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  • Lonzo wiggington
    I love PSALMS 37 fret not, it pays to trust the Bible all the way and to lean not to our understanding I was preaching in a revival one time and this lady handed me note and it was PSLAM 37. Someone did not like for me to preach obeying the Bible in action so they rejected it.
  • Helen Hyman
    This is one of my favorite Psalms, It blesses my soul. In times of testing with ungrateful relatives after my Kindness and help. Thank God for His Words.
  • Laroy
    I am so glad to have read these verses again because they hold true of what Jesus has said all along. We can not serve two masters and expect to get into heaven. We are our own worst enemy. God has given us the map to salvation yet we rely on a man to make things right on this earth. It takes a village to raise children but it takes God to raise adults. Politicians never adhere to God's mandates.
  • Kevin Mack
    I feel that psalm 37 applys to what's currently going on in President Trumps life and the U.S. the democrats are the wicked and stand up for Satan and his ways. Cannibalism,communist, pedifiles,murderers of the unborn, false accusations, false flag mass shootings by operation gladio, destroy all they touch.
  • Cbell
    So what I think I understood from the comment about Democrats is that ALL Democrats are bad implying that all Republicans are good? Read the chapter again and ask for understanding.
  • Jan
    There is no such thing as a politician that will benefit from the ways of the Lord. Unless, of course you name is Jimmy Carter.
  • Ruben Hartness
    Kevin--You are sooo right. Prophesy reads that all this turmoil must come to pass and in Mar 13:23 "behold I have told you all things" all the prophesy . v-30 reads that "this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. This is the generation of the fig tree began in 1948 when Israel again became a Nation unto itself. Time is closing on this very fast. We will overcome by faith.
  • Marilyn
    This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. God will have the last say. He will cut off the Evil ones and what they meant for bad, will be turned back on them. The Weaked will never more be seen because he she will be destroyed. Could shout right now.Then we are to mark the perfect one, who is Christ Jesus. There is not a person alive who is perfect. We can only live the best each day
  • Winifred nyarko
    fret not thyself because of evildoers for they shall soon be cut off like grass and wither as the green herb. I like that verse because worrying will not add anything to our problems and for the evildoers, they should stop sinning, pray and work hard for God's blessings. Amen.
  • Maryann
    You have a great heavenly father who cares about you and who never sleeps, but protects,controls,and handles rest and patiently WAIT on Him who is the GREAT I Am. God's plans are always the best..REMEMBER...He shows up in the last hour just to TEST our FAITH...SMILE!
  • Sandra
    Thank you for that encouraging word. God is faithful! He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is not a man that he can lie. Glory! Hallelujah!!
  • Roxanne
    Thank you! I certainly needed that. Psalms 37 the best anxiety medicine EVER!!
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale
    Pride gives place for Satan to deceive using fear. Fear GOD, not man: the fear of the LORD IS blessing, not torment. Repent, for GOD will give it thee. Humility gives place to the Holy Spirit and belief of faith (making Satan desolate:) and faith is righteousness. A loving, fruitful heart will be thine. THIS Gospel of GOD is life and peace: JESUS CHRIST IS COME IN THE FLESH TO SAVE ALL OF HIS OWN.
  • Melodie stewart
    I really enjoy Psalms
  • Marilyn
    I love the 37th Psalm. It is rich with promises for me. When people treat you wrong, their day will come. They will
    be consumed and never to return . Oh how good to be hid in Christ Jesus. I could just go through this Psalm and
    find hope and blessings for me if I hold on. This Psalm covers everyone and their children. Fret ( don’t worry), God
    sees them, you and I. I want to mark Perfect Jesus
  • Greg Turner
    Verse 8- Cease from anger and forsake wrath, these were the first words from the bible that came alive in my soul.
  • BSP
    Verse 8~A first step to avoid giving way to violent and evil deeds is to control our thoughts and emotions.
  • Ivy Johnson
    Verse 23: The Steps of a good Man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. We need to have a strong Relationship with God always. In trials, troubles, sickness, death,
    sorrow. We can believe, rest in Him alone knowing, and believing that He is willing and able to see us through. We need to have that confidence in our God. He is true to His Words. Two way street: God and us.
  • Deborah Cottone
    Thank you a timely teaching and study for me.
  • Kathryn
    Simply put. There is nothing to hard for GOD!
  • BSP
    The meek, the kind, the humble, the teachable are the ones who are going to inherit or live upon the earth forever.
  • BSP
    Verse 1~We are warned here not to become envious of the evildoers. It can be easy to become envious because they seem to get away with things and seem to enjoy a carefree life, but we must remember that they are having their time right now and soon Jehovah God will put an end to all wickedness.
  • Charlette
    My daddy taught me this scripture as a young woman and it has been tool of encouragement and defense.
  • Lawanda
    I read Paslm (37) because Evildoers will be no more, it keep my in control so read Paslm (37) all the time, Paslm 25, Paslm 32, Paslm 78, these chapter 2 guide you so I read them almost every day, in the morning and let God guide me and keep me safe, when you don’t know what 2 do Read these chapter it work for me, Stay Bless.
  • Brianna vs.5
    Another scripture on being successful. We have to live our lives according to God's standards in order for him to act in our behalf. We also have to rely on him, not ourselves. Then, God can act for us and we can live happy lives.
  • TJ
    This has been my favorite scripture all my life and has and continues to get me through tough times in life. I'm a living witness that God is faithful!
    Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. MY Favorite, praise GOD i am still in contact with this online bible after 2yrs.
  • Jimmy Barnhill
    Ive reading this chapter almost every day.Encourging myself dealing with people in my life. It gives me comfort knowing his word do not lie. How long Lord will the enemy be. Spreading himself like a wild flower. I need much prayer in these difficult times in my life, dealing with my church and my job. Pray much for me.
  • Lou
    God's Word is nourishment to sustain us and it is a joy and comfort to hear, read and remember it always.
  • La inf
    Oh how beautiful these commits are they are so up lifting! Our imperfection are our burdens and loving Christ our burdens our his when we go to him. I love the Lord because it is right he won't let us down! Psalms 37:5 is my most favorite verse! God bless and keep the flame burning brothers and sisters in Christ.

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