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  • Mark Verrell
    I feel like it is my life more often than not.
  • Leon scarlett
    it's truly an inspiration about God and that he will protect and help you doing your time of needs, God is good! all the time God is good. thanks be to God, he is worthy to be praise. my testimony is that am going through a phase and psalms is what keep my faith higher than my problem. sincerely grateful and blessed, my God will forever protect me and keep me save regardless of my trials. bless.
  • Hazel carty
    God will make a way where there is no way
  • Gwendolyn Lewis
    God is good all the time. God will make away when you walk through the fire 🔥. God will save the is righteous people from evil doers and from bad people through psalms 70 amen
  • Leslie
    I remember one time praying for the Lord to come quickly! He did not. He came in his own time and I'm talking about a desperate situation that lasted years. He did see me through. But this is what I wanted to share: for the Lord to respond quickly, you might want to pray regularly so that He knows your voice, as he certainly did David's ... establish and keep communication with God daily!
  • Gwendolyn Lewis
    God is good all the time amen
  • Melinda Goldsby
    I was given this psalm through one of my rhema from and instead of grabbing my Bible I just came to this website and read it. This is the time of tests, trials, and tribulations, but if God be for us who could be against us. I thank God for saving me because I could have been dead in hell but He had great mercy on me. I love Him soo much. God bless you all.
  • Terrence Charles
    keep strong faith, with God all things are possible
  • Femi
    glory be to God. l have faith in God in doing all these in my life presently.
  • A disciple
    "Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee: and let such as love thy salvation say continually, Let God be magnified." This is a good example for showing how we MUST take the Scriptures in the context that they were written; which in this case (like many Psalms) is part of a prayer for deliverance from evil people hunting him to kill him; because they were evil and he was good.
  • C boles
    To God be the glory for all things put no rest in man or woman just God he will see you through any situation or hardships God will deliver you out of any situation nothing is too hard for God
  • Barbara
    When u done all u can do n your family and friends stab u in the back, God will be there always. God knows how much you can bare and he will make your enemy your foot stool. Thank God for his mercy.
  • Kim
    A friend recommended this scripture to me as am feeling so low in spirit. In many ways am ungrateful to God as He has done so much for me. A wretch like me! A wretch like me! Shameful to say i preach the word but i do not all the times act up them. Father forgive me. Cleanse me one more time and put me on your track on righteousness
  • Sharon Clark
    When you have done the best that you can, and everyone is coming up against you, put them in God's hands, and watch your enemies becomes your footstool. I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor God's seeds begging bread.
  • Stephanie Myers
    I pray this prayer when times get unbearably difficult-when I have done all I feel I can't do to withstand my enemies attack. I pray it consecutively 3 times and trust God thereafter for my deliverance. He never fails to come through. If you pray it and believe it with your heart He will deliver on time. Pray trust and leave it to God almighty to deliver justice-and "he will deliver thee speedily"
  • Karla smith
    Trust in God. God mighty power and glory. He will be there to help me with the enemies at all times.
    God will deliver me from all hard ship. Amen
    it shows how much faith and belief the psamist had in the Lord God that He would deliver him from his hardships.the same as today in Jesus name
  • Lakeshia
    Let them be turned back for a reward of their shame that say, Aha, aha.
  • Lucinda Palestrant
    Psalms 70:4 "Let those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee; and let such as love thy salvation say continually, let God be magnified." Amen.
  • Shelia Jenkins
    I will Trust God when my enemies are trying to destroy me. I need God to help the needy speedily! No matter how they try God got you! He will cause them to be put to shame.
  • Williamsj
    Power in the words,protection,courage,no matter how my enemies come against me. Jesus is their to help me.
    It is a prayer, to seek The Almighty's help. I think its in the right direction to always ask God for His mercy.
  • Clara vannoy
    it do amazing and wonderful the way David is telling God to make no tarrying to help him when his enemies are surrounding him.
  • Nneka Nwaukoni
    When God says yes , nobody can say no . Because God loves his children , so I put my trust in him , God has answered my prayers .Amen
  • Yarbah
    Psalm chapter 70 shows that it is evident, cruelty and evil can not and will not stand in the sight of the Lord. It gives me hope. With Lord. On my side, I will fear no evil. Amen
  • Sherronsingleton.
    I am calling.upon the Lord..I need thee and hes my help..I.Will put my trust in him.its a powerful.psalm in needed.Times.amen
  • Kedisha
    This is a very powerful psalms to god be the glory to god be all praised
    For me I feel so confident to call up on his name in times of Trouble and when I felt i am Lost. It is the faith works when we need the help of one who care for you. When ever there is a prayer in the Psalms I pray along for the those who are of my position. May God send his help and peace to those who seek him in time of trouble and happiness
  • Nicola
    Prayer being made to God our only helper. Let the wicked have their portion as also those who fear God
  • Vanny williamson
    Psalms 70 is my prayer when I read that chapter it makes me feel close to God and His love for us is stronger then anyone else's because He is love.

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