Commentary for Psalms 36

The bad state of the wicked. (1-4) The goodness of God. (5-12)

1-4 From this psalm our hearts should be duly affected with hatred of sin, and seek satisfaction in God's loving-kindness. Here is the root of bitterness, from which all the wickedness of wicked men comes. It takes rise from contempt of God, and the want of due regard to him. Also from the deceit they put upon their own souls. Let us daily beg of God to preserve us from self-flattery. Sin is very hurtful to the sinner himself, and therefore ought to be hateful; but it is not so. It is no marvel, if those that deceive themselves, seek to deceive all mankind; to whom will they be true, who are false to their own souls? It is bad to do mischief, but worse to devise it, to do it with plot and management. If we willingly banish holy meditations in our solitary hours, Satan will soon occupy our minds with sinful imaginations. Hardened sinners stand to what they have done, as though they could justify it before God himself.

5-12 Men may shut up their compassion, yet, with God we shall find mercy. This is great comfort to all believers, plainly to be seen, and not to be taken away. God does all wisely and well; but what he does we know not now, it is time enough to know hereafter. God's loving-kindness is precious to the saints. They put themselves under his protection, and then are safe and easy. Gracious souls, though still desiring more of God, never desire more than God. The gifts of Providence so far satisfy them, that they are content with such things as they have. The benefit of holy ordinances is sweet to a sanctified soul, and strengthening to the spiritual and Divine life. But full satisfaction is reserved for the future state. Their joys shall be constant. God not only works in them a gracious desire for these pleasures, but by his Spirit fills their souls with joy and peace in believing. He quickens whom he will; and whoever will, may come, and take from him of the waters of life freely. May we know, and love, and uprightly serve the Lord; then no proud enemy, on earth or from hell, shall separate us from his love. Faith calleth things that are not, as though they were. It carries us forward to the end of time; it shows us the Lord, on his throne of judgment; the empire of sin fallen to rise no more.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 36

  • Jim on Psalms 36
    God created heaven and earth, by speaking it into existence. God knows all and sees everything.gog is naturally trusting because in all we do to please ourselves; we constantly forget about God until we need him. God is a jealous God,he constantly tells us through old prophets for him people to tear down the idols that man had made. God is real, he truly cares about all of his beings that he made in the image of himself. Thank you Lord for given us your very best, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Who came down from heaven as a living sacrifice, fought, suffer and died for us. Took the sting out of death, gave us a chance at the tree of life.salvation.
  • Lady A on Psalms 36
    With GOD all things are Possible.....

  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 36
    To know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, there is no greater joy than walking and talking with our Master and King. Since being disabled the last six years and being homebound, I fell deeper in love with my Redeemer Kinsman. O Lord gather your Kingdom Eternal in these end days. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God! Praise Him all that breathe! I love you Jesus!
  • Molly on Psalms 36
    Jesus said He is the light of the world as long as He is in the world. But, He later told us, "But, now are ye the lights of the world", signifying the responsibility which lies on the shoulders of those who know God, to be examples of faith and righteousness; to stand in the gap as prayer warriors for those who do not know the Lord and for our nation; and, to lead the lost to Him. God bless!
  • BSP on Psalms 36
    Jehovah God is the source of life and the true source of spiritual enlightenment.
  • Rey on Psalms 36
  • Leslie Brown on Psalms 36
    We must trust in the Lord God each and every day. We are living in a world where so much evil is all around us. But we must be still and and know that He is God. It is written greater is he that is in us then he in the world. It is written we are more than conquerors. It is written he was come that we may have life more abundantly. We have power with the word of God.
  • Geraldine Berry -Cole on Psalms 36
    All the Lord want us to do is trust him have faith believe he will do just what he said witness to the unsaved love one another treat everyone with love and respect read the word and live it that is not to hard is it lets obey Jesus rather man Amen
  • BSP on Psalms 36
    The source of life comes from Jehovah God. We owe him our lives and should show our gratitude everyday.
  • Lilian on Psalms 36
    For with thee is the fountain of life. From his light we can see the light. Jesus is the only light of the world he is the only gateway to heaven only believe that he is the Son of the Living God. Thank you Jesus and i believe your words for you are Faithful. You are my rock and my salvation hosanna in the highest amen hallelujah


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