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  • Nana K. O.
    David in this chapter makes me understand that without the Lord,I am nothing.Because 100 year years before the Lord is not not even a day. Lord Jesus help me to know my days on earth.
  • John madden for verse 11
    God chastise,s. His people to keep us humble.and so that we can share in his may seem hard but he chastens every son he recieves
  • Martin for verse 7
    The Lord is our hope psalms39:7 So we are waiting for that hope as per the scripture Phil 3:20.
  • Andrew
    Verse 4 5 one of my favourite verses I memorized. Always remind ourselves that we are as grass, and the best of us are as flowers. The grass withers away, and the flowers faded away. Anything that is looked at in the context of eternity is vanity.
  • It fits my mood today. For today I know that a dear sister is actually dying of the cancer that torments her in pain and agony. I cannot pray for her healing because I know that is only my selfishness I want my big sister around forever, and when she dies, I am the last of four siblings who all died young who remains alive. No, I must pray that God shows mercy through Christ Jesus that her passing may be painless and easy for her. That on passing she first sees our Grandma who cared for us as children and died way too young age 73 who will hold her to herself and let her know that, In Christ, all things are well. I pray that Eternity treats her better than this life did. In Jesus ' name I pray this. If you are reading this, I hope your prayers will join mine for my dearest sister Michelle. God grant her peace. Let my prayer come to your ears, O Lord, and give attention to my cry, make an answer to my weeping for my time here is short before you, and in a little time I will be gone, like all my fathers.
  • Ms. Darkimbong khaling for verse 11
    God is holy and He chastises us by secretly and insensibly consuming our desirable state to sensitize us to repent.
  • Marian for verse 3
    I first became aware of this "saying ", while studying for a college exam. Not knowing it 's origin. I interperted this as while I was wasting time, my energy and my creative ability were being ignored. Where life is passing by quickly, being spend in a useless manner. Where I 'm wasting my time on things that are not important and of no value. Here I am now, decades later looking up the meaning, and finding I was completely wrong in my interpertation.
  • Tina steven
    Oh how i love this book of the bible. Lord help me to know mine end that i may know how frail i am.
    With this i know i am nothing but a stranger just like my fathers.
    To be broken and use by my God. Praise the lord
  • Darrell
    wow I was going to read the book of
    james witch deals with the mouth
    but the lord lead me to this because
    sometimes saints& sinners can shoot ya with
    with their mouths on the phone.when you find out don't explode let the lord keep your mouth
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 12
    This prayer of David is just to show us, that before the Lord we are strangers in this world, and pilgrims just like our fathers. As we cry out to God to hear us, and to help us remember that our life is but a hand breathe, and will soon pass. We need wisdom to know our end, so that we will apply our heart to do the will of God. We are not just here to heap up riches, but we need to sow seeds in the lives of others for Christ. Just as Paul said Lord I want to know you, in the power of your resurrection, the fellowship of your suffering, being made in the likeness of your death, so that I could inherit the resurrection from the dead. God will hear our prayer, and grant that we will have a reward at the end of our journey.
  • Weshly
    Lord make me to know mine end,and the measure of my days..Got to love This verse
  • Richard for verse 3
    For us to meditate on our thoughts. To let them build inside us so we can come to our Lord and let our request be known.g
  • Gary
    Meditation on the brevity of life is a wonderful tool to help the Saint separate from that which is temporary in order to enter, through prayer, into that which is eternal. It is a loving God who makes our fallen state a mere handbreadth.

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