Commentary for Psalms 82

An exhortation to judges. (1-5) The doom of evil rulers. (6-8)

1-5 Magistrates are the mighty in authority for the public good. Magistrates are the ministers of God's providence, for keeping up order and peace, and particularly in punishing evil-doers, and protecting those that do well. Good princes and good judges, who mean well, are under Divine direction; and bad ones, who mean ill, are under Divine restraint. The authority of God is to be submitted to, in those governors whom his providence places over us. But when justice is turned from what is right, no good can be expected. The evil actions of public persons are public mischiefs.

6-8 It is hard for men to have honour put upon them, and not to be proud of it. But all the rulers of the earth shall die, and all their honour shall be laid in the dust. God governs the world. There is a righteous God to whom we may go, and on whom we may depend. This also has respect to the kingdom of the Messiah. Considering the state of affairs in the world, we have need to pray that the Lord Jesus would speedily rule over all nations, in truth, righteousness, and peace.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 82

  • Sammy on Psalms 82
    Part 3: In Job 1:6 the angels sons of God were congregating, along with Satan and his angels. We know it was off-world by the language used visiting Earth, up and down it, etc as angels are only beings capable of interstellar travel not men. Also read Luke 10:18 "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven" which ties-in verse 7 "But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes".
  • Sammy on Psalms 82
    Part 2: The second verdict is that a GOD Jesus Christ? is appointed to Arise and judge the Earth, and will inherit all nations. Side note: This type of celestial court where angelic beings congregate is eluded to several times in the Bible. Most notably was in Job when Satan and his angels where called to present themselves before the LORD. Part 3 coming next...
  • Sammy on Psalms 82
    Part 1: Referring to the celestial court, the sons of God are ANGELIC beings NOT mortals. Clearly defined in this passage where they are identified as Gods i.e. sons of God . Can't miss that. What's tell-telling though is in verse 7-8 where a supreme GOD is chastising some for judging unjustly..and creating disorder. The verdict is doling out of punishments Ye shall Die like men .
  • Mary Odoms on Psalms 82
    Psalms 82:6 is taken out of content. Psalms 82:6 " I have said, Ye are gods and all of you are the children of the most High." God is saiding you belong to me,and all of you are the children of the most High. You are children of the most High God is referring to Himslef. God is our creator ,He created everything and there is only one God. Other gods that GOD speak of are false gods.
  • Cindy Garreau on Psalms 82
    This verse is regarding fallen Angels! It's time for the truth. Horrible shame that God's people have been so blinded and not taught the truth. Just horrible! God's people perish for lack of knowledge. Now, the truth is being revealed! Fallen Angels!
  • Patriot Mongoose on Psalms 82
    I think "gods" was referring to those in positions of authority, in particular, judges. These judges were supposed to protect the poor and good via Romans 13 and punish evil but they were letting evil flourish while ignoring the poor.
  • Catherine - in Reply on Psalms 82
    Well said PM ; the point is that God has given his authority to those who rule & HE has raised them up to do good & to be just v. 3 & 4 ; Judges/Rulers forget at their peril WHO it is that really gave them authority so in spite of v.6 , Judges/Rulers would do well to remember v. 7 & 8 ...verses 1 & 2 provide us with the context. We therefore as subjects of whichever society we are a part of should obey authority & commit our obedience to God to judge righteously .
  • Biblefan on Psalms 82
    there's only one god - but the term 'god' sounds like it's being used facetiously in regards to the powerful who take themselves too seriously, yet at the same time doing nothing with their power to help the needy. (Kim Jong Un, i'm looking at you). The other Kim's are dead, incidently. The super rich/powerful's biggest fear is losing their riches/power( hence their perceived godhood)
  • Magnus on Psalms 82
    This psalm was quoted by Jesus in John 10:34 specifically indicating that reborn Christians, being the sons of God are gods and it comes with the responsibilities listed in verse 3 and 4.
    It warns us not to remain in darkness but to open our eyes to what our new purpose is and that as Christians we should be world changers by the love and power of our Most High Father and God.
  • Metta melchezedek - in Reply on Psalms 82
    YES someone who studies


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