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  • Frieda Colon on Psalms 8
    Who are we that GOD concerns himself with us? O how Excellent is name
  • Arono evelyn on Psalms 8
    who are we,He is so excellent
  • Chi on Psalms 8:6
    The devil lucifier happens to be the work of his hand so are the fallen angel so we are to rule over them and not to get scared of them
  • Akua sarpong on Psalms 8
    I thank You Jesus
  • Barb on Psalms 8
    It strikes me at how we are to praise the name of Jesus "How excellent is thy name ". Today Jesus ' name is not precious, it is abused by many. He wants us to praise His name and keep it sacred.
  • Harriet Nabirye on Psalms 8
    Psalm 8 6, I am humbled by God 's love! He gave us authority over the things that He made with His hands! Who is man in the sight of God?
  • Muuo on Psalms 8
    even though we are born with sin we are also responsible for taking care of what has been entrusted to us.
  • Evas Tugume Kamukama on Psalms 8
    It shows God 's greatness,God 's love for man and his humbleness.
  • Edna Tribuce on Psalms 8
    In chapter 8 that god so love us that he gave us dominant over all things on this earth that s to show how much we loved by the father
  • Maina on Psalms 8:2
    well!!! yes!!!! the enemy does exist nevertheless greater is he that is in us and for us, we who are weak confound the wisdom of the wise and prudent, with great exploits against the kingdom of darkness!!!! thanks to our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!
  • Lorna Bennett on Psalms 8:1
    Shows just how much we are loved and treasured by God;God cares about us so much. Praise God!
  • Anonymous on Psalms 8:4
    To understand what is man let us go to the scriptures.11tim.3.18-19,romans15.4,mt.4.4,romans3.4,pro.30.5,1cor10.6,11,1thess.5.21-23,gen.1.26,jn.4.23-24,gen.1.27,col.1.15,eph.2.10.11cor.3.17,jn.6.63,gen.2.7,1cor.15.45-47,jn.3.31,jn.3.13-14,pro.30.4,1cor.11.3,col.1.18,jn.12.23-25,ecc.4.9-10,gen.25.22-23,gal.4.22-31,romans9.8.romans8.14,jn.3.3-9,1cor.2.14,job32.8,pro.20.27,gen.2.7,job27.3,lam.4.20,1cor.2.7,9-11,jn.1.4-5,9-10,col.1.26-27,psm.24.7-10,jn.8.28,1cor15.21-23,jn.8.23,44,mt.13.24-25, 1cor 15.34,eph.5.13-14,col.3.3-4,eph.2.10,psm.37.37,1pet.3.4,jn.1.18,jn.6.44,46,63,pro 25.2-5,heb.9.27,jn.11.26,jn.3.16,jn.1.12-13,1pet.1.23-24,11cor.5.16-17,jn.9.1-5,39-41,lu.17.20-21,11cor.4.6-7,mt.13.44,col.3.1-2,col.2.8-10,pro.14.12,romans.6.23,gal.6.6-7,romans8.13,eze.3.18,gen.2.17,romans7.21,23,romans5.12-13,romans7.14,pro.23.7,gal.6.3,1cor.8.1-3,romans8.5-8,romans12.2-3,1cor.3.18-19,pro.22.15,ecc.9.3,gen.8.21,psm.58.3,isa.48.8,ecc.7.20,romans3.10-12,18,pro.1.7,pro.9.10,pro.8.13,pro.19.2,mal.1.6,jud.17.6,pro.29.18,ecc.12.13.psm.127.1.eph.2.8-9,eph.3.7-9.11pet.1.2.
  • Brenda burton on Psalms 8:2
    out of the mouth of babes in this Kenyan shootings
    this saying rings true by this 4 year old
  • Samuel on Psalms 8
    The man referred to here is a mortal man like you and I
  • Rachel on Psalms 8
    Hebrews 2:9 answers the question. It is talking about Christ. Christ became man so that he could conquer sin and bring salvation to man.
  • James on Psalms 8:5
    I want to know wether the 'man' in Psalms 8:5 n Heb 2:6-8 is Jesus Christ or a mortal man like me?
  • Baloo Ben on Psalms 8:4
    Whats man?in comparison of man with beautiful tins that God has made,despite the fallible state of man,God still desire that we should still maintain our position that he purposed for us right from the beginning of the creation.
  • Clint on Psalms 8
    Ann, we are made lower than the angels not God. We will judge satan and the angels that rebelled with
    satan. Do not put more importance on mans status with God because many cults use that same heretic teachings to lead many people astray.
  • Ann Richards on Psalms 8:5
    Since we are created in the image and likeness of God, as far as Psalms 8:5 states that we were created a little lower than God (NASV), therefore our position in God is a very significant one, and we must not take what God has done in us lightly. Since we will judge angels, this tells me we are in a higher state than these angels themselves, 1 Corinthians 6:3 says "we" shall judge angels, so think on that, and don't be afraid to say " I am created a little lower than God." Know who you are and be thankful that God holds you in such high esteem.
  • Joan on Psalms 8
    Itís a comforting chapter, just have to read and understand the words. GOD is good every time.
  • Clint on Psalms 8
    Jesus is not Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Jesus is The Son, God is The Father and Holy Ghost is The Holy Spirit! Jesus, when the 1,000 year rule is over will turn everything over to God who will rule forever! When Jesus went to heaven to sit on the right hand of God, then God sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. Please letís rightly divide The Word! God The Father, Jesus The Son and The Holy Spirit are one!
  • Kelly on Psalms 8
    Regarding "natural paths", please bear in mind that the Psalms are generally regarded as being songs or poetry. They were translated from the original Hebrew into (in this case with the KJV) Old English. The terminology here is intended to be poetic rather than scientific, as is the case with most poetry even today. The phrase "passeth through the paths" is an alliteration. Sometimes the passages need to be appreciated for their lyrical literary value and of course the blessing that they can be to those with an open heart.
  • Roger on Psalms 8
    It is actually one of my favorite books of the Bible. If anyone reads this will you pray everyday 2 or 3 times a day for a prayer list of your own that you made up. It may be small in the beginning and the more it grows, the more time you get to spend with God. It will do wonders for your life and the people you pray for. I challenge someone to do this I dare you. It has done a huge part in my life. Thanks.
  • Ken on Psalms 8:8
    Again, what scientific fact or principle is, "Oceans have natural paths in them"?
    Oceans have currents, sure, which are apparent to any sailor or coastal dweller who pays attention, but what are "natural paths" exactly?
  • HARRY ALLISON on Psalms 8
    IN RESPONSE to JEFF DAVIS `s COMMENT,THAT is an awesome testimony.YOUR daughter is a MIRACLE you can touch every day.JESUS said "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE"JESUS "is"the father,JESUS "IS" the son,"JESUS 'IS" the holy ghost.TYPO error in your comment though,you meant ACTS 2:38-39.GOOD MINISTERING....
  • Denise Fard on Psalms 8
    I just want to say to Jeff's comment you are absolutely correct about your comment!!! I have been baptized in the wonderful name of Jesus and baptized with the Holy Ghost by evidence of speaking in tongues!!! Hallelujah Praise God for the truth!!!
  • Davidcollins on Psalms 8
    I was going to make a comment,but after I read jeff davis'coment I was left speechless!!! Thank you and praise you and glorify you dear Jesus you are the Lord thy GOD!!! AMEN. Please continue to bless those that follow you , and find those who are lost. Also help us who are trying to follow but just aren't strong enough at times.thank you God for everything you've done for me! In jesus name,AMEN!!!!!
  • Babu epaphras on Psalms 8
    it would have been written at night time.....seeing all stars and moon..the word "excellent" represents, there is no remark in the creation.The psalms remembers the privileges given to human.He made us lower than God and with glory and honor, but when we lost the glory because of our sins,He made Himself lower then angles and gave us glory.( Heb 2:9). when we remember heavens we are on a small earth which is not visible in galaxy, but God not only remembered us but He visited us.All these are not by human deeds but only by God's Great Grace.....( eph 2:5)
  • Jeff davis on Psalms 8
    This is for Jerome Rivera's question,"what is God's name",well if you read Isaiah 9:6, Luke 1:31,&1:35, 1Timothy 3:16:God was manfest in the flesh,sound's like Jesus to me!I know of only one God that walk on this earth,Jesus!He is the first and the last,welspring of living water,bread of life...Jesus is God!Anyone who would believe this and be baptized in his name,NOT name's(Acts3:38&39),shall reciece the gift of the Holy Ghost and speak in tounges as the Spirit give's them the God's word say's.Don't try to understand it all, just believe and do what God command's of us.He never said,"Understand and you'll be saved",just believe on his word's and in Him,and do what Acts 3:38,9 tell's you to do.All the healing's in the Bible were followed by,by your faith you are healed,go and tell no one.But now that He is risen,go and tell the world about it!!!Jesus lives and is the ONLY GOD that died and is ALIVE,He has the power to take His own life and give it back!He doesn't need us, we need Him,in everything we do,do in His name and you'll never go wrong!Love Him with ALL your heart and body and soul and straingh,and trust in Him,He will lead you, but you have to believe in something that you cannot see or touch,that's called HOPE.I never knew God till about 4&1/2 year's ago and now my whole life has changed,I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and I recieved the Holy Ghost soon after-ward's and speak in tounges as proof that God is in me!!!My daughter had skull surgy aweek or so afterward's and she was not expected to make-it.We prayed by lying hand's on her like it say's in the wrod of God, to do, and in His name,Jesus! In amatter of minuets i heard the machine beep and i looked over at it,and began praying again asking Jesus to save our 9 month old from dieing because it wouldn't be fair to her to miss out on our love in this life, and the machine beeped a couple more time's, and everytime it beeped, the tempature came down more,(it started at 107)pretty soon the nurse walked out back-ward's and when he returned, he started taking the wire's off of her that was hooked to that machine.I asked what he was doing,don't you need those to monitor her stats, and he told me, that from what he'd just seen,she was in"GOOD HAND'S and the machine had nothing on it(meaning the power of GOD!)He'd just went and made arrangement's for her to be moved to a semi-private recovery room,she's out of danger!Wow,i was floating around like you wouldn't believe,drunk in the Spirit as they say.It was awsome, the way God healed her and it was because we prayed in the name of Jesus,not some title's!!! God still is very much in our lives and Leah is doing great!She is now five and in kindergarden,ahe does have alittle bit of a speach inpeddement,but she take's a speech thrapy class and is doing very good,Thank-You Jesus!!!My Lord and my God,Here Ol'Israel,our Lord is One God!And there is no mystery here,if you believe He is God,all the knowledge of God will be poured out to you,wisdom and discernment will be your's also, God bless all who follow Him!There is ONE who sits on the thrown,Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords!!!
  • Marlyn on Psalms 8
    It declares the excellency of His name and the power of the work of His hands, His love on human being as He provided man of his every need and made him dominion over all His creations even higher with the angels,, Thank you Lord God!! All the honor and glory you deserve!

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