Commentary for Psalms 75

The psalmist declares his resolution of executing judgment. (1-5) He rebukes the wicked, and concludes with resolutions to praise God. (6-10)

1-5 We often pray for mercy, when in pursuit of it; and shall we only once or twice give thanks, when we obtain it? God shows that he is nigh to us in what we call upon him for. Public trusts are to be managed uprightly. This may well be applied to Christ and his government. Man's sin threatened to destroy the whole creation; but Christ saved the world from utter ruin. He who is made of God to us wisdom, bids us be wise. To the proud, daring sinners he says, Boast not of your power, persist not in contempt. All the present hopes and future happiness of the human race spring from the Son of God.

6-10. No second causes will raise men to preferment without the First Cause. It comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. He mentions not the north; the same word that signifies the north, signifies the secret place; and from the secret of God's counsel it does come. From God alone all must receive their doom. There are mixtures of mercy and grace in the cup of affliction, when it is put into the hands of God's people; mixtures of the curse, when it is put into the hands of the wicked. God's people have their share in common calamities, but the dregs of the cup are for the wicked. The exaltation of the Son of David will be the subject of the saints' everlasting praises. Then let sinners submit to the King of righteousness, and let believers rejoice in and obey him.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 75

  • Cliff on Psalms 75:6
    "For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south."

    So then, it must come from the North?
  • Mishael on Psalm 756 - in Reply on Psalms 75:6
    Psalm 75:6

    Verse 6-10. The rise and fall of nations and empires are in this Psalm ascribed to God. He exalts one and puts down another at his pleasure.

    In this he generally uses instrumentality, but that instrumentality is always rendered effectual by his own agency. When nations or individuals are prosperous, and glorious, and powerful, they usually ascribe all to themselves or to fortune. But it is God who has raised them to eminence.

    When they boast He can humble them. In these verses God is considered as the governor of the world, punishing the wicked, and pouring out judgment on his enemies. The calamities of war, pestilence, and famine, are all ministers of providence to execute wrath. Commentary by Alexander Carson.

    This website has a commentary that you can read what the scripture is thought, to explain a verse. Type the scripture in the search box. After it comes up, scroll down until you see the commentary box. Click on that.

    It also has a box so you can go straight to Google if nothing came up on your KJVO search. Have a pad & pencil ready.

    That center column in some Bibles is used to give explanation of scriptures pertaining to the one you are questioning. The letters and numbers correspond to the verse you are reading. I find that really helpful.
  • Alicia on Psalms 75:10
    What exactly does the HORN mean in Ps. 75:10? Strength??
  • Gary Cavener on Psalms 75
    I do notunderstand this Psalm, there is more here.
  • Margaret Nkosi on Psalms 75
    on Psalm 75 the psalmist exalts God. He is all knowing God. It is Gods principal that if God is exalted he draws men unto himself. We need to be humble and of a contrite spirit especially to the Lord. He gives grace to the humble. But God will judge the proud. The more we are closer to God the more we learn to be humble. Always repent and be humble before our God. He alone can promote or demote u.
  • Margaret on Psalms 75
    God love to mankind is great. We focus on God alone
  • Lydia Adjei on Psalms 75
    God is great and will always receive our praise and worship. He is the God who never fails and is always there on time to fulfill his p promise. Thank you lord.You will always get the glory, the praise, the honour cos u deserve it. I will always wait for u and cos your time is always the best. I will look up to thee all of my life. Thank you lord Thank you
  • Annie on Psalms 75
    God weighs a man's heart and see his cause. He cannot be deceived. When in wickedness and hate is pursued it is he that will handle such a cause. It is his will to exalt the humble and destroy the prideful and arrogant man of mischief. And, he will whether it be in this life or the next, he will.
  • Eugene on Psalms 75
    God is almighty, all powers belong to him. God is one and only one. God has no comperesen.
    God's time is not of man. I will wait for Gods time for he will surely bless me according to his words and promises. Amen.
  • Garmai flomo on Psalms 75:6
    God's promote and no man demote.....It is permanent. ......


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