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  • When God is FOR us,it s more than the world that s against us ,and when we put our trust in Him, He will provide our needs. Amen
  • Elia Vesikula
    Kings, Presidents, Leaders of this earth will be destroyed by God if they dont revere, or accept Gods sovereignty. Jesus is Lord.
  • Kevin Kettell
    Dude after Psalm 1. Which is very important to read . I took my Bible out to my Dad in the Living room here . And watched him read Psalm one. Psalm 2, a very smart King and also Jesus Christs Great Great Great Grandfather.
  • Steve Kodziejczyk
    The rulers of the darkness if this world have our King's wrath to contend with very soon.I think God gave us Psalm 1 to look forward to that day.Time is short.Try to reach some governments by a Christian street sign and gospel tracts.Be available and serve in this dispensational age of grace.
  • Robert
    Blessed are those who know and trust the power of God! The wicked will always rise up against us Christians and against God but he will deliver us each time. The rulers of the earth today United Nations and Higher Government officials will know that he is the almighty king of kings and the only ruler of the earth and will not be defeated. Amen!
  • Michael
    "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh . . ." But not in the way slighted people laugh when the bully falls. Jesus' laughter is that of someone in great sorrow. He has no pleasure in the death of anyone (especially the unsaved).
  • Jax
    Jesus Is Lord!
  • Martha saulny
    Ask anything: Don't limit God, he is our real father!
  • Lillian C
    God is Love, He is merciful and compassionate, He is also the Judge of all things. It may seems on the surface that He is doino nothing about the world's current situation but know for sure that He in total control at all times. In His own timing our Lord will manifest His glory and His power - Ps 2 v 4 He that sitters in the heavens shall laugh - the Lord shall have them in derision (scorn)
  • Mild Bill,saved by grace
    Gregory,His love is unconditional,that is,"Christ died for the ungodly."Rom.5:6
  • Gregory
    THE lord JESUS will help you as long as you stay true to him.
  • Mild Bill
    Heathen have chosen as did Cain,a way that seems right to them,recipients of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,before the tree of life.The order was clear to Adam,but he subjected himself and posterity to Satan.Without life within the fruit of knowledge is deadly poisonous,evident in today's world that struggles/craves for life without God."He that hath the Son,hath life",and the truth of God
  • A disciple
    Mild Bill; Amen Brother. And what is it that they so furiously rage against, and have their vain imagination? "..Against the LORD, and against His Anointed - Christ." It filled up in their slanders and accusations and lies; its filled up in their movies and music; its filled up in every thought of their hearts and expression: "NO GOD!" and "NO ONE TELLING ME ANYTHING!" O COME LORD JESUS! ITS TIME!
  • Don lench
    i would say that let the verses one to five are talking about the battle of armageddon :) and of course in a lesser sense people or persons or countries or organizations who think they can persecute christians without eventual consequences
  • B.Stewart
    God is Good all the time. And all the time God is Good. Think, if we all followed God and what he needs us to do, there would be no Evil to worry about. Our children would be safe. Death would be years away. Oh what a Glorious day That will be.
  • L.Holder
    God is great . He lay down his rules for us to follow . All we need to do is be faithful and love each other . God is not mock and he is looking out for us . Take heed and let God leads you
  • Enny Onakoya
    Psalm 2 is a great encouragement passage that really portray God as a God who is sovereign and always on top of any adverse circumstances, regardless of those that are conspiring against Him or those He endorsed their candidacy.
    Though the enemies may use their position to influence things but their plans will always fail, and fall apart like pack of cards!
  • Matt S
    We see the heathen rage specifically in these moments in time as they take to the streets protesting the rights of some as the unborn are continually slaughtered under the same morality as those who march . They hide behind self righteousness and know not GOD. But God is not mocked...Galations 6:7
  • Cheryl valentine
    Its an encouragement for me,trusting God in difficult times.He reminds me that he is God and there is no one else besides him.Praise his name👏
  • Fania Macklin
    I know the Lord is able to deliver his people and he will deliver you if you want to be.
  • Geraldine Cole
    Praise The Lord Jesus Brother And Sisters remember we r here to be a witness to other we are not of this world we live in the world we are to enjoy the fruits of our labor remember the devil is behind depression but Jesus can and will deliver u from it if u give it to him he will set u free .we canot do a work for him until we are set free from thing that trouble us allow Jesus to free u
  • Geraldine Cole
    Praise the Lord Jesus Brother
  • Una
    God is in charge always.
  • Rodney
    even though I stand in deep depression and sorrow I know the Lord is and he is my Lord
  • Jay
    I love this book
  • Eddie Lucci
    So very grateful that Jesus took my sins and suffered on the cross for mankind! Just want to live my life glorifying the LORD and being a light and salt in this world!! I LOVE U LORD and I praise your name above all names!!!!
  • Duanna
    This world is not our home we who belong to Christ. We are pilgrims...this is not our final hone...nor is the grave. Praises to my Lord and King whose feet I yearns to wash with my tears because of my love for Him who gave his blood for me. He took my sin my punishment....sO I wouldn't have to. Thank you Jesus.
  • Name change
    Juss trust the lord it brings tears to my eyes. Thank u jesus.
  • CIA Reid
    The Lord said that he will take care of us just believe

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