Psalms Chapter 77 Discussion

  • Richard H Priday on Psalms 77
    Psalm 77.

    This Psalm seems to indicate illness of Asaph much like in David's Psalms (particularly in verses 9 through 10); but also discusses the works of old when Moses led his people by God's help from verse 11 through the end of the Psalm. Certainly; we could see some themes intersecting both his personal situation and the national one which reflects writings such as Lamentations which describes the horrors of God's judgment during the Babylonian invasion and subsequent captivity with the starvation of the people in particular.

    The "days of old" in verse 5 also could be used in a broader sense to future time periods such as the intertestamental period. There was also the time of the Judges when generally there wasn't much organized worship and or righteous kings. Whether past reflections or future prophecy it is clear that there have been repeated patterns of deliverance and temporary obedience followed by long periods of decline and then another brief burst of repentance among the people. We could certainly find some similarity in the dispensation of the church age when things started off with a "bang"; then there were long periods of time in the Middle Ages and of course in recent years when there was great decay overall in the Body of Christ.

    We can look to "righteous Lot" ( 2 Peter 2:7) as an example of a sort of half hearted righteous man who sort of was saved through the fire in a literal and figurative sense.

    The fact that God uses all things for our good including the terrible judgments of the end times certainly doesn't diminsh from the suffering of God's people which is particularly intense when foreknowledge of such events makes keeping silent being like fire in his bones ( Jeremiah 20:9). God Himself is also pained as the book of Hosea states in judgment of Ephriam in chapter 11 verses 8-11. The prophets would feel this pain as the Spirit moved them. Again this shows Asaph was prophetic even though he is only found in Psalms.
  • Harriet Frame Catherine on Psalms 77
    Thank you. Enjoy reading the scriptures in a bigger print.
  • BSP on Psalms 77
    Verse 12-We should meditate on all that Jehovah God has done for us and this will help us to draw closer to Him and our appreciation for him will grow.
  • Rolando Martinez on Psalms 77
    Read this Psalm and read Matthew 14. The lament at the start of the Psalm brings to mind John the Baptist in his imprisonment yet he must have been comforted, as the Psalmist was, remembering the works of the Lord. Jesus fed a great multitude with a few loaves and fishes demonstrating that He is the God that does wonders. In so doing, Jesus declared His power to redeem us. As the disciples struggled to cross the sea in the storm these verses come alive:

    "The waters saw thee, O God, the waters saw thee; they were afraid: the depths also were troubled. The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad. The voice of thy thunder was in the heaven: the lightnings lightened the world: the earth trembled and shook." When they saw Him walking on the water this verse must have been in their minds: "Thy way is in the sea, and thy path in the great waters, and thy footsteps are not known." Jesus is God Almighty, this was recognized by the disciples and they worshiped Him. Lord Jesus please keep us, who have placed our trust in you, to believe in you in spite of pain and trouble or whatever comes our way. Bless you Lord Jesus and blessed be your holy name!
  • Sunday Oladimeji on Psalms 77
    God is the maker and controller of heaven and earth and everything therein. Everything surrenders to His authority and command. Therefore, He can turn every situation around positively to accomplish His purpose.
  • BSP on Psalms 77
    Verse 2: Whenever we are in trouble or in distress we can seek Jehovah God just as Asaph did.
  • A disciple on Psalms 77
    This is a very powerful Psalm! I think Asaph must have had a great heart to be able by the Spirit to lead the Congregation in the Service of Song and Prophesying on instruments of music! This is what the LORD through David had appointed him to do! Asaph was prophesying about Jesus! Our Service also; by our life and by preaching; to glorify Jesus and declare His doings and purpose and salvation.
  • BSP on Psalms 77
    In verse 12 the psalmist mentioned meditating on all of Jehovah God's works or doing. If we do the same this can fill us with awe and give us strength.
  • Michael C. on Psalms 77
    Dear Brother, I was not being a hypocrite or proud; you said that you let doubt into your life, and worried that you weren't even saved.Who was behind that wicked thought? Not a brother in the Lord, who is telling you in the love of the Spirit, to wise up and play the man; for your people, and for your God! Believe God,and give no place to the devil for anything, ESPECIALLY YOUR BLOOD BOUGHT SOUL!
  • Michael C. on Psalms 77
    Dear Michael, Please don't be offended; its not pride; but great experience of Jesus' mercy and forgiveness, and power to save to the uttermost! If I came over too rough, forgive me; I too am still in the world, and must yet reach the goal I'm set out for, like you. There are so many portions of scripture, that if we give ourselves wholly to learn; hold for us all the power and wisdom to overcome.
  • Michael C. on Psalms 77
    Hi Michael, No, I don't have a spirit of pride; but I do have a lot of experience of the Lord's mercy toward me. If we toy with temptation, and afterward have to repent; we must expect the Lord's chastisement as part of the healing; because you must know He hates sin; and He does not wink at it in Christians. The "judge not" from Mt 7:1, does not bar one brother from rebuking another if needed.
  • Michael Cannady on Psalms 77
    This is directed to Michael C. (the one with the period after his "c")...

    First off, I ask you to read Matthew 7:3-5..

    I will be praying for what I see as a Spirit of pride that is seeming to make you feel that YOU are a better Christian that anyone else.. Some are strong in Faith, others need to ask for forgiveness for their weakness (meaning me..) I feel you are judging me. (The Lord's job?)
  • Michael C. on Psalms 77
    Do you allow two of the same name to comment? I have no doubts or fears about being saved! Walk in the Spirit, and make no room for the devil or his filthy allurements! I have repented of my sins, and am truly converted; and I stay converted! Jesus the Son of God came in the flesh to lay down His life to save me from my sins. Too many give in to the flesh, and destroy many others with themselves.
  • Michael C on Psalms 77
    Recently, I found I had let doubt into my life that I wasn't really saved. I sought with prayer for assurance that what I was going through is another lie of satan. Today, those prayers were answered by both Psalm 77. Through it, God spoke to me easing my fears! God wrote this to me through Matthew Henry almost 300 years ago, proof to me He still performs Miracles.
  • Verse 11,12 on Psalms 77
    We can see how meditation helps us to absorb what we read in God’s Word and to develop heartfelt appreciation for spiritual food
  • Annie on Psalms 77
    I am divorced from a man who makes every aspect of my life his business. If ever I could think of Satan in flesh it would be in the form of this human. Never have I known such an idle menacing spirit. What struck me most is that it took me being divorced to read Titus so I could understand what to look for in a spouse. There is hope. I know the difference btw a nourisher and a hater now.
  • Annie on Psalms 77
    God you understand my pain let not hatred consume my heart. Redeem my soul from hell. Take not away the life of your hanmaid. Remove the poison of hate that makes me so bitter because of stalking. Remove the rage I have in my heart frrom my privacy being constantly invaded. Provide the opportunity for me to leave this place and have a life elsewhere. Let me not give way to anger due to stalking.
  • Anonymous on Psalms 77:12
    As you study the Bible, Jehovah God will become more real to you and you will draw closer to him.
  • Sharon on Psalms 77:1
    The psalmist crying out to almighty God in times of distress. Begging and pleading for mercy . But God had never forsaken his children we forget God through a multiple of business we go get to calm on him as a source of all strength and power . We forget to give God glory. We forget to thank, Him for his bountiful mercy. . We Sin and never repent We mock him because we can but don 't remember the commandments. Oh how we stray from the eternal Father the creator. So we are justified by our deeds so come come the bridegroom is calling come home prodigal sons and daughters come home .
  • Jerome Huffman on Psalms 77
  • Velma Riley-Francis on Psalms 77
    I will meditate on God 's word and talk of his doings
  • Milly on Psalms 77
    Vs. 10 this is my infirmity, but I will remember the years right hand of the Most High. Sometimes we face hard troubles and cares that seems endless. We cry out to God and he seems so far away, but if our total trust and confidence is in him..... We 'll remember all the times he did come through for us, only then can we worship Him while waiting for his deliverance.
  • Charles Gardner on Psalms 77
    God is master Christ is king. And I love my My father that reigns in heaven
  • Fadeke Ayoola on Psalms 77:19
    God 's ways are too vast, too deep for us to fully grasp or imagine, we can only acknowledge his achievements. God can lead us out of many deep and troubled waters, only trust in him, even though his strategy is concealed.
  • Noah on Psalms 77:1
    I am so happy to share this Holy Bible. God bless you all abundantly. Keep it up.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Psalms 77
    i think we all have periods of frustration that we go through...I also think that JESUS has done awesome things in our lives to reflect upon...JESUS PROMISES that HE will always give us a way out of troubled times(including discouragement).JESUS LOVES US....
  • StephendeRafael on Psalms 77
    The way is in the sea in the waters of the Red Sea, the waters which God parted for the Salvation of his people, for they were defenceless against such a strong army as were the Egyptions. But God showed the way thru the waters for his children(the Hebrews) and destroyed the evil, disobediant children in the same waters. As David would say, Saleh

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