Commentary for Psalms 70

The speedy destruction of the wicked, and the preservation of the godly.

- This psalm is almost the same as the last five verses of #Ps 40|. While here we behold Jesus Christ set forth in poverty and distress, we also see him denouncing just and fearful punishment on his Jewish, heathen, and antichristian enemies; and pleading for the joy and happiness of his friends, to his Father's honour. Let us apply these things to our own troubled circumstances, and in a believing manner bring them, and the sinful causes thereof, to our remembrance. Urgent trials should always awake fervent prayers.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 70

  • Marilyn
    I asked God to give me a Bible chapter to read so the 70th Psalms came to me. This Psalms brought joy and happiness to my heart. When I looked at how my enemies would be turned plus they will be made ashamed. People do and say mean things to you, but God would let them be turned backward and confused. Every Child of God is protected. We belong To a loving Father who gave Jesus. I love Him!
  • Busus
    He is amazeing that thank you for your forgiveness love and mercy
  • Mark Verrell
    I feel like it is my life more often than not.
  • Leon scarlett
    it's truly an inspiration about God and that he will protect and help you doing your time of needs, God is good! all the time God is good. thanks be to God, he is worthy to be praise. my testimony is that am going through a phase and psalms is what keep my faith higher than my problem. sincerely grateful and blessed, my God will forever protect me and keep me save regardless of my trials. bless.
  • Hazel carty
    God will make a way where there is no way
  • Tricia
    so true
  • Gwendolyn Lewis
    God is good all the time. God will make away when you walk through the fire 🔥. God will save the is righteous people from evil doers and from bad people through psalms 70 amen
  • Leslie
    I remember one time praying for the Lord to come quickly! He did not. He came in his own time and I'm talking about a desperate situation that lasted years. He did see me through. But this is what I wanted to share: for the Lord to respond quickly, you might want to pray regularly so that He knows your voice, as he certainly did David's ... establish and keep communication with God daily!
  • Gwendolyn Lewis
    God is good all the time amen
  • Melinda Goldsby
    I was given this psalm through one of my rhema from and instead of grabbing my Bible I just came to this website and read it. This is the time of tests, trials, and tribulations, but if God be for us who could be against us. I thank God for saving me because I could have been dead in hell but He had great mercy on me. I love Him soo much. God bless you all.

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In Psalm 70, David urgently requests God to do what?
  • Act Wisely
  • Act Powerfully
  • Act Graciously
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  • Act Joyfully