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  • Rosa kinsee
    I really thank God for this psalm it help me through many trouble
    Wow I really love psalm 54:1 who said, hear my prayer, o God; give ear to the words of my mouth. Because I want God to really hear my prayer and give ear to my cry, because I am going through so much into my life right now. Pray for me please
  • Christopher
    Hear my prayer, O God is a very powerful prayer for every man that want to over come the wickedness of this world. Lord Jesus bless my marriage and make me a living testimony as I depend on you. Amen
  • Carolyn Kelly
    The Lord God's Word is true and HIS mercy endures forever, throughout all generations!!!!Praise and Glorify HIS most Precious NAME FOREVER!!AMEN! In JESUS NAME!!
  • Seth Boateng Ofori
    God has been so go me and my family
  • BSP
    Verse 6~Jehovah God is good and everything that he ask of us is for our good. This should lead us to praise him.
  • Lettice Tate
    Prayer for protection of my marriage and my family in the name of Jesus.Amen
  • Promise Nwulu
    Thank you lord for I know that you have answer me
  • Alex
    Sophia i pray that your marriage will stand, What God has made one let no man put assunder. GBU YOU AND YOURS in Jesus name
  • Sophia
    Heavenly father i ask for blessing in my .marriage as my husband has gone astray. I leave it in ur hands dear lord. Amen
  • Lisa Wolks
    God help and protect me please. In Jesus name. Amen.
  • Staci Joe
    God you are great your mercy endures for ever, there is none like you.. You are my pillar in every situation,, i can never get enough of you. Holy spirit, i avail my self for you glory,, WHAT DO YOU HAVE ME DO LORD?. Direct my steps, perfect your will in my life and use for your Glory in Jesus Name! Amen
  • Samantha Jordan
    Thank you Lord for this prayer it saved my husbands life they said he was brain dead with double pneumonia and that you would never walk or talk again until I begin to pray this prayer everyday so thank you Psalms54 I knew it wasn't his time to go cuz he was not where he wanted to be in life with God or with our children or even with our relationship and we have a lot of ways that we need to know
  • Johnson
    Now, I can do all things through christ.
  • Malik grant
    God is with us from start to the end no matter what he is still with us and who sacrifice is own son just to save us father god I am here to be whatever you want me to do for you and I will always believe in you in Jesus name amen
  • Dp
    Jesus is with us watching teaching us everyday, prase Jesus for all he doses in our life 's without Jesus our life has no meaning, here on earth man must eat to live , for Jesus to live within us we must feed him by reading his word and doing good works in his name , prase Jesus Amen..... Every word we speak and every deed we do is wrote in the book of life...for when we neel before our lord the book of life will show the contents of our life and the works we have done......amen for my lord is with me watching and protecting , providing for me...amen I prase you Jesus.....
  • Lilian
    God is always with us and he will never ever stop loving us. His goodness and mercy is always with us. our name is written in the palm of his hands. Jesus loves you, we must trust God forever and follow Jesus and live like Jesus until rapture. Our prayer must be thanking God for his precious blood that shed for us. Thanking and Praising Jesus for everything he have done into our lives. We must offer ourselves to Jesus and let Jesus do the things for us. Jesus loves us and our job now is to obey his words. Jesus will take care our life and battles belongs to him. We must hear and read the word of God we must meditate his words by repeating, reciting into yourself. the power of the Holy Spirit will enter in our life. We must be born again in spirit every moment of our life. Amen
  • Nwabisa Sonoka
    We shall fear not for God is for us and he fought our battles now all we have to do is seeking his presence in our lives and meditate upon his word
  • Timothy forrester
    With god all things are possible. God has our battle already plaind out we have nothing to fear because if god before us,who can be against christ jesus.
  • Diane murphy
    We don 't have to fight our enemies God already won for us can we just stay focus on him he 's the author and finisher of our faith. Amen
    My GOD is an able one who never doses nor slumber,and with Him all things are possible, Hallelu ya, in Jesus Christ, His son 's name, AMEN.He is known to be an unfailing GOD from time immemorial that is from time long established.
  • Chidi mbamah
    He is all sufficient God and those that trust in Him need not be afraid for the Victory is won already.This is a call for us all to be steadfast in the service of the Lord with all diligence for He who has promised is faithful!
  • Nomsa for verse 5
    Revenge is for God,trust Him in every situation.
  • Tarry
    Love mercy and when the mercyless come to you ultimetly they will turn on themselves. The Lord's Army and Officers are always Greater that those in the World. I have heard most accidents are preventable,but some are taken for a sign to those who The Lord is speaking to, and it is no accident with HIM!
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 3
    David is crying out to God to save him from the Zephites, who were countrymen; yet they were acting like strangers, because they did not put God before them. Always put the Lord before you, and your enemies will not triumph over you. God in His righteousness will judge us, and we must glorify Him when we are delivered from the hands of strangers. On this earth, we are pilgrims, and strangers, looking for a city whose builder, and maker is God. This world is not our home, we are just passing through. We walk by faith, and not by sight. Thank God that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father praying for us to finish the race, and we give Him the glory for the victory.

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