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  • Richard H Priday - in Reply on Psalms 55
    We need to keep in mind that even the elect would be decieved IF IT WERE POSSIBLE ( Matthew 24:24). God knows who are His own ( 2 Tim. 2:19). Man may make a determination who is a "saint"; although even the paltry hundreds the Catholic church honors are at times cherry picked to be "desainted".

    We need to look carefully at such passages as the parable of the sower and the seeds. It gives us understanding that only those who persevere unto the end ( Matthew 24:13 near the other verse I quoted earlier) will be saved. What I hadn't considered until more recently is the reality that ALL (wheat and tares) start off in the same position; there is an immediate response to the gospel; then trials of this life along with temptations. His children ultimately will endure until fruit is produced; the tares will not.

    It is sobering to know that even now true believers have 1 Cor 10:13 to stand on. The tares are unaware of their own true state. They may ascribe privledge as an advantage to following Christ as Lot's wife or Judas Iscariot illustrates. There are all sorts of reasons (personal pride; social status; self righteousness) that motivate some to continue to attend church and fellowship when their hearts are not truly in it.

    A sobering passage to further verify that there is no hope for those tares is in Revelation 13:8. Satan is the god of this world and not only are all in sin and enemies of God without the cross; but if left behind will take the mark of the Beast. And that will be AFTER worshipping his image. Those who are forced to take the mark or die and refuse will be the Tribulation saints.

    These verses also show us that even now we need to proclaim boldly the truth of Christ ( Matthew 10:32). Only God can give us this strength; a bitter lesson Peter had to learn in scripture.

    These are dark days; and often those who call themselves believers are the most difficult to be around. May you continue to shine forth as salt and light.
  • Kimberly link on Psalms 55
    This Psalms gives glimpse into the world we live in. As David wanted to fly away, I have often times envied the fouls of the air.

    Such great deception going on, even those we refer to as elect.

    Oh Lord, keep my heart, mind and soul firmly planted in you. Let everything else fade away. Your yoke is easy. And even though I am not a bird of the air you love me even more and will provide and protect me. Praise God. To you be all the glory
  • Kay - in Reply on Psalms 55
    Which really shows us how relevant the Word of God is in every age, brother!

  • Rick Colombe on Psalms 55
    Wow. It's as though this Psalm is talking about our current and evil Biden administration.
  • Timothy on Psalms 55
    For you God are kind to the unthankful and evil. praise thee!oh wretched man that i am. Praise the for ever and ever and ever! amen!
  • Timothy on Psalms 55
    I pray LORD, that we may all be men (& women) after thy own heart. that all our ways will be pleasing unto thee alway. for it is your good pleasure to give us (ur creation after your image and likeness) the kingdom of heaven which is righteousness, and peace, and joy in the HolyGhost. thank you so much for saving me and others. you are the kindest, nicest most precious, above all to my heart. you make the sun to shine and warm me, the moon to bless my heart too, water and food. Peace that passes understanding when hope wanteth to fee away. i am safe, thy gentle mighty holy hand surrounds me in protection, and like wise all your saints, specially those that are faithful in trusting you who cast their care upon you our heavenly father. thank you so much. may praises of the joy of my heart fill the heavens and the whole earth alway. Praise you, Praise you, Praise you forever more who art worthy of all Glory, and honour and power, for thou hast created all things to praise thy holy name for ever more. Blessed are those who's iniquity's are covered, who's transgressions are put as far as the east is from the west. Bless all your holy household, from the least first unto the greatest. and may we all obtain those like precious crowns that please thy heart to reward us thy unprofitable servants.. may all come to a knowledge of the and be saved. all! amen amen amen amen amen amen! forevermore, amen!
  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Psalms 55
    In 2 Samuel Chapter 15, David's son Absalom led an insurrection that drove David from the throne and away from Jerusalem. Absalom convinced David's personal counsellor Ahithophel to join him in the conspiracy. He, as likely as any, is the one spoken of in this psalm. This also gives a foretelling of Jesus betrayed by his own personal confidant, Judas Iscariot.
  • Donald Mccurty on Psalms 55:13
    Who was David talking about
  • Jim on Psalms 55
    No, wonder David said; I looked to the hill which cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord. After reading psalms 55. How death was all around him, and he couldn't trust anyone: so he hid himself and prayed too the Lord for help. Even his own son took it upon himself with a few people he convinced that he should be king. What doe a king do?. He pray and when God delivered him. He found out that he had more friends and people that cared about him then he could ever image.God can do anything but fail.
  • Jim on Psalms 55
    God will never give up on his people; we are selfish and wicked to the core, God have told his people over and over again through his prophets.too repent and and turn back from their wicked ways. That message still hold to this day. Repent and pray and turn back from our wicked way. Reference to psalms 55
  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 55
    I'm so greatfull for what this psalm says in essence. That God will go after those that go after you. Protection for the saint's. Promise that bloody men, shall not live out half their days, wemen too. That Gods justice will not be stopped by any bribe or payoffs.
  • Hans Aaland on Psalms 55
    I have the exclusive on Psalm 55:19 20. I was writing, using the Bible and not breaking out, that God wanted me to go so far as to break his covenant as is said in verse 20. At the last minute he confirmed what I was to do, when I opened randomly to a verse in the Bible and it was these passages. I would have told the world when it was hot, but my public attorny advised against it. Better I had!
  • Mark Verrell on Psalms 55
    some of my life is very much like this now I am surrounded with people who are not my friends I wish as the Islamist says " I wish I could fly away and be at peace here I am experiencing Christians or who say they are Christians people who don't want me to have CHRIST who don't want JESUS walking and talking with me. " but it was you my guide my friend we went into the house of the lord toget
  • Geraldine Cole on Psalms 55
    Praise jesus for another comforting word of jesus it calms my mind and witness to my spirit there is hope in the word of jesus when u are going threw speak a word over your body mind and spirit and soul wait for your blessing amen
  • Naomi on Psalms 55
    Thankyou God for all you do
  • Rodney K. Townsend on Psalms 55
    About going on mission trip listening to GOD for guidance Amen
  • Rodney Townsend on Psalms 55
    I think about my children that they will trust GOD in times of.worry.
  • Ann on Psalms 55
    Thank you Lord God for your inspired words, I have this great hope,comfort,trust in you because you care. I cast my burdens on you because you will sustain me. Amen
  • Rosalind on Psalms 55
    Mendelssohn made this wonderful Psalm into 'Hear My Prayer.' It is exquisite, and all the better because it's the ever-true word of God.
  • Khanyisa on Psalms 55
    This is an encouragement that there is no time or limit in order for us to talk to our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our potter, therefore he does know our needs, only us who distancing from Him because of our selfish needs of this earth.
  • YB on Psalms 55
    Our God hears us when we are high or low,there is no distinction did you exult his name today?
  • TANISHA J. ODUYEMI on Psalms 55
    we can take all of our trouble to the LORD,for he is the one and only one that can fight our battle and not be find guilty.we as the righteous of GOD must take him at his word, be still and know he is faithful to his word. GOD is our keeper, in HIS PRECIOUS SON NAME JESUS.GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU,LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE JESUS CHRIST.
  • Lilian on Psalms 55
  • David Dore on Psalms 55
    I sure love Psalms 55, but I also love the Bible and its promises. I am so glad I am saved. John 3-16
  • Andrea on Psalms 55
    Thank God for his comforting words.
  • Jewels on Psalms 55
    Thank You so very much for your words of wisdom!!!!
  • Librarygal143 on Psalms 55
    Dear God, please hear my prayer and heal my family. We have a lot of work to do this, but we can't do it without you. Thank you for listening, Father, in Jesus' Mighty Name, Amen.
  • David Davies on Psalms 55
    V17. I am hugely encouraged by today's 6 07 17 verse of the day. Psalm 55 v17, we don't have to get depressed or worried, we can just take it to the in pray. Anytime and anyplace and he Will hear us. God promises that He will never turn away our prays. What a wonderful promise.
  • BSP on Psalms 55
    We can pray to Jehovah God all day and no matter what time of day.
  • Rev Franklin Miller on Psalms 55
    As a minister, I've been asked many times if I pray an hour each day. My reply is, "I may not pray an hour a day, but there is not an hour in the day I do not pray." Praying is communication with our heavenly Father. He wants us to talk with Him and thank Him for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us. If you can't find a certain item, ask Him to open your eyes that you may see it. When you do, give Him thanks. This is having communion with Him. Keep His name on your lips throughout the day and He will hear you. Zephaniah 3:17 says "He rejoices over you with singing." How awesome is this?!!!!!!!

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