Psalms Chapter 81 Discussion

  • Delores M on Psalms 81:10
    Open your mouth wide and praise Me; tell everyone what I have done for you, and I will open the windows of heaven and bless you abundantly - that you will tell others of what I have dine fore you.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Friend, any one can make a claim of what people want to hear for serving themselves. Christians are wiser than that.

    Keep the faith within the Saints as a witness to the unbelieving world.

  • To vote or not vote choose on Psalms 81
    Voting is a privilege that American soldiers have protected with their lives throughout our history.

    Voting is our voice. If you don't use it, then you have no right to complain. Be quiet.

    Usually we have one candidate that against abortion. That's who you'd want to vote for.

    All politicians have their speeches out there on Youtube. There's no reason to be in the dark on issues.

    After the caught up in the clouds (rapture), and the Antichrist is revealed.....THERE WILL BE NO VOTING anymore period. He has his agenda, and doesn't give a flying kite what people think.

    If you miss out being born again and raptured; you'll have to take the Mark of the Beast (at some point; maybe weeks, maybe months?) to buy food, water; etc. But you will lose your soul at the end.

    There will no government then. Antichrist will rule the world. The economies, the food supply, religion, and he will have his own armies to monitor and control people left behind. There may be internet or tv until the time when the two Witnesses are murdered by Antichrist. You may have to take the mark to have Internet?

    The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will be taken out of the way when these events occur. He'll still be here for those that want to be born again; but He cannot save your body. You'll survive miraculously, or you'll be decapitated for not taking the mark of the Beast or worshipping Antichrist.

    They're going to destroy all Bibles. You could hide them under rocks? Take off the barcode that can be GPS tracked.

    Don't think you can hide out in the woods: they have drones to search for gps and infrared to see people's heat.

    Be practical. Vote against bad management: those that ARE legislating to close churches, ban singing in church, ban Christian school choice and ban giving your tax money to your kids schools!

    Ban firearms to protect against rioters tearing up your homes.

    Voting is a tool.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Last hours I've seen other pastors that are saying to take off the masks.

    I'm not going to go against one of Gods Pastors. Ok.

    Follow your heart and have faith in Jesus to be your shield. Ephesians 6. Wear your armor.
  • Andrew - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Thanks alot I understand now. God Bless you
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Andrew, as you read Psalm 81 (& whenever we read Scripture, we must read it in context to the chapter, book & Bible), one has to ask, "what is God telling Israel here"? He is firstly warning them not to serve any other gods (v 9); He is the God who has kept them & provided for them (v 10). But, as was their usual pattern, Israel disobeyed God & served other gods, the gods of the gentiles around them (vv 11, 12).

    So verse 10 is a plea & cry from God to His people to return back to Him & not put their trust in other gods. " thy mouth wide, and I will fill it": all that Israel could ever need, God was there to supply them. The picture is of a young bird in the nest with its mouth wide open (I think you have seen such a sight). The little one only knows hunger & that the mother would be around to provide food. So it waits patiently with its mouth wide open in anticipation. So should Israel have considered their God: a God Who knows their needs & WILL provide for them and they should look to Him in great anticipation & love. And this reminds us of His provision for us Christians, as we wait for Him, depending only upon Him for the right & necessary things for this life. So, this Psalm certainly does NOT give us a precept to not wear masks or have our faces covered, with due respect to your pastor. If one is to abide by governmental laws for Church gatherings, I would prefer that believers sat a suitable distance apart & would be unmasked during worship.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Romans 14:1-23
  • Andrew - in Reply on Psalms 81
    Thank you for your reply. I appreciated. I still dont understand you explanation. I am a bit confuse. So

    "we must take off mask, our mouth and face must never be covered before God". Is this right? Is this what Psalm 81:10 interpret?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 81
    "Heresies"came to signify self-chosen doctrines not emanating from God ( 2 Pet. 2:1).

    1 Corinthians 10:9, 11:19

    Luke 4:12

    Isaiah 7:12

    2 Peter 3:17

    God is not going to fault you with practicing safety. We're to obey those that have rule over us. Our President is trying to keep people safe. I am practicing safety. That's my conscience in this matter. What is yours saying?
  • Andrew Tang on Psalms 81
    Psalm 81:10 "I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it."

    Dear Sir As for this verse my Pastor interpret as 'When we pray and worship, we must take off mask, our mouth and face must never be covered before's our mouth that will open before Him and He will fill it.

    Was he right? I find it is a bit distorted here. Please help. Thank you and God bless.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 81
    Thank You Father God,
  • Cindt on Psalms 81
    As I read this, thinking about my 1st counseling session this morning. I pray I can say what it is that has emotionally drained me. An emotional affair my husband had with another woman, although he doesn’t see it that way. I need strength because I cannot do it with out help. Praying the Lord has me seeing the right person. Reading this has helped me.
  • Lindy on Psalms 81
    Julie, rest in the Lord. He wants you to trust in Him. No matter what we feel,

    He is in control.
  • A disciple on Psalms 81
    Julie; JESUS DOES ANSWER OUR PRAYERS! The Lord bless you and comfort you, Sister! Jesus cannot forget us; but all our walls are before Him, and He knows our troubles and sorrows, and bears them with us. Our day is coming, and the unspeakable joy of finally seeing Him ALIVE AND IN GLORY, who once hung dead on the cross for us, will make all these things here and now just melt away as insignificant!
  • Julie on Psalms 81
    The verse that always reaches out and grabs me is Verde 6 I removed the burden from his shoulder and delivered his hands from the pots. I'm always trying to hard and working so much and never feel like I make enough to rest and the debt I have and owe is such a heavy burden. I'm always praying for God to supernaturally just deliver me from it and and free my hands so that I can just rest.
  • Ato ARMAH on Psalms 81
    I love verse 10 is a very important verse in their chapter.
    I am the LORD thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.
  • Mona on Psalms 81
    Vs. 13 14 are my best: I'm Loving it, because we give up too quickly and do not WAIT for God to act on our behalf. God's deliverance on our behalf comes with our listening and obeying Him. This way we do not have to fight for ourselves. I need to remember this daily.
  • Sharon on Psalms 81
    God wants us to trust that He has demolished Satan 's thrones and we should always on our way keep our minds, eyes and heart 's on Him, not wavering alone.
  • Eaglesrock on Psalms 81
    What happens when we praise our God. I will deliver you from your enemies,I will answer you, there shall be no strange god in you.
  • Benjamin on Psalms 81
    It is sin that makes our troubles long and our salvation slow. What words!
  • Barbara lee on Psalms 81
    Psalms 81 God wants us to obey his commands and we are not to have or worship any other gods he will do great things for us
  • Brother William on Psalms 81:10
    the word is nigh thee even in thy mouth: the word of faith. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say to this mountain: get thee hence! And it will obey you.
  • Idowu on Psalms 81:1
    Book of psalm 81 is very inspirational and spirit lifting.
  • Juanita on Psalms 81
    I find this chapter very enlightening. do we really hear a voice with our human ears or are we hearing with our mind ears & eyes?
  • Brian on Psalms 81
    History repeats itself in that God's people will believe on Him but will not follow Him. As a result we deny ourselves the fullness of God's blessings that He desires to give us. Loss of blessing in this life will result of loss of rewards in the Millenial Kingdom. Strengthen us O God to walk in accordance with your Word.

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