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  • BSP on Psalms 61
    The Psalmist was asking for God to elevate him because he felt so low. We can pray for the same thing.
  • Geraldine on Psalms 61
    Be Humble and always give all the glory to the Lord.
  • Regina on Psalms 61
    only God can, he can grant the peace that passes all understanding to help you go through the storm of life. JESUS CHRIST is the solid rock. Continue to trust God he is the answer to every thing we need.
  • Shana on Psalms 61
    Thank You Lord for being my solid rock..Help me to lift my eyes to You even when I am in tears! Just found out my mom has lung and brain cancer...Everything is happening too fast!! Hear my cry Oh God, attend unto my prayer. Lead me to the rock that is higher than I!
  • James W. Waymire on Psalms 61
    It works for me !
  • Librarygal143 on Psalms 61
    Yes! Praise God, thank you Jesus.
  • James on Psalms 61
    God is a helper of weak souls, so call upon him anytime he is there to lift up.
  • Sharon on Psalms 61
    On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
  • Metse on Psalms 61
    Whatever happens in this life we must know that there is someone who's there to wipe all our wiping as He cares so much,no matter what we May come across..
  • Preachmoore on Psalms 61
    I received a call 5am from my son. He is having his trails right now. This Psalm will get him through. Thank you Jesus for your awesome character Amen.
  • Dorcas on Psalms 61
    to me it mean that what I'm going through right now or what I'm getting ready to go through I need to continue to call on the name of the Lord He is my high place. He will lead me up higher than my storms so I will find rest and peace not will pass all my understanding, because right now it rough, but He that dwell in the rock which is Jesus He will hide you. There's safety in His arms.
  • Kathleen on Psalms 61
    Good morning JESUS has me in the pam. Of his hands, JESUS love Kathleen dearly
  • Lilian on Psalms 61
    Only God can lift us up when we were down Jesus is my Rock and my Salvation. I will trust you Lord and your words forever I will walk with you Lord by faith and hold your wings up high coz you are my shelter and my strong Tower when i am in storm. Thank you Jesus for your blood. You gave us unconditional love and Peace help us Lord to be born again every moment of my life. I will praise you Amen
  • Manureen Hall on Psalms 61
    God is the solid rock of salvation. He sits high and look low at our world.!
  • Tosha bagley on Psalms 61
    I love this site
  • Kevin on Psalms 61
    I am also willing to learn lord I want you to take hold of my heart and place your spirit in me lord I want to be part of your life.I also have somuch to be thankful for lord Jesus you have brought me through a difficult situation and I know by your stripes I will be heal Heavenly Father I thank you for being our savior if God is all we have God is all we need
  • Carol on Psalms 61
    At times I feel alone.I feel as if I need to turn my life around,make a change.I ask myself if I'm the person I should be or need to be.I need to put my feelings aside and let God have his way.I see that I can't change people,just continue to work on myself.Ask him to make me a better person.He brought me through so much.I owe him more than a thank you.I'm trying my best to be the Christian that he expects me to be.I had to make a big change in my life.With my husband,it's been a struggle.I've ask for a change in him.My children and grandchildren for a change,some I'm still praying for.He said he would never leave me nor forsake me.
  • Kendra Buster on Psalms 61
    He is my rock and salvation. I cried unto the Lord and he heard me. I will always put God first, because he has never and.will never fail me or leave my side. To God be the glory for all the things he does.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 61
    To be overwhelmed is to have a thing come against you that will try to bring you down and that is more than you can handle . I have a strong and solid rock called Jesus Christ His word to go to and find help and shelter and comfort I Praise God that when that occurs in my life , I have His word to hide under. When I find in His word what to do about that thing , I will take hold of it and act on it and overcome !!!!
  • Gwen D on Psalms 61
    God loves us
  • Mona on Psalms 61
    It's exactly what I need to hear right now. Going to the rock that is higher than comforting in knowing that God has your hold situation in His hand...Thank you Lord.
  • Shy on Psalms 61
    who is the wife of cain when in fact eve, adam and cain is the first people of the earth?
  • Sandra on Psalms 61
    I like the Psalm also, Jesus is my rock, in a land that is troubled with lost souls, looking for peace. I pray God that we do not get weary in well doing as we pray and hope other to Jesus, a peace when received that surpasses all understanding if we only "Believe," John 3:16.
  • Jane carter on Psalms 61
  • Etty on Psalms 61
    Willing to learn
  • Yolisile Patric Tolashe on Psalms 61
    Hallelujah to the Highest ,indeed we thank God for the transformed lives that we should be at liberty to praise His Holy name without blemish and guilty conscious for in Him we live and have our beings .
  • Raswallia smith on Psalms 61
  • Raswallia Akpan on Psalms 61
    This is the day the Lord made rejoice. Shout now your Victory is here,but don't let it be to late because there is power in that name. He knows what your going through Rejoice!!!!
  • Gladys on Psalms 61
    I get what you saying about, psalms 61, Sometime hurt and trouble, will make you think, if ever going to get though when their no where to turn. It very important to give our all to Jesus. He is our only way.
  • Carolyn on Psalms 61
    This psalm reaches down to the depths of my hurt, when my heart feels broken, when I've cried every tear my eyes could hold, I go to the Rock, my sure foundation.

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