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1 (A Psalm and Song at the dedication of the house of David.) I will extol thee, O LORD; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.

2 O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

3 O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.

4 Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

6 And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.

7 LORD, by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong: thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled.

8 I cried to thee, O LORD; and unto the LORD I made supplication.

9 What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it declare thy truth?

10 Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper.

11 Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness;

12 To the end that my glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.

Commentary for Psalms 30

Praise to God for deliverance. (1-5) Others encouraged by his example. (6-12)

1-5. The great things the Lord has done for us, both by his providence and by his grace, bind us in gratitude to do all we can to advance his kingdom among men, though the most we can do is but little. God's saints in heaven sing to him; why should not those on earth do the same? Not one of all God's perfections carries in it more terror to the wicked, or more comfort to the godly, than his holiness. It is a good sign that we are in some measure partakers of his holiness, if we can heartily rejoice at the remembrance of it. Our happiness is bound up in the Divine favour; if we have that, we have enough, whatever else we want; but as long as God's anger continues, so long the saints' weeping continues.

6-12 When things are well with us, we are very apt to think that they will always be so. When we see our mistake, it becomes us to think with shame upon our carnal security as our folly. If God hide his face, a good man is troubled, though no other calamity befal him. But if God, in wisdom and justice, turn from us, it will be the greatest folly if we turn from him. No; let us learn to pray in the dark. The sanctified spirit, which returns to God, shall praise him, shall be still praising him; but the services of God's house cannot be performed by the dust; it cannot praise him; there is none of that device or working in the grave, for it is the land of silence. We ask aright for life, when we do so that we may live to praise him. In due time God delivered the psalmist out of his troubles. Our tongue is our glory, and never more so than when employed in praising God. He would persevere to the end in praise, hoping that he should shortly be where this would be the everlasting work. But let all beware of carnal security. Neither outward prosperity, nor inward peace, here, are sure and lasting. The Lord, in his favour, has fixed the believer's safety firm as the deep-rooted mountains, but he must expect to meet with temptations and afflictions. When we grow careless, we fall into sin, the Lord hides his face, our comforts droop, and troubles assail us.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Psalms 30

  • Mild Bill,saved by grace
    I am lifted from the grave of the dead in trespasses and sins,above my foes,to in turn extol God.I cried,God healed.From the grave to alive,and never to the pit of forever lost.God's anger is a moment,because his favor to us is life forever.Prosperity is grace,God's Riches At Christ's Expense.To be never moved is having the record of God.This is the record,that God hath given to us eternal life.
  • A disciple
    Hi Bill; I love what you wrote; "There are no partially saved people!" Yet it is equally true that as long as we are in the world awaiting our Master's return; that we are responsible for the things He's left us in charge of, and that our diligence and wise dealing with His things, will be what He looks for, in our faithfulness as His House Managers. So in that sense our salvation is not yet done.
  • BSP
    Verse 12: we should not hold back from giving praise to Jehovah God.
  • Mild Bill
    Believers in need of mercy,cry,weep and mourn.Who owns forever?God and those to whom he has given everlasting life through the work of Jesus,we are lifted from the grave unto everlasting,the healed unto everlasting,the favored ones forever.There are no partially saved people.Therein is understanding that produces praise unto the glory of God.Love in return for the greater love shown us on Calvary.
  • Erma719@yahoo.com
    I will exalt the name of The Lord.. He's doing something new in me so he continues get the Gliry. Praise him for he is God that can about change...Weeping shall endure in our lives but when his joy settles in us/his joy comes to live and abide in us in his timing. Hallelujah and praise God in his Holiness..Thank you God for your light that shines and your words that never returns void!! I love U
  • Gloria
    It encourages me as a Christian to know that no matter what I go through in life whether it's death in the family or having trouble at work that I must keep the faith and never give up. Keep pressing on. It lets me know that trouble will not last always.
  • Mike T
    Praise His holy name for HE alone is worthy to be praised. What security engage in God and what comfort can be found in these verses. Almighty God of Israel we I adore you
  • Roberto
    The God of Israel it's so a living God, that he speaks so clear on his bible. I'm so thankful and blessed. Praise be to God now and for ever more. Amen

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