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  • Annie on Psalms 61
    God is our inpenetrarabke defense. It is not a question as to whether or not Satan can pluck us out of his hand and defeat us. He cannot.
  • M on Psalms 61
    some times we get so troubled in life and can't really talk to anyone, psalms 61:2 I really do LOVE,from the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is over whelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I , that ROCK is JESUS the LOVE of our life I can't live without HIM.
  • Rev.Mandla on Psalms 61:2
    Thre are times in our lives when we feel at the end of the world,when we are just overwhelmed by pain and heavy emotions like I am now.I will also cry out to my God to lift me higher.I believe only Him can enable me do that.He's lifted me from muddy clay many a times.I will overcome.
  • Ja'Nine Crawford on Psalms 61
    I was in the hospital in 2013 with multiple ailments and afraid to talk to God because of my sins. One night in the hospital, I cried deeply and needed God and there was a Bible in the hospital draw and I could no longer manage my emotions or illness, so I prayed and asked God to direct me so that I could speak to him and he did "it was like the Bible opened up by itself to Psalms 61 and after reading I cried even more but thanked Jehovah God for directing me to him again without fear. And, I was able to recover from most of my ailments beginning that night. This was something I could never forget and that is why I am reading it again now. I know he is my only refuge and I cannot give up on the supreme creator or myself.
  • James on Psalms 61:2
    In my church,we made it a song and when ever use this to sing,I fill there 's help some where.thanks to this verse
  • Mrs Hambrick on Psalms 61
    Jesus now lives in me! I have been liberated and set free and cleansed purely by the blood of the lamb Jesus . Our God is Greater...Our God is stronger...God you are higher than any other. Our God is Healer ' ' Awesome in Power, Our God. I Love You
  • Blessed on Psalms 61
    the rock is JESUS is the rock in JESUS JESUS in me i have life and that more abundantly
  • M0ckingBird on Psalms 61:2
    The Rock that is Higher than I is Jesus Christ !!!! His word is a Great Comfort : Deliverer : Healer : Safety : Preserverance : Soundness of mind : When my heart is overwhelmed : From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee !!! Praise God for the privilege to believe in and on Him and for the privilege of prayer !!!!I can approach unto my God without fear or condemnation knowing that He will hear my cry and my call upon Him and that He will answer. Even in some time when He is silent is an answer. To be submerghed in His presence !!!
  • Lynn on Psalms 61
    I just thank and PRAISE GOD for protecting me, always keeping my feet from slipping, and not taking evil matters into my own hands,I know when you are faithful, justice shall prevail, continue to dump all the junk, and mess out of me, and pour in the spiritual items I need.
  • Lilian on Psalms 61
    Our God is our Rock of Salvation. Thanks be to Jesus for sheding his precious blood to us. You are worthy to be praised Jesus and thank you Holy Father for sending us the Holy Spirit. You are always faithful to your promises. I will trust you Jesus forever and will keep your commandments. Amen
  • Belle on Psalms 61:2
    I came to work today and my heart felt overwhelmed , But contrary to that, my mind and Spirit came to this scripture. What a timely word, because I believe that God is working on my behalf right now, and no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.
  • Tajudeen on Psalms 61
    GOD is wonderful , i mean his amazing GOD unpredictable unbelievable unquestionable, his majesty his powerful and he is love.
  • IRENE on Psalms 61
    God is awesome i just marvel on his protection upon our lives. This GOD has done so much for me i can not tell it ALL. Healing, Protection , LOVE ETC
  • Sylvia on Psalms 61
    This Psalms should be prayed daily, we live in such a evil world. The only hope and protection is God. Stay close to the Lord, Amen....
  • Paula on Psalms 61:2
    I 've had several overwhelming situations in my life. One in particular that I thought had wiped me out. I didn 't know what to do and God led me to Psalm 61 2. I thought of one person. My Rock, My Salvation, My Light, My Redeemer. When I was low. He delivered me out of the pit the darkness. Without him I was Nothing. With Him I am everything now. It doesn 't get any higher than that. For He is worthy to be praised!! Every breath I. Every situation. Know that THE ROCK IS ALL WE WILL EVER NEED.
  • Charlene on Psalms 61
    When my heart is overwhelmed,when I feel as if I can bare or take no more of the pressures of life we have a source that we can tap into or call on. His name is JESUS!
  • Ola Mccullough on Psalms 61
    Thank You Father God
  • AMEN JAY on Psalms 61:2
    the Rock that 's higher than us OUR LORD is where we find peace,joy,favor,Freedom, in time of one can be against us while we under the highest Rock....AMEN
  • Marideth cash on Psalms 61
    I really love this scripture. I read it daily it keep me on the right pathway to God it reminds me that there s no one more stronger or powerful than the lord he is my everything he is my shelter and a strong tower from the enemy. GOD will always have my back.
  • Nonyiyke on Psalms 61
    This chapter of sam 61 has showed me that in time of pain,sorrow the highest solution is JESUS the solid rock of all ages.
  • Michael Williamson on Psalms 61
    Please help me. I 'm trying to find how to get verse of the day. Mike
  • Eva Lofton on Psalms 61
    I love god I want to have a devotion word in psalm everyday. Its beautiful. I want more understanding.
  • Sylvia Majetich on Psalms 61
    When my heart is overwhelmed,be it sorrow, be it fear, be it worry, I know when I cry out unto my God, my salvation draws near to comfort me. He keeps me in the shelter of His arms.
  • Nicky on Psalms 61
    There is an inheritance for those who fear God
  • Rodney A.Barefield on Psalms 61
    HE is worthy to be praised!!!
  • M on Psalms 61
    I love this, when my heart is over whelmed, lead me to the ROCK GOD that is higher than I, when ever I read this it just does something to me, when thing get to rough for me all that I have to do is go to the ROCK HIS name is JESUS there refuge and there is power in the name of JESUS
  • Rob on Psalms 61:2
    Coincidence is GODs way of staying anonymous and coincidently I needed this verse today. Thank you LORD for being wonderful. Please bless Ashley and baby Cole today with your presence and protection. In Jesus 's name. Amen
  • Veronica shumpert on Psalms 61:2
    The lord is merciful who knows all things, my helper who saved me 'i want to show my thankfulness for acknowleding unto me 'he worthy to be praise and honoured for hearing my cry, prayers.
  • Nicholus Ariedi on Psalms 61:2
    In this walk of faith, many are the afflictions,many are the obstacles and many are the trials,in that it can reach a point where and when a child of God is pushed in aconner, almost givingup, puplexed and the heart is waxed up,like here in the psalmist case,but glory be to God because of his power and grace in christ Jesus, 'the rock which is higher than us ',tested and aprroved,the only one who overcame all the trials and temptations, I believe He is ready to help us to be overcomers in His promise,if we only ask,seek and knock.

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