Commentary for Psalms 6

The psalmist deprecates God's wrath, and begs for the return of his favour. (1-7) He assures himself of an answer of peace. (8-10)

1-7 These verses speak the language of a heart truly humbled, of a broken and contrite spirit under great afflictions, sent to awaken conscience and mortify corruption. Sickness brought sin to his remembrance, and he looked upon it as a token of God's displeasure against him. The affliction of his body will be tolerable, if he has comfort in his soul. Christ's sorest complaint, in his sufferings, was of the trouble of his soul, and the want of his Father's smiles. Every page of Scripture proclaims the fact, that salvation is only of the Lord. Man is a sinner, his case can only be reached by mercy; and never is mercy more illustrious than in restoring backsliders. With good reason we may pray, that if it be the will of God, and he has any further work for us or our friends to do in this world, he will yet spare us or them to serve him. To depart and be with Christ is happiest for the saints; but for them to abide in the flesh is more profitable for the church.

8-10 What a sudden change is here! Having made his request known to God, the psalmist is confident that his sorrow will be turned into joy. By the workings of God's grace upon his heart, he knew his prayer was accepted, and did not doubt but it would, in due time, be answered. His prayers will be accepted, coming up out of the hands of Christ the Mediator. The word signifies prayer made to God, the righteous Judge, as the God of his righteousness, who would plead his cause, and right his wrongs. A believer, through the blood and righteousness of Christ, can go to God as a righteous God, and plead with him for pardon and cleansing, who is just and faithful to grant both. He prays for the conversion of his enemies, or foretells their ruin.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 6

  • RUBY HOUSTON on Psalms 6
    give mean explanation of what Psalms 5:5-6 is saying, I have to explain these two verses in a group meeting.
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 6
    Psalm 5 is David's prayer to God, as one who stands in awe of God (v 7) & trusts Him for his protection (v 11). Unlike those who won't bend their knee to Him & all they do is wickedness which is abhorrent to God. Remembering, David suffered much from the plans & acts of wicked men against him.

    So vv 5 & 6, is David's affirmation about the wicked people's stand before God as compared to those who are righteous. These wicked people are characterized by foolishness (Heb. word is 'holelim' = madmen). They foolishly oppose & fight against God but in that day of Judgement they will not be able to stand (= be acquitted) before God. In the same way, all who speak leasing (an old word meaning, lies or falsehood) shall receive the same fate from God as would those who shed blood & are deceptive in their talk. So these verses describe God's hatred to all manner of sin, whether being deceitful & liars, to those who are quick to shed blood.

    So Ruby, if you need, in your meeting, to also give an application to these verses, then you could emphasize the Holy character of God, that He sees all people & their wicked hearts, that nothing escapes Him. We may think that a 'small sin', such as a white lie or being deceitful about something is no great matter, but before God, every sin is abominable & deserving of punishment. The only way to avoid God's anger is to come in fear (awe) of God, humble, cast upon His Mercies & repent sincerely of our past actions. And He does forgive us because of His Son's death on the Cross for us, as Jesus was made the propitiation for our sins (1 Jn 4:10, i.e. God's Anger which was against us was put on His Son, so Jesus carried to the Cross, not only our sin but God's Anger as well), & God was satisfied by it & so accepts even the worst sinner into His Family.
  • Erika on Psalms 6
    This verse reminds me of the old hymn, ' Trust and Obey'. God's wisdom and understanding is higher than human understanding. We may not understand why things happen, "but all things work together for good to those who love God". It is for our eternal good, not necessarily for our happiness. I am sure Joseph couldn't make any sense of why his brethren treated him so badly but he trusted God.
  • BSP on Psalms 6
    Verse 6~David was so greatly distressed that he cried many tears. When we are in distress we should cry out to Jehovah God too.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 6
    Mercy for the weak and healing for the vexed,needed by believers living here in world.Hear the rich man in hell with a new understanding of the scriptures and prophets,although too late for him.Believers are ready to leave this world behind at any time because it is painful/difficult to be here.Forgiveness is only found in Christ having paid for all your sins.Either you have it NOW,or you don't.
  • Gary Blair on Psalms 6
    This Psalm is a mainstay in my life and brings me untold comfort and hope, especially during times of trouble and great worry when there's no human comfort. God Almighty is the only God.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 6
    In God's grand plan of victory over evil,he has time and love for the least of his people.He sees,he hears,he provides,he leads.He is worthy of praise,now and forever."And this is life eternal,that they might know thee the only true God,and Jesus Christ,whom thou hast sent.".Knowing God now,is the start of forever for believers.Saved people are the minority in the lost world,but not in heaven.Pray
  • Vivek on Psalms 6
    I am weak but God gives strength in Bible song
  • Ngozi on Psalms 6
    God is our ever present help in the time of need. He will never leave nor forsake us because He is the omnipotent Father of mercy and grace. He understands the feelings of our infirmities. He sees our pains, hears our cries and comforts us when we are hurting. He is the ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD. Please worship HIM forever and ever. Amen
  • Eberechi on Psalms 6
    God is awesome, omnipotent, loving, caring even when we offend Him he does not retaliate like us human. He keep patience waiting for us to still turn back to Him. Psalms 6 teaches us that no matter what happens to us God is not sleeping, he is with us and we should not fear anything even death.


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