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  • Lilian on Psalms 55
    Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee He shall never suffer the Righteousness to be moved. Thank you Jesus i will handover everything in to your hands Jesus for thy yoke is easy and my burden is light what a loving Father and powerful God we serve Amen hallelujah
  • Benny Steyn on Psalms 55
    Our Father God is always there 24/ 7 waiting for our prayers.
  • Lens on Psalms 55
    What a mighty God we serve. He loves, He forgives and He delivers. Oh! What a MIGHTY God we serve.
  • Geraldine Cole on Psalms 55
    Praise The Lord Jesus allow the peace of Jesus to follow u where ever u go.
  • Tammie on Psalms 55
    God is awesome and I love him so much, the earth is the Lord's...
  • Hello on Psalms 55
    This is a great passage
  • Katie on Psalms 55
    It feels comforting in knowing I have an almighty God that i can turn to anytime. Who is never changing. Always the same. His love comforts me
  • Gwendolyn Johnson on Psalms 55
    God is speaking
  • Thelma Denson on Psalms 55
    That you can pray to God any time of the day with a open mind . I pray the Lord pray Matthew 6 chapter.
  • Obinwa victor on Psalms 55
    I will shout for Joy.... Hallelujah Amen...
  • Aldam bande on Psalms 55
    thank you for very inspiring bible verses that I've Received today. We seem to forget what we read but such reminder will always brings us back to track that we are journey to our destiny.MY LORD ABUNDENTLY BLESS HIS WORD ON THE AIR AMEN!!
  • Earlline on Psalms 55
    This psalm let me know without a doubt that i can call upon him anytime. I can talk to him while im walking, or even cleaning the house, or mowing the grass. Anytime! What a Great God
  • Kristen on Psalms 55
    This psalm is saying at any time,when we pray to the Lord He is always there to answer.
  • Mary Frost on Psalms 55
    Good morning Praise his NAME ALL day
  • Anonymous on Psalms 55
    Giving God praise daily everyday is what we should do, for it's His will for us, to give God the Glory only
  • Sybil on Psalms 55
    Let's me know that there is no limit to where I can pray to my father which is in heaven. If I want to pray all day everyday I can and he will hear me and answer how he wants to answer. Its in his will as of how he want to respond to my prayer not my will.
  • Wesseh on Psalms 55
    When I read this psalm I hear the eternal voice the CREATOR who
    From the top of HIS highest heavens was compelled by HIS LOVE to descend into the darkest of all pits, hottest of all heat and HE took upon HIM the most grievous of all grieves and painful of all pains, heaviest of all weights, and unto a tree upon a death hill HE raised to hang them. Yet it pleased the FATHER (a man HIS equal)....
  • GeraldineCole on Psalms 55
    When u cast your cares on the Lord Jesus the way U no he is caring them things u deal with each day they get better and better over time and then if u pray that Jesus will take the stoney harts out of some people and put a hart of flesh u will start to see them acting better and u just keep thanking him for everything in your life something trails come to make us strong not to harm us Jesus never leave us alone to Jesus be the Glory the Devil is defeated Amen
  • Asher sano on Psalms 55
    oh God hear my status of 2016
  • Kevin Odoyo on Psalms 55
    I believe in the word of word,in spite of everything i have learn to put all my burdens unto the Lord and He lift me up always.
  • Kyanna on Psalms 55
    if you trust and believe in the Lord He will always provide for you. So worry not about the things cares of this life. Leave everything up to Him and you will be fine. There is no feeling like being at peace... I trust in him and he always work situations out for me.
  • Mannyt. on Psalms 55
    THANK You JESUS our Lord and Savoir,!!!!
  • Yuri peres on Psalms 55
    it seems david king of israel at the time lost a friend along the lines " 12 For it was not an enemy that reproached me then I could have borne it: neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me then I would have hid myself from him: 13 But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. 14 We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company " where are the men from military to waste time to dicuss this point of view apparently the comments before mine dont know what it like to see death and despair and watch it go away as that friend a dead body now on the ground
  • Mockingbird on Psalms 55
    When I cast that means to throw ,to hurl my burden on the Lord : He will sustain me ,He will keep me and allow me to not be moved when I Trust ,roll , all over on Him. Prayer is such a Great privilege !!!
  • Vic on Psalms 55
    I just love God because of many things but mainly because he loved me first. He has NEVER allowed me to be put to shame. I had many instances when the enemy has tried his best but God and the Lord Jesus came through and was not shaken. Glory to God, the Lord Jesus and the Holly spirit for ever and ever. Haveave faith brother s and sister, Have faith.
  • Rita hinesman on Psalms 55
    God does not want us to worry, about anything, we are to have Faith, Trust, and Believe God has us. Without this our faith is dead. God, I know you died on the cross for all our sins and you gave your only be gotten son for us. Hallelujah.
  • Lilian on Psalms 55
    God is a promising God and he will never comfort us with a lie but he will comfort us with the truth. Jesus himself is a word of God and we should believe and obey his words. For God's words are more important to meditate day and night than prayers. Thanks to Jesus for the blood that shed for us he have come to give us life in abundance. Praised to you Jesus and i will trust you forever.
  • Ray on Psalms 55:22
    Give your burden to the lord. Whether mental, or physical, or both. Have faith. He will not fail.
  • Shelia Keels on Psalms 55
    This is a beautiful promise for the Nation of Israel! Thank you Lord for comforting words!
  • Mable Arrington on Psalms 55
    Yes this is destruction upon people that donot fear obey God Meaning Gods sheep here his voice and obey his voice the wicked will burn up hell

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