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  • J Huffman
    I think it makes you realize what your real help comes from...and for you to stop feeling sorry for yourself and trust God with your life and not man.
  • Sheldon
    This shows depression is a real emotion and it does get bad,but JESUS wants us to cling to him a little more. Trust even more ,hope in him a little more. Keep pushing while we praise YAHWEH foever more.
  • Carolyn wilkerson
    i love the Psalms God, protection of David and his love for God his praise and joy in serving his God.
  • Hyacenth
    Psalm 42 , 1-11 Oh LORD I love thee and feel I should just come and be with you to escape all my troubles because when I am glad think of YOU go to the house of GOD the (Church) to be filled with joy and happiness and to experience miracles on those sensitive issues of my life. But verses 5/11 creates an impression that the penitent troubles remains unsolved, then comes the sorrow but 5 says WHY..
  • Christiana Ladipo
    God is forever present even though when we are in doubt at our darkest hour, he will surely wipe away our tears and rekindled our hearts through his grace
  • Dwayne smith
    In a world filled with trouble and sorrows and when our soul is troubled our only hope is God, the living God.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    God is ever ready to protect us against our enemies. Praise be to His Name on high. We should call on Him and He will answer.
  • Leslie Brown
    It is so easy to let life issues get to us that is why we must everyday read the word of God. The devil has come to steal kill and destroy. But we have power with the word of God we must continue to speak his word by saying it is written He will never leave us or forsake us. It is written He has come that we may have life more abundantly.
  • A disciple
    Tsegazeab zemichael; Greetings to you, Brother, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is so important for us to learn from Jesus what kind of man to be in this world. So many things attack us out of ambush, and the flesh and the devil roar and threaten; but GREATER IS OUR GOD AND SAVIOUR WHO IS IN US! Hallelujah! We need His strength, and we have it! We need His encouragement, He loves us!
  • Tsegazeab zemichael
    At greet you in the name our Lord Jesus Christ then ps42 is so important our life we can incardge and we can get conffidence in our God and we can learn displin for soul and so on this psalm me i think it was written after the 1st distroied the Solomon's temple because the son of korah they were from Levi, Leviticus they wrre around the temple but in this psalm we got them
  • God's follower
    my soul depends on god, without him i am weak. i acknowledge that with him all my trials are brought to nought, i willingly give over my soul unto him. why worry and be trouble heart for he is the reassurance of my health and my light in the dark paths
  • Seven Trumpets
    Patricia Balla; the Lord knows the way that you take, as do all your true brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm very sorry about your son; and I hate that anyone said those things to you, to hurt you. I will never understand how so many people can go in the way of Cain, with all their hatred and hostility toward Jesus, and no fear of God to inflict pain and hurt upon the broken in heart.
  • Seven Trumpets
    God called David from following sheep, to be the shepherd of His people Israel; which was the very thing that the haters of the LORD could not stand. This "Instruction for the Door-keepers" of the LORD's house, teaches about the sorrows we must bear up under, before we come and appear before God. Sadness over when people want to hurt us and mock us is not a mark of God's displeasure, but of favor.
  • Patricia Balla
    This psalm means the world to me.
    When my son was diagnose with stage 4 colon cancer at age 32 ,
    I had shared the news to 3 personal good friends . They all said to me " where is your God ???" Your always perching to us !!!
    I was floored ! Instead of receiving
    Compassion from them . Father God put words in my mouth to respond to them ! He told me to say " He's right here with me !"
  • Nina negron
    I asked god for a verse and this is what I heard, I'm trying to salvage what little I have left. So I'm confused but in jesus I trust.
  • Matilda Wonson
    The psalm is telling you not to give up but hope in god it is saying to wait expectantly for him and in waiting praise him who is the help of my countenance.
  • Felicia
    Verse 4
    I had lived a moment with the presence of the Lord in the church and in my life that I enjoyed much. However in recent years I agree with king David, my spiritual is up and down and my soul longs more and more for the Lord than ever before. But thank God for verse 8 that brings hope into my heart.
  • Sarah ann
    So beautiful
  • Aidah
    it makes me feel safe and i get all my strength after reading it i thank God for opening this verse in my life
  • Lisa
    My sister made me a crossstiched book mark~with a deer panting at the watered brooks when i was a kid. I lost the bookmark but not the significance Psalm 42:1
    ♡ The verse makes my heart feel light ♡
  • Coretta Butler
    Very comforting to me I had to read that chapter twice to get an understanding. And it felt good I'm meditating on the whole chapter right now
  • Maxine
    Comforting and inspirational.
    Psalm 42 reminds me of my early years as a young christian, when if i dont feel the fullness of Joy after praying i become unsatisfied, depress and doubts arises if i were really save, i would run to a friend who will say 'it is trusting and not feeling'
  • Dianne skippings
    i thank god for his word let it be a light to my path
  • Annie
    The greatest joy in life comes from seeking after God. Carnal desires leads us into strife but a heart that searches for God is satisfied.
  • Wahu mwangi overwhilmed with God 's bl ssn...N joy...THANK YOU OUR MIGHTY GOD.
  • Attie for verse 7
    It is a emblem of knowledge
  • Dorothy Ethridge for verse 1
    I love that chapter psalm 42.1 we all need to get closer to God he 's coming soonJesus love us allgood or bad he still love us and he is a forgiving God
  • Fada patrick for verse 7
    The more I know God the more I want to know him. Deep calls to deep
  • Lilian
    Jesus wants us to understand and be feed of his words as heavenly manna. We must only belive on him that he is life to us. He who comes and drink the living water shall never be thirsty. The living water is the Holy Spirit that we needs to invite to come in our lives and dwell on us. Jesus is so faithful to his promises and he always revealed himself to us by his love and mercy. Jesus loves you

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