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  • MasefieldJill for verse 8
    Positive people see an opportunity in every worry, while negative people see some kind of worry in every opportunity.
  • Marie p mitchell
    I am so glad that we serve a God that we can depend on and be with us in our time of troubles I love the book of Psalms I am so glad that God loves me
  • A disciple
    The events taking place thus moving David by the Spirit to write this Psalm seem obscure to us, until we consider them with the view of David's purpose of God to win for Israel ALL its promised land, even to the Euphrates River. This tremendous feat was not however followed up worthily by the sons of Israel, for they never established their Borders according to the Victories David got for them.
  • A disciple
    Dear BSP; I have to tell you, that even these kinds of Scriptures are still mightily filled with the Spirit of God, and written of Divine purpose; not merely David's feelings (as you suppose) as if he was discouraged. Look at the world around us! What do you see? Do you see as I do, that the restraint is being taken away? Why do you think that is? Because God sees no integrity or truth in people!
  • BSP
    Verse 1: David was busy fighting the Syrians and while this was taking place the Edomites decided they would attack. David felt that God had left him. We can feel the same way when we face multiple problems that seem to overwhelm us. This account can help us to see that Jehovah God never leaves his loyal servants even when they face trials.
  • Rev. singleton
    Jesus said upon this rock meaning the truth I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it... And that's the unadulterated truth.
  • Angela
    David is trying to be saved from his enemies
  • Annie
    God"s word to us in Genesis shows his promise to us. Although the sepent bruise our heel we will crush his head. Power on earth does not belong to Satan. Satan's job is to antagonnize us, the christian our job is to crush him.
  • Annie
    Our victory always comes from God when he steps on our enemy's they stay down.
  • Robinson kale for verse 3
    Thank you for the word of God
  • Omoloyin Williams
    The banner of truth God has given us is not to be hidden, it must be displayed verse 4 . For no man lighteth a candle and put it under a bushel.
  • With Love
    Amen Rev....that is a very truthful comment. When I first read the Bible, I knelt down by my bed and surrendered all to Christ, Amen. In reading my Bible, I saw Jesus from Genesis on, and everything foretold fell into place. I never found one inconsistency throughout the Bible. Thank you, my Lord and Savior.
  • Tim George for verse 8
    Ruth was indeed a humble servant being a was pot yet God elevated her when she married Boas the kinsman redeemer and this is what will happen when the Lord Jesus Christ marries the bride of Christ the Church.
  • Bob Styles for verse 4
    Be not thou ashamed of the testimony of the Lord or of me his prisoner but be a partaker of the afflications
  • Matthew chabalanga
    verse 12 shows the authority that we have when GOD ALMIGHTY is on our shows that nothing can hinder us from doing what we can do if GOD wills-in Matthew 10;1-6 JESUS gave His disciples the Authority over everything and every enemy.These does not talk of only those apostles but we the believers of this generation.
  • Scott williams for verse 4
    Jehovah Nissi God is our Banner, Moses had this revealed when Israel defeated the enemy in the wilderness Victory of the enemy is ours
  • TR
    This Psalm is full of terror and hope. As we see our own nation falter and fail, we must remember that God's Covenant with America, which was first his covenant with New England, is a conditional covenant. It depend, in part, on our walking according to the grace received.

    Whenever we turn our back on God's law and profane his name and follow after the totems of money or sensuality or vanity, his wrath will break out against us.

    After seasons of patience and pleading which are set by his perfect justice and mercy, He will turn from us and break out against us and leave us to our own devises. He will, as the Psalmist says, show us "hard things."

    So it is with America today. The nation Lincoln called "God's almost chosen people" has crossed the line. We have forsaken the LORD and he has withdrawn his favor from us. There is only one remedy, and it is "returning to the Lord with repentance, faith, and prayer; beseeching him to return to us."
  • Willie
    its a good reading of this verse
  • Given Mathebula for verse 11
    It simply means don't seek help looking at men; for vain is their help. In Jeremiah 17:5, it continues to say cursed is the man that puts his trust on men, when men help you, they will talk about you.
  • Anonymous
    Don't worry about your enemies, God is fighting your battles, he has never lost one he won them all, glory to God. Amen.
    troubles come and go.I MUST KNOW IN MY HEART THAT JESUS IS ALWAYS THERE TO LISTEN AND ENCOURAGE ME.ADVERSE circumstances are here to refine me,for the better,inJESUS KINGDOM...

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