Commentary for Psalms 57

David begins with prayer and complaint. (1-6) He concludes with joy and praise. (7-11)

1-6 All David's dependence is upon God. The most eminent believers need often repeat the publican's prayer, "God be merciful to me a sinner." But if our souls trust in the Lord, this may assure us, in our utmost dangers, that our calamities will at length be overpast, and in the mean time, by faith and prayer, we must make him our refuge. Though God be most high, yet he condescends so low, as to take care that all things are made to work for good to his people. This is a good reason why we should pray earnestly. Look which way we will on this earth, refuge fails, no help appears; but we may look for it from heaven. If we have fled from the wrath to come, unto Jesus Christ, he that performed all things needful to purchase the salvation of his people, will do for us and in us all things needful for our enjoyment of it. It made David droop to think there should be those that bore him so much ill-will. But the mischief they designed against him, returned on themselves. And when David was in the greatest distress and disgrace, he did not pray, Lord, exalt me, but, Lord, exalt thine own name. Our best encouragement in prayer, is taken from the glory of God, and to that, more than to our own comfort, we should have regard in all our petitions for mercy.

7-11 By lively faith, David's prayers and complaints are at once turned into praises. His heart is fixed; it is prepared for every event, being stayed upon God. If by the grace of God we are brought into this even, composed frame of mind, we have great reason to be thankful. Nothing is done to purpose, in religion, unless it is done with the heart. The heart must be fixed for the duty, put in frame for it; fixed in the duty by close attention. Our tongue is our glory, and never more so than when praising God; dull and sleepy devotions will never be acceptable to God. Let us awake early in the morning, to begin the day with God; early in the beginning of a mercy. When God comes toward us with his favours, let us go forth to meet him with our praises. David desired to bring others to join in praising God; and in his psalms, he is still praising God among the people, singing to Him among the nations. Let us seek to have our hearts fixed to praise his boundless mercy and unfailing faithfulness; and to glorify him with body, soul, and spirit, which are his. Let us earnestly pray that the blessings of the gospel may be sent through every land.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 57

  • Rev David Greer on Psalms 57
    The inclusion in the reading of the Psalms of the word "Selah" is not necessary as the term is a musical pause, not a word. (used in ancient chants as a break) ... Its rather like one reading this aloud and saying a moment ago "open quotation marks close quotation marks" it spoils the flow and is totally unnecessary and you should edit your audio wave files accordingly. DG
  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 57
    God surely is our Rock! No one can move or harm us. He stands as a High Mountain protecting His own. He puts a Strong Light of Love around us to Stop the enemy getting too close. We should always Wear the Armor He Provides, when we battle with the World and it's evilness. He is our Strength! When we get weary from our fight- get on your knees and ask for help. Wait-- Here He comes- STRONG!!!
  • Ijeoma Otigbuo on Psalms 57
    In God I trust. He will never forsake me! Thank you, my rock and my fortress
  • The Spiritual Gatekeeper on Psalms 57
    So, I have been in turmoil past my husband's transition 9months ago. I have been sorely broken hearted, and attacked by his family members. I became angry bitter and hurt. I did not trust totally in God the way I should have. Today I repent and forgive them. I never was unforgiving, but this situation took the cake. I am begging God's forgiveness and looking to Him totally.
  • Ivy Jihnson on Psalms 57
    Psalm 57:
    Prayer while among Enemies!
    This is David’s prayer during a time when circumstances were very dark. He was in a cave of Abdullah, hiding from King Saul(1 Samuel 22:1: 24:1: 26:1):
    David continues to trust in God! It’s obvious: God knows how to get our attention:
    When everything is going good, we tend to forget God, but when we are in
    trouble, we want God to help us: do same again:
  • Rev Dickson - in Reply on Psalms 57
    Amen, that is Man. Like now with the coronavirus people are going back to God for help. Glory to God.
    Man need to trust God in season and out of season.
  • Marian Wilson on Psalms 57
    God is merciful and long suffering and slow to anger
  • I AM on Psalms 57
    The commandment of the LORD is come as the holy Angels are here:) They shall now sever the wicked from among the just and my people shall rejoice for evermore! AMEN
  • Rad Peter on Psalms 57
    When one read it, it give one strength of life to live up right in the Holy name of ADONDI the ALMIGHTY FATHER ✡🔱
  • Noel Grant on Psalms 57
    This is one that I say by heart on a daily basis


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