAH in Big Letters emphasizes the point why Peter under inspiration stated, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ" ( 1 Peter 1:3) Then again, we have our Lord Jesus Christ teaching his followers to pray, "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name." ( Matthew 6:9)
  • Quansto on Psalms 83
    Why doesn't KJV put God's name where it belongs . Not just Psalms 83:18 but wherever YHWH is originally.
  • Ato ARMAH on Psalms 83
    "Name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth". I love verse 18. He's the only JEHOVAH. The everlasting GOD. The most powerful GOD, The Alpha and Omega, The almighty GOD. Hmm Me and my house we will alway worship the LORD. Amen.
  • Deborah Bethuel on Psalms 83
    Psalm 83's Prophecy will be fulfilled! Israel requests that "Third Temple" be built now! War is coming!
  • Yonathan on Psalms 83
    Jesus said , he that has seen me has seen the Father. :)
  • Christy on Psalms 83
    It speaks of how Arabian nations, Asian nations African nations and the European nations came together and made a treaty to get rid of the Israelites and to make them cease as a people together while they steal everything from the Israelites enslave them and take their country from them. But Yeshua sees all and still loves Israel and will take vengence on those nations.
  • Craig on Psalms 83
    Verse 18...waaw! JEHOVAH the supreme God of the universe. Interestingly, the name Jesus means Jehovah is salvation in Hebrew and that is fitting when Jesus the son of Jehovah was being baptised in the river Jordan and a voice from heaven said "this is my son the beloved" and JEHOVAH resurrected back to life in heaven alongside Him...hence JEHOVAH is salvation. Nice one King James rendition!!!
  • James Naika on Psalms 83
    No nation can drive the Jewish nation into the sea because the Lord God Jehovah is on their side yesterday, today and forever more.
  • Chris on Psalms 83
    Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at God's right hand. Look! I can see heaven thrown open, he said, and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God. Acts 7:55, 56

    Exodus 33:20ŽBut he (God) added: You cannot see my face, for no man can see me and live. Yet we saw the face of our dear Savior Jesus Almighty
  • Lufuno Dagada on Psalms 83
    God is superior than all, In fact, He is the only one like Him.
  • Sharron on Psalms 83
    Iam thankful
  • Stacey steadman on Psalms 83
    very good text!
  • Dinah on Psalms 83
    Thank you for using Jehovah's name! It is most appropriate.
  • Marvin on Psalms 83
    Jacob keep up the good work don 't let them get you down. Read Jerry Leonard 's comment 11 12 2014 it 's on all comments in Luke 13.
  • Jerry on Psalms 83
    This is the Arab nations conspiring together against Israel, but little do they know God will fight Israels ' battle!
  • Gail Green on Psalms 83
    No matter what the World thinks the Lord will have the last word. Gail
  • Michael on Psalms 83:18
    Thanks always be to Jehovah, and our ONLY Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only way to Jehovah. Peace be with you.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 83:18
    Jehovah is my Lord and my God : I have come to know Him more and more every day : I sometimes groan within myself wanting more and more of my Lord and Savour .If my Lord gave me all of Him in a moment of time He would know that I would burst because I would not be able to comprehend all of who and what He is !!!!!
  • Lilian on Psalms 83
    We have only one Jehovah the most High God. Jesus is the mediator between man and God. Our Heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one. Whaterver Jesus spake comes from the Father who have sent him. John 3:16 For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ whoever believes in him will not be perish but have an everlasting life. Our Heavenly Father loves his Son Jesus so much and he gave him a full authority into Jesus hands and that 's the reason that Jesus has authority to forgive sins to Save us from Sins. He made everything new thanks to Jesus precious blood that shed for us, His Resurrection, His ascencion to heaven and thanks for sending us the Holy Spirit. Our prayers must be completed with thanks and praising to Jesus for he is worthy to be praised. Amen. We must now meditate his words day and night all things that we do will be prosper. Praised God Amen
  • Blessed on Psalms 83

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