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  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 59
    As I read this, I feel like it's right out of the news. Sounds like antifa, black lives matter, communist democratic party, attacks on our cities. And how only God can save the United States of America. Also the corrupt politicians of secret santanic societys, Freemasons, Illuminati,skull and bones 322, night Templars,etc. Doing their best to get away with their crimes and escape Justice. They won't escape God's court date. Hell awates you enemies of God.
  • Sophia Hobbs on Psalms 59
    David was crying out to God because Saul kept making attempts on his life and sent his henchmen to kill him. David was tired of running and did not want to kill Saul. David was letting God know that he would keep trusting in Him and describing Saul and his men and wanted God to avenge him. Saul turned on David when God told Saul he was anointing David as king because Saul did not heedGod's warning
  • Linda on Psalms 59
    Reading this scripture and every scripture makes me feel just like I am having a closer talk and walk with God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus.I want to get to know them before I meet them.And I want to live on God Green Earth, just like I am already living in Heaven. And it makes me want to get on with my shout and tell everybody who God is and what He is all about.
  • Beloved by Christ on Psalms 59
    A prayer of the unborn..
    Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me.
    Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men.
    For, lo, they lie in wait for my soul: the mighty are gathered against me; not for my transgression, nor for my sin, O LORD.
    They run and prepare themselves without my fault: awake to help me, and behold.
  • Lou on Psalms 59
    It is good to take comfort in these words daily. For God's Word is the Bread of nourishment for us. But too remember, though David said them, so too do they point to Christ's time here on earth. Did the soldiers of the temple come seeking is arrest at night make noise like dogs throughout the city? Yes, but Christ, though taken, beaten and killed...became The Victor! Thank God for this.
  • Miss Favour on Psalms 59
    This chapter gives me strength and hope
  • Katy Everhart on Psalms 59
    I love these words, it giving me strength to carry on. God is a good God.
  • Noel on Psalms 59
    My favorite scripture is Psalms 23rd in which I read everyday to get me through these troubling times, more now than ever. I love Psalms 59, I put my faith in God not men. No one comes before the king of kings🌺
  • Fav on Psalms 59
    I love reading Psalms 59 it gives me hope
  • Soldierman on Psalms 59
    Deliver me God, Soldierman from all Evil Always and Forevermore and Bless me Abundantly Daily....
    Need I say Anymore...
  • Doreen on Psalms 59
    It gives me so much hope and strength. God is telling me, just as I deliver David my Son I God will also deliver you my daughter. So when the enemies are plotting against you and they at times are close in your circles , remember, that in all your ways acknowledge God and he our Heavenly Father will direct our path. He will be our protector and our loving God, trust in God. Amen.
  • Tonia on Psalms 59
    The Word of GOD has always been a comfort to me. His Word never gets old and after 28 years of my Salvation through Christ Jesus, still becomes new; in the different seasons of my life: I am humbled by that miracle. Halleluia and Amen. All of the comments by you other believers are also such a blessing. May God continue to bless you all!
  • Shan on Psalms 59
    It always best to let GOD take care of your battles.
  • Carlene on Psalms 59
    I love reading this psalms every time I read it I know that the good lord is guiding me a long the way,the enemies will not over come me in jesus name Amem.
  • Nompumelelo Progress My Reedemer Lives Trading on Psalms 59
    God is always with me,days wat the script revivaled me always
  • Sonia Rolle on Psalms 59
    This Psalm is just a reminder that in our lowest hour and in our weakest moments there is hope for whatever challenges we are faced with. This verse lets us know that we have the victory once we believe God 's word.
  • Lillie on Psalms 59
    Evertime i read Psalms 59 i feel a sense of peace and protection. I know that god is always with me. In jesus name amen
  • Lillie on Psalms 59
    Evertime i read Psalms 59 i feel a sense of peace and protection. I know that god is always with me. In jesus name amen
  • M on Psalms 59
    I thank GOD for HIS word because when I read the word of GOD it gives me strength for each day knowing that GOD is protecting me from my enemies.
  • M on Psalms 59
    when I read the word of GOD and see how he takes good care of HIS children it gives me more and more strength to go on knowing that GOD is there to protect me from mine enemies. THANK YOU LORD for giving me a heart and mind to live for you.
  • Rick Keener on Psalms 59:12
    explain the verse please
  • Brave on Psalms 59
    This chapter gives me zeal and that power to go on prayer, not for me only but for my enemies also. For I understand that praying for those who persecute us is of great importance in protecting our selves from that persecution and helping the persecutors forsake their practices.
  • Latisha on Psalms 59
    I love this verse because God tells us in His word that even when we are in the midst of our enemies, God is there to protect us. He's not going to let anyone harm us outside of God's realm. He's our everlasting shield of protection.
  • Betty Harris on Psalms 59
    I need to read this and I thank God every day for being God; and God all by himself.
  • Batha on Psalms 59
    I love this verse because I believe that if God said He will protect you at all time he will. And when you got enemies for no reason try to be good to people and if they dont like you, it hurts to see them to act like dogs tell lies and being heathen. But its okay, God sees all I need his protection from the heathen.
  • Michael manu on Psalms 59
    I really love this verse, I must say it is so encouraging, I am looking forward to God to really "make haste and save me". Amen!!!
  • HARRY ALLISON on Psalms 59
    IT is comforting to have walked through trials with JESUS before and im still breathing HIS AIR ..
  • Ashley on Psalms 59
    I have been reading this chapter ever since,I was a little girl my big sister told me if, I read this chapter of Psalms it would guide me & protect me from all the people that's out to hurt me & she was so right so I really do enjoy reading this 59 chapter of Psalms it is a daily prayer of mine.
  • Felicia Neeley on Psalms 59
    I read it everyday to keep me safe from the known and unknown. It encapsulates my need as a human for God's protection. Only He can defend me from all my foes.


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