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  • Audrie on Psalms 69 - 12 years ago
    I needed to read this chapter very powerful it speaks to me in everyway. This morning woke up depressed and sad been that way for a while at times I just want to cry. I'm going through some things and the way I'm dealing with them is not right. I finally had to talk to God and ask him for guidance, restore my happiness people are used to seeing, read my bible,go to church every Sunday. As I read this chapter it falls in place with how I was feeling my heart was just empty. I was feeling so alone I have close friends but I couldnt talk to them there's no way they would understand. Today is the day when I start to do whats right and keep Jesus in my heart, have faith and blieve only believe whatever going in my life he will fix it.I'm not a bad person but I do have low self-esteem,dealing with depression, unhappy with my life. I realize life is what I make of it and so far my making is terrible. Im trying very hard just pray for me.
  • Matie on Psalms 69 - 13 years ago
    This is my every day prayer to the ALMIGHTY LORD.

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