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  • Mishael
    So sorry. Get Before the Last Battle OR Understanding Revelation.

    By. Arthur E Bloomfield
  • Gina
    Psalms 5

    offer the sacrifices of righteousness and put your trust in the lord

    I love this particular word because even in the times of David clearly we are shown that sacrifice of righteousness is part of your walk with Christ

    but what are these sacrifices?

    obedience to the word and guidelines that the word gives us of how to have a righteous and blameless life
  • Jim
    Having faith and peace in God, you can sleep in safety. Knowing, that the Lord is on your side. Destruction is all around and you are at ease,with God fighting your battle. There is nothing too hard for god; he can and will do anything for his people. Praise him, glorify him,worship him with all your might; and see for yourself how good he is. In reference to Psalms 4.
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka for verse 8
    I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep-The word "both" here means "at the same time", that is, I will alike be in peace, and I will lie down and will sleep, I will have a mind at peace (and in tranquillity) when I lie down, and will sleep calmly. Happy Father's Day to you my beloved in Him.
  • Vanessa
    And righteousness is no longer a sacrifice in my heart it's no longer a sacrifice to my Lord righteousness is righteousness is righteousness
  • Chris Ogunleye
    Why did Jesus tell His disciples to buy swords?
  • Mild Bill
    Because there may be a time when some Christians will be on the front line in defense of righteousness and human life.Being prepared shows forethought with purpose and resolve.Man's responsibility to execute judgement/and govern was first in Genesis 9:5&6, death to murders of human life.
  • Matt
    Thats kind of a tough one, but I believe he was warning them of the dangers that laid ahead of them.
    God bless You!
  • Arapasowu John
    But know that the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself...
  • Abimbola
    personally it is a psalm that open your heart to submission to God . when he said answer me when I call to you , this is a point when you have tried all and nothing seem working in a solemly voice that came out ,. there is Another verse that many people asking who wil show us better times at a point when you have been written off that nothing good wil come out of Psalms 4 is a really powerfull pslm
  • Michael
    "Thou hast put gladness in my heart." Knowing the origin of gladness is thrilling and rewarding.
  • IDA
  • Brianna vs. 4
    Another translation: Be agitated, but do not sin.Have your say in your heart, upon your bed, and keep silent

    So, it is a reminder that there are times to be upset or agitated. These are not bad feelings in themselves. However, we need to exercise self control. We can be angry, but we are warned to not sin. Don't turn that anger into violence. Vs. 5 tells us to trust in God to make things right.
  • Njy
    Inside my dark closet with the little light from the tablet, I strongly believe the invisible and ALL KNOWING GOD is with me and He hears my voice.
  • Dianne Holle
    We can't have verse 8 without accomplishing the Scriptures before it.
  • Ivy Johnson
    In answer to Janice’s question. Who is the Chief Musician? I think it is David. He write the Psalms, and give them to the Temple musicians with instructions how to recite them.
    God was always with David: teaching: instructing: leading: guiding:Getting him ready for His work. It was not by chance that David was present hearing Goliath’s defaming the God of
    Israel. Chosen to replace Saul.
  • Geraldine cole
    Judge not that u be judge for the judgements that u give out will come back to u again Amen .be careful of the seeds u sowed. Be not quarrelsome about The word of God. AMEN
  • John
    Since the passing of my wife two years ago I really understand it better when you ask God to hear my voice
  • Portia
    This is a Psalm I love I try my best to read it every night before I go to sleep. I know Almighty God hear me when I call. Psalms 4 also tell me to ask Almighty God to Hear me when I call and to have mercy up me, and hear my Prayer.
  • Bruce
    Janice: One who's in charge of Temple Services. There are about 52 Psalms Writing to The Chief Musician. ( Like song leaders today.
  • Janice
    Can anyone tell me who the "Chief Musician" is?
  • A disciple
    Bill; you know what else seems really inconsistent, is how whenever I talk about walking in truth with a good conscience and without hypocrisy, somehow you think that that makes me the subject of the LORD's scorn as one seeking my own glory or wise in my own eyes. If these things are really so strange to you, maybe its because you've never heard this at your church? Not my fault!
  • A disciple
    Bill; Saved by grace, but only having or walking in a speck??? If the fruit is rotten, its because the tree is bad. If we are truly in Christ, truly walking in the Spirit abiding in Him and His Word in us; what? WE BRING FORTH M U C H FRUIT! Now all this fake humility which can't help but sneak an attack against someone that's done YOU no harm, is not grace or humility or piety, but hypocrisy!
  • Mild Bill,saved by grace

    The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.Therefore let no man glory in men.1Cor3 20
  • A disciple
    "O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? how long will ye love vanity, and seek after leasing? Selah." The Lord Jesus Christ is the glory of the Father and the express image of His person. In the same way are we the glory of Christ insomuch as we are found in His image and likeness in truth on the inward parts. This is why His enemies despise Him, and hold rather to hypocrisy.
  • Geraldine Cole
    Praise the Lord Jesus he has set apart him that is Godly for himself which mean her also he will hear us when we call on him this is owesome that mean he is listen to us when we call on him all we have to do is call on him if we are Godly which mean a true believer not just a person that goes to church u no no one can fool. GOD he knows the real u inside a nd out so when u come to God be Real.Amen
  • Mild Bill
    To be enlarged is to understand our purpose, and not dwell in vanity and leasing,which is empty of purpose and temporary.God is glorified in his people,as they are living/offering sacrifices in trusting him.Gladness in the heart is worth more than comforts of wealth.Our God and our bond to him is invisible to the world,we know he hears and our desire is to see his light/instruction for our lives.
  • Marshal Albritton
    Mild Bill
    Your statement: "We cannot have mercy if God is indebted to our deeds." Remarkably astute. That is an excellent statement regarding works and God's mercy. Both James and Ephesians speak on this matter, but Titus 3 ties both James and Ephesians together so perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing to us of God's working in your life. Marshal Albritton
  • Lori
    verse 1 Enlarge me when I am in distress, wow how powerful and blessed we are as christains. Also I love verse 8, I am comforted knowing if I die in my sleep God is always by my side, this is peace that passeth all understanding.
  • Lisa
    God has once more allowed my husband to come again safely from his dangerous Job. His word is true and I put my trust in no other. We have no idea how many times God has protected and let us lay down one more time in peace and sleep! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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